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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A nice dilemma to have

I believe the phrase is called 'being told.' Never have I felt 'owned' so much that I was lost for words and all logical thinking merely left my body, after celebrating of course. I felt a sense of freedom from frustration. It was nice. More of that this season would go down well, very well.

Robbie seemed to touch back into his past to reinact the player he was two seasons previously by running riot against a Championship-standard Burnley side. How he stuck two fingers up to my last post. Thanks Robbie, in the least sarcastic way possible.

I'm sure anyone who put a pound on Keane scoring four on Saturday have now retired to the Caribbean and are currently sat on a warm beach living off the winnings and laughing. Suddenly Jermain isn't the only striker we can rely on for goals. I think i just heard the biggest sigh of relief for a long time.

Initially I felt the decision to drop Crouch was a cold-hearted one. In fairness, it probably was. But thankfully Keane showed his true quality and repaid Harry's persistent faith in him. Finally. Let's hope he can keep banging in the goals for the remainder of the season.

Our strikers are scoring. We're smiling. Where's Pav these days?.. Bolton at their place next. Who would you stick up front?


Thursday, 24 September 2009

The question we all want to know the answer to

Peter Crouch, £9m, what you might call a modest amount of money spent on a player in today's market. Birmingham and recent Carling Cup opponents Preston have fallen to goals from our lanky striker this season.

What I believe I've noticed is Crouchy's willing to run and work for the team. Despite only sticking the ball in the back of the net once in the league -having only been played as a bit-part player, his reaction to being benched each game has been positive. No strop, complaints or runinng to the media to explain how getting £40k a week for watching football is a problem. His performances have been good, nothing amazing, but he hasn't let himself drift into the shadows of the game, there to just make up the numbers or waste time. No sir, he's held the ball up well made space, brought others into the game and attacked the opponents goal well.

A hattrick last night, what more can the guy do? Surely, the boy deserves a start now. I believe this is what they call 'doing the talking with your feet'.

So, I'm not saying Robbie doesn't have a great influence on the team in terms of leadership and raising the team spirit, but, considering Crouch has more goals than Robbie this year.. maybe we should give Crouchy a start up top with Jermain and leave Keane out the starting eleven?

Keane on the left for me doesn't work. Crouch deserves his chance and Keane should be left on the bench. There, I said it. Even though the chances of this happening are little more than marginal.

I'm sure Redknapp will keep us guessing until the final moments on Saturday, as he likes to.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Webb plays a blinder

Correct, it is sarcasm. Ok, we had our moments, we looked sharp and looked to be 'well up for it'. I thought the first half was a positive one despite going a goal behind at the Bridge. So things WERE looking bright. It was a poor goal to conceded but in truth old 'Cashley,' in the gooners terms, did tuck away a smart header at the back post.

Then Howard Webb remembered it was Spurs he was refereeing, away, once again. The memory of the whole United blunder clearly fresh out of his memory, of course. A new season, a fresh start. Somehow I got the impression that most of us still had the incident at Old Trafford fairly fresh in our minds. It wouldn't surprise me.

So 1-0 and Keanos away. Carvalho brings down the Pointy Shouty Bloke without the ball changing direction, either a penalty or a booking for 'simulation'. Neither were given. Now, I'm not a referee, oh wait yes I am and once more a-highly-expected-blunder from Webb; if referees were marked with points, he'd be level with Pompey right now. That's where he deserves to be.

An absolute shocker from Webb. but are we suprised? We shouldn't be by now should we; he was poor all over the park. I thought we knocked the ball about well, made space and the effort was clearly there. Then we lose King and Bass and end up losing 3-0.. I'm feeling a sense of deja vu from last season.

Let's hope this isn't a regular thing.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Our boys are back.. finally

Anyone remember Gareth Bale? Yeah, the guy that hasn't ever won a Premiership match in our colours. Not a record we like to boast around Spurs I must admit. One to be kept on the shelf I think. Well anyway, Bale got through 90 minutes after being out for, well, bloody ages.

So, finally, we have back up for BAE. Good, well it's not bad news is it. Further good news came out of the Lane today stating our Brazilian shot stopper Gomes is also back into contention for Sunday after featuring in the same game as Bale.

"Gareth was involved as he is coming back from injury and we wanted to get a game into him and one or two of the lads played, including Gomes and he was fine." Said Harry.

One word: brilliant. Having Heurelho back is a huge boost, not saying Carlo didn't have a great run of games that is though.

3 points at the Bridge Sunday would also provide a bigger smile, should the unlikely happen.
Well, no harm in hoping eh?


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Something Tottenham REALLY could've done without

Four victories in five game. I'm not complaining. I'm pretty certain we all would've boasted a grin the size of North London if we'd known of our stunning start, in the summer.

We also managed to achieve this without Jermain Jenas. The 'marmite' of Tottenham fans. It's clear Harry still rates the guy. Pause for depressed sighs. And that's the problem we will constantly face.

Huddlestone and Palacios have been formidable in the middle of midfield for us so far this season. I think it's fair to say that a game can be won and lost in midfield. Tommy's passing and Palacios' strength have propelled us into the top four. We were smiling.

Then we received an apparent 'boost' that JJ has returned from injury. Oh no. Harry likes him so Sunday could see Huddlestone return to his usual role warming our bench. Let's hope Harry sees more sense and realises Jenas isn't good enough to start and Tommy deserves every start he's given.

I guess only time will tell.


Monday, 14 September 2009

Would the move be a good one for the club?

I'm sure it's just paper talk and eventually nothing will actually progress but the papers today are saying that Celtic are lining up a move for our Irishman, Robbie Keane.

The timing of the rumour is unusual. To be throwing players names around to different clubs at this time of year is rarer than Pompey grabbing a league victory; but then the Mirror pop up and surprise us. Oh yes, and of course, the Mail.

Should such a move concur, would it be a good one for the club? I appreciate Robbie's work rate and leadership skills, something that we seriously lacked pre-Redknapp, but his goals to games ration isn't really what you'd call, well, good.

What do you think? Should we let Robbie leave to Scotland or can he still play a big part in our season?


Saturday, 12 September 2009

How we miss our little man

I'll keep this short but no so sweet. I'm sure many of you saw the game against the United bunch this evening returning home with little to smile about. In what was a very dry performance that began with a fanatic start, Giggs' goal seemed to knock us further back than we had been all season. Our heads dropped, the midfield didn't turn and we were playing their game.. and this was on half time at 1-1.

Our boys needed a reminder that we were above United in the league and losing, especially at home, had so far not been on the agenda. The second half brought little change, bar Palacios coming off after a somewhat lacklustre performance, and Jenas appearing for the first time this season to replace him.

We played United's game today and looked dismal, especially in Midfield. The creative flair and excitement we had produced in the four previous games seemed to vanish when Modric did. Boy is it going to be hard without him. Lennon was quiet, Huddlestone couldn't pass and Keane, well, he was just poor. Even with 10 men United looked as though they had an extra player on the pitch and found, what was anticipated to be a tough test, a real walk in the park.

So there you have it. Our first full game without Modric and we lacked that creative spark down the left flank; or for that matter, we lacked it all over the pitch. Let's hope a week in training with our boys will do Kranjcar good and he can step up to the mark in time for next Sunday.

But still though, let's try and not get to disheartened, we've got Chelsea at their place next week.


Friday, 11 September 2009

Get your Spurs shirt!

Hey guys. Ok, so you probably thought against buying a shirt this season, after a few dodgy seasons that is. I think even the Spurs board could understand why shirt sales had somewhat slipped over the last couple of years, if they had. But hey, we’re second in the league, won every game and now a shirt this season is surely a worthy purchase. I received my Spurs shirt for the season from and thought that you may still need yours! specialise in football merchandise and their website is based in the U.S.A. They sell a variety of football goods ranging from referee and training gear to football shirts and casual wear. They also provide our brand new home and away shirt for this season. This seasons’ shirt is 100% Authentic Puma and Made of 100% Polyester. They provide a perfect opportunity to show your colours at home and away this season!

Click the picture to take you straight to the page!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A tribute to Lennon: Our boy's done us proud, again

How long is the fantastic form of our players going to last? A similar side from last year that couldn't buy three points to begin with are now unbeaten in the league and performing at international level. Yeah, I know what your thinking; I just jinxed it didn't I?

Pre-match today brought great anxiety but emotions were contrast and not due to the result. My greatest fear was not a defeat at the hands of Croatia, but injuries to our players. Sod's law would see Defoe, Lennon and new boy Kranjcar pick up injuries and miss the United game this weekend.

And then how Aaron Lennon stuck two fingers up to his critics. Us Spurs fans have been praising Aaron's final ball this season and finally the whole nation can see that we were right to blow our own trumpet. He can cross, there's your evidence.

The first twenty minutes saw Lennon show what he's all about. He beat a player and won a penalty. His next decision then saw him decide to cross the ball first time without taking on the player. This resulted in Gerrard nodding in for two. Two phenomenal attributes of the player. How this guy has developed and progressed over the years. His final ball has really come on.

I should also acknowledge Lennon's work rate. Yes, on some occasions Aaron should've looked up more and, as a consequence, lost the ball; I guess it's not easy when you have three players all trying to tackle you at once. But I appreciated Lennon's work ethic, and I'm sure Johnson did to! He helped him out at the back when he needed it, and boy, did he need it more often than not.

To top it all off, Aaron was awarded the man of the match, unsurprisingly.

I think there's only one last thing I need to say.

Thanks Capello; you gave Lennon the chance we have all been dying for you to give and how it looks to have paid off.


Monday, 7 September 2009

So should Defoe start against Croatia?

Yeah, I know. Your probably sick of hearing this question. The answer seems fairly obvious and a rhetorical one at that. But, then I had second thoughts.

No doubt, Defoe is one of the hottest English strikers on current form; four in four for Spurs and five in three for England. At first sight a start against Croatia seems more obvious than a gooner sitting in Park Lane.

Defoe has scored more England goals coming off the bench than starting. Maybe it would be a good idea to consider using Defoe as an impact player rather than starting him. I do believe goals should be rewarded with starts and not just the huge bonuses that the players receive, but maybe, tactically, it would be better to bring Defoe on when the opposition defence is more fatigued giving him the chance to continue banging in the goals.

So should England continue to keep using Jermain as an impact player or have I just had a long day at the office resulting in my mind not thinking straight and introducing crack-pot theories? After Saturday, I was well over the fence into fully believing Defoe should start and, despite no one deserving it more, I'm sat back on that fence.

It would also be nice reducing the chance of him picking up an injury playing 45 minutes instead of 90 as well. I'd take an injury free Jermain Defoe over any result this Wednesday.

He does deserve a start but should England give him one, but what do you think?


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Even when we don't play we look good

So, we've survived the first international break without anyone hobbling back to Spurs Lodge with their name on the injury list. Well, officially anyway. We just have to wait and see if Bassong has in fact joined Daws, Ledley and Jonny in the medical room after apparently limping off early for Cameroon.

Our lot seemed to have a field day yesterday for their respective national sides. To begin, It looks like Robbie's been doing more than pointing and shouting for the Republic as he headed the winner as ROI beat the Cypriots 2-1.

Pavlyuchenko scored twice as Russia beat Liechtenstein 3-0. Yeah, they were two penalties, but as they say, a goals a goal.

Giovani ran riot for Mexico, scoring the first and setting up two more as Mexico beat Costa Rica 3-0. Come on 'Arry, give the boy a chance!

And of course, Jermain Defoe came off the bench for England to score our second against Slovenia in a 2-1 win. That's five in three now, surely a start has to be in line for our forward.

Things are still looking up and let's just enjoy it whilst it lasts!


Friday, 4 September 2009

That cheeky sod

Remember old Ruud Van Nistelrooy? The player currently returning from a nasty injury and warming the very expensive benches of Real Madrid. Yeah, rings a bell doesn't it.

It seems as though it is true that we did try to pounce on the veteran Dutchman on deadline day but, obviously, were unsuccessful in our attempt. What we would have offered him is the chance to fight for a place in our team. For RVN, this be an oppertunity that is rarer than finding a fiver on the streets of East London after Madrid spending more than an arm and a leg this summer.

'The easiest thing for me to have done would have been to leave for a lesser team,' RVN said.
'But I'm not going to leave Madrid. I want to know what I'm capable of. There are still a lot of options when it comes to playing"

'I know I can play at the highest level. Physically, I feel better than before the injury,' he added. 'I only need to find my rhythm and that will come with matches.'

IMO branding us as a 'lesser team' is just about the same as sticking two fingers up to us. For a striker that, despite being in a team that is fighting for the title and the Champions League, is highly unlikely to feature in either and is fast reaching his expiry date just isn't right. For him anyway, we are not a lesser team.

He's stuck in a team that won't see him getting playing time. Something that, at Spurs, he may well could have fought for. Real Madrid are a bigger club, but, for a player that more often than not can't make the first team to brand us as 'lesser' to him, IMO is not fair.

Have fun watching from the sidelines this year Ruud.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A moment for the Spurs board

Well hats off to Levy and Redknapp for pulling off a real coup. A top signing. How Levy has acknowledged his mistakes and let's hope we've moved on from the hierarchy that involves a sporting director. At least some good has come out from a few troubled seasons and we can only look up.

In Niko Kranjcar we have a player that was brought in for a good price, provides exceptional cover for Luka and, in Harry's words, a 'good Tottenham player.' I needn't go raving about the lads ability, even though I could write pages of how good our latest acquisition is.

The late signing of Niko really does sum up the improvement in our transfer policy. Take a look back at deadline day last year, we panicked and signed Pav for a staggering £14m. We brought in Campbell on loan and Corluka. Charlie has been the only real success and this is showed in his flourishing performances in the first team every week.

Now, I do rate Pav but, in truth, it was a panic buy in which saw us shed out more money then we may have done, should we have signed him a fortnight before. In Kranjcar we have brought in a very good player that provides excellent cover, proven in the Premier League and at a 'cheap as chips' price of 2 million smackers. Well done boys.

I think we should take a moment to thank Levy for doing what we've wanted for so many years. Faith in the manager. Faith in the players he wants and leaving the transfers largely down to Harry.

We can only build on this, I hear Redknapp is being lined up for a contract extension, if so, brilliant. We have waved away any unnecessary pressures on players with big transfer fees by adding modest signings and value for money. For that, thanks Harry.

Well done Levy, things are looking brighter. Maybe, just maybe, it is our time to shine.


We have stolen Kranjcar

I found it hard to conceal my delight at reading this report. To get in a player of Niko Kranjcar's quality this late in the transfer window and for a reported £2.5m is, in my opinion, what you call an absolute steal.

Boy hasn't Levy turned his act around. He's realised his mistakes and now the club are just reaping the benefits of it. I think we should take a moment to praise the board and Harry for pulling off a 'triffic' signing.
I think I'll hit the ceiling when Niko first pops up on the Spurs site.

There's more. Of course there is, we're Spurs, being involved in just the one deal on deadline day is just not tradition in N17.
David Bentley is in talks with a few clubs including City and Everton. I don't know what to make of this really. On his day we all know David is one of the best deliverers of the ball and with Crouch now acquired in the striking department, maybe keeping hold of him wouldn't be the worst idea.

We've also enquired about Martin Petrov. There is the possibility of letting City have the 'privilege' of signing Bentley opening the door for us to bring in the Bulgarian left winger. Seems logical, doesn't it?

What do you make of our whole transfer deadline day deals and targets? Should we be letting Bentley go? 5pm's when the door is shut and locked on anymore transfers this calender year.