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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Darren Bent: What more could we ask for?

DARREN BENT, at times a hero at others a villain.. I needn't remind anyone the-then-relegation-battle-Pompey home game not so long ago where 'Arry claimed 'his missus' couldv scored the chance given to Bent, at the time. But then again, everyone has their off day, don't they? Bent is our top scorer with 17 goals, 12 in the Premier league; that makes him the top English premiership scorer and is only a premiership goal behind Fernando Torres, arguably one of the worlds' greatest strikers. Now, I'm not here to highlight the typical arrogance of a Spurs fan and argue how Bent is even in the same league as Torres- let's be honest, he's not. But on the other hand, what more can Spurs fans ask for.

In reality, Spurs are a decent club that do show signs of making a real push for the Champions League, during pre-season that is. Although, this optimism usually returns to the usual moans and groans of start of season and soon enough any optimism is soon enough pessimism and reality outside of 'silly season' hits us like a rocket. Ok so we make a fair push for European football; in the last 3 seasons we have finished fifth twice, and to be honest under BMJ, we over-achieved. Now in the summer of 2007 we purchased Darren Bent- formally of Charlton Athletic after they fell into the fizzy pop league. His first season proved a frustrating one as he remained fourth choice behind the arrogant Berbatov, club captain Robbie Keane and the favourite Jermaine Defoe. He only managed to bag 8 goals in all competitions.

This season with the departure of both Berba and, disappointingly, club captain Robbie Keane, Bent was given the chance to shine. Now, even through our losing streak, Darren still scored 4 goals in 9 games, including the equaliser against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, now, anyone that scores against that horrible lot have got to be given recognition, surely? From when Redknapp took over in late October and, up until January, Darren scored 5 goals including one against Arsenal in the epic North London Draw at the Emirates, by now he'd scored in both of Spurs' biggest and most important games of the season.

Now I could go on about another 4 months bragging about how many goals Bent has scored, but to be honest, strikers are usually mainly judged on goals and Bent has a fair few of them. Since January, he has scored more goals than both Keane and Pav, and ok, Keane's passion and footballing knowledge has enabled a formidable partnership with Bent and has helped contribute with his impressive performances since arriving from Liverpool. To be fair, Darren does have his fair share of horror shows- but don't all strikers. He's managed to bag goals against United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Villa- all away from home, now, can any of our other strikers brag they have scored against ALL of these teams? In fact, have many other strikers in the league achieved this? No. They've had their moments, Pav's winner against the pool and Keane's equaliser at the Emirates, but neither have scored as frequently against the top four as has Darren Bent.

So as I come to a close, need I ask, what is wrong with Darren Bent.. are Spurs really going to be able to get their hands on a real champions league winner that will bag us 30 goals a season every season, NO! So why complain with what we've got!!

Off the point slightly but might i add that Spurs have only conceded nine league goals at White Hart Lane this season in the league, two less than any other Premier League side!! STUFF THAT IN YOUR FACT BOOK

Regards, Ben

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