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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Why Spurs can win on Saturday

Now I'm not the most optimistic fan you'll ever meet although casting a mind back to last season I do, like many thousands of football fans out there, believe we would have taken all three points over United weren't it not for the man in black.

Howard Webb bottled it. We know it. He knows it. But, thankfully, he will not be taking charge of Saturday's game. So, let's hope that Mr Clattenburg doesn't full to the pressure of many United 'fans' that will be seated in Old Trafford when decisions don't go their way.

The non-existance of Mr Webb at this fixture is music to the ears. Music that brings a sense of happiness to us. Although, this season, we have two players wearing the cockerel on their chest that could turn this game in faviour of us. No prizes of predicting who in the sense of our Dutch supremo Rafa and a rejuvanted young Welshman that would can cause more problems than Hicks and Gillet to a football side.

On top of these factors, the absence of Rooney can only be a good thing and hopefully the defence can handle our former miserable Bulgarian up front with Hernandez, should he take part.

Oh, and here's the goal from the last time we beat United. Courtesy of Pedro..

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Parker almost forced Jermaine out of Spurs

Jermaine Jenas has revealed to the NOTW that Harry's pursuit of Scott Parker almost drove him out of N17, and not for the first time.

"I didn't know whether I was coming or going at one stage. It was only a few weeks ago that I was playing against QPR in the reserves, but I've kicked on from there," he told the News of the World.

"I knew it was going to be tough because I was not Harry's first choice at the start of the season.

"The club may have sold me if Scott had arrived. Now that I am in the side I want to stay in there, especially for nights like the San Siro."

I'm not convinced with Jermaine. His first season with us still remains his best and he hasn't thrived to be the player that we'd hoped. Hudd and Luka in the middle every time for me.

Should we look to shift him in January?


Saturday, 23 October 2010

A big problem we could face

Some sloppy goalkeeping and just plain poor refereeing ensured that Everton left us with a point and Harry, liek the rest of us, wondering how we didn't take all three. After being in familiar territory once again, as Yakubu stumbled over Kaboul and Baines cracking in a top freekick, it was left to Rafa to save us once more. Where would we be without the guy?

After I think I counted around a 1000 penalty appeals from Crouch and not one being given, it ended as one of those days when the winner wouldn't arrive for us. But still, we've seen worse results at home this season.

Although undoubtedly premature, my early concern is will we be able to keep hold of Van der Vaart after this season? Should City continue to propel themselves towards the top of the table there is every chance we could finish 5th. Now I know this is incredibly pessimistic but should we finish outside the top 4, would Rafa or even Bale look to stay with us when the top teams in the game will be chasing them?

I am a realist, and, in all honesty, it's a breath of fresh air finally having a world class player battling for the lilywhite every week even if it is for one season.

If the worst does happen and we don't finish in the top 4 this season, do you think we'd stand good ground on keeping hold of Rafa for another season?


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thoughts on Milan

So the first half. It looked men against boys, it was men against boys. The lack of fight, desire and general interest from our lads was incredibly frustrating. No one seemed interested to play football and, instead, we decided to just sit back and watch Inter tear us to pieces.

With nothing to lose we looked more interested in the second half. We put up a fight and did well with ten men. Gareth Bale must have endured a bitter sweet feeling as he left the field with a hattrick and revived some respect for us that was so quickly lost inside 14 minutes.

It's a shame the referee saw to only add on two extra minutes of added time. You would've thought three goals and five substitutions would have enabled more. Definition of bottle job if you ask me, next to Howard Webb that is.

But anyway, thankfully in two weeks time Van der Vaart will be back and the thought of Cudicini between the sticks it not such a terrible one.

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"He's one of the most wanted young players in the world, but we don't want to sell him"- Redknapp

Ok, so Wednesday has finally arrived but even this whole Rooney chat has casted a small cloud over this game with a lot of heads unsurprisingly turning at Harry stating we'll have an optimistic shot at trying to sign the 24 year-old United forward. In all honesty, my initial reaction was humour. Yes, I laughed. But fair play to Redknapp; he strives to push Tottenahm as much as he can and, well, I guess you never know in football.

Redknapp continued to state that he yearns to keep our Welsh prodigy Gareth Bale at the club. Although, he did concede that there seems to be just minor interest in the player when he does say that he's one of the most wanted players in the world. Well that's one thing you never thought you'd be hearing about Gareth two seasons ago that's for sure.

So, the big night tonight. I reckon we'll score the first goal and hopefully nick a point but I can't see us coming away with more.

Score predictions anyone?


Monday, 18 October 2010

The lucky 11 to start in Milan?

The day is so close and the anticipation very much present in every Spurs fan. The game we have warranted, wished and hoped for, for so many seasons. Inter in the San Siro. A proper Champions League tie.

But without King who limped off in Fulham on Saturday and with Sandro ineligible to take part and Van der Vaart's enthusiasm bringing on a ban for our Dutch hero; who will Harry opt for in Milan?

I'd be tempted to stick with the usual 4-4-1-1 with Bassong in for King and sticking Niko in behind Pav or Crouch, in Rafa's position, with Modric possibly coming inside with Hudd and Lennon starting on the right. Winning the midfield battle will be key in this game and we should look to really knock the ball out to both flanks and get Niko involved as much as possible.

Who would be in your 11 on Wednesday?

Oh, and to the thousands of fans lucky enough to have tickets; Show them how England's loudest supporters really support their club. COYS!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sandro's debut

Although the scoreline suggests a tight game and, yes, despite going one nil down (again) I felt we looked comfortable for the large majority of the 90 in Fulham. The difference in confidence and ability over the last few years is clearly adamant as it's now not such a shock when we string a pass or two together. Who would've thought a team with Bale and Hutton on either flank would be playing the Champions League eh?

For Sandro his Premier League debut was a successful one. For a South American of 20 he looked relaxed on the ball and didn't stick a foot wrong. Nothing got passed him. His link play between the midfield and attack was also noticeable and he posses the raw talent to be one of our brighter assets in the future. Hopefully Sir Alex won't come sniffing.

It was a shame to see the lad's game end at half time but I'm sure there will be much more of him to come this season.

A good win in Fulham this afternoon now for Milan. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if we went a goal down?