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Monday, 30 November 2009

Modric update

Cries of 'we miss Modric' have seemed to have deterred of late. We're picking up points, winning games and scoring goals. Of late, his absence has been hardly noticeable although some positive news has come out of White Hart Lane concerning our little Croatians progress with his broken leg.

"Luka trained with the kids and he was moving a lot better," said Redknapp. "So he's on his way back and hopefully it shouldn't take too long.
"We don't want to break him down and we want to make sure he's ready."

So it maybe a matter of a few more weeks until we see Luka in the lilywhite again. Oh how he gives us a nice headache to have, in terms of team selection.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

A big applause for Harry

Now, I was at a cold wet Villa Park last night and after the first half I could see it being 'one of those days'. Conceding early away from home always feels like being slapped in the face. Irritating. Last year our response would have just been damage limitation, not, 'hold on we can still win this game'.

We played a good first half, finishing the game on top. Villa shut as well; I think I could count the number of times Lennon and Defoe touched the ball on one hand in the first half but Crouchy and the Niko showed their worth.

The second half was a much different story. Villa resorted to the long ball up to John Carew. Bad idea. We came out looking as though Harry had given them all a clip round the ear. Cheers Harry.

Cool, composed, we knocked the ball around beautifully. No panic in the team and played some lovely football. We deserved a point, lovely finish from Daws, and maybe should've grabbed the win.

How Harry as got us playing football, and playing well. Now let's do United at their place.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Now please Tottenham, don't let this go to waste.

So Villa away next week, this meant 3 points today were the minimum. 1-0 at the break and a positive performance to go with it. 9-1 at the end of 90, yeah we'll take. In fact, I would've run all the way up to Wigan and back for this result. Thankfully, I didn't have to.

Robbie Keane. He doesn't start and we score 9, maybe the same line-up next week Harry? Or must Keane return to a side that totally ran riot today.

Jermain Defoe. How sharp did the boy look, every chance created he turned into a goal. What more can you want from a striker?

Aaron Lennon. Now he has that final ball let's hope he can keep it. If so, I wouldn't be surprised if he's starting on the right hand side of that England midfield in South Africa. Phenomenal game today, I counted 3 assists and a goal.. forgive me if I'm wrong.

Niko. Beautiful touch and a joy to watch. Much prefer to see him start over Robbie and a cracking goal to go with it.

Huddlestone and Palacios played a good game. The service was brilliant and they followed that by canceling out what little Wigan had to put forward.

Crouch played well up top with Defoe and the back four were solid, although a little sloppy for the goal even if it was a handball.

Now, let's keep the momentum up. Let's not bottle it and throw away silly goals and points. Let's push the top four for the whole season. Champions League? Maybe, just maybe, we may not be ''avin' a laugh''


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Do we need four strikers?

This is a question I could never quite answer with a simple yes or no. Currently, we have four international strikers that cost an average of £13.25m each (based on reports). Last year Darren Bent left the club as he didn't fancy the role as the unlucky number 4 and now it seems Pav has done the same thing.

You can't blame a player for feeling unsettled sitting on the bench every week and, as a result, finds himself being thrown into the Carling Cup early rounds, especially with the World Cup next year. Any player that is happy to sit on the bench has a problem. Why would you want to waste years of a short career sitting and watching the game instead of playing anyway?

Concerning Roman's desire to leave the club, what strategy should we look for in the future? Where should this money go? Should we invest it in another forward that will result in another one of our front players sitting on the bench. Or, should we use the money to invest in a player in a different position? Maybe we should look to the youth team for a possible 4th striker, giving them their chance whenever needed.

What do you think?

Suddenly it's a busy week at Spurs Lodge

Shocked. What is it with our goalkeepers? We can't seem to go one game without one of them picking up a knock; certainly Carlo has today proved that if it isn't one way, it certainly is another. But despite our frustration of another injury to a 36 year old keeper that was quietly having a good season for us, our thoughts are with him. Let's hope he recovers well and can still play a big part in our season.

So it seems that Pav has finally said the words we were all expecting to hear. I was thinking it would be closer to January if I'm honest though. "I want to leave the club" The 6 words that always seemed to be heard by one of our forward players and on this occasion it is no different, it's official, Pav wants to leave. You have to pity the guy, shafted out when Keane and Defoe were brought in and never really got a real look in from then on after.

To finish on a brighter note. Thudd's been brought into Capello's squad. I must say I think i was about as surprised as reading about Carlo as I was reading this, but still, it's great to see him getting a look in. The boy deserves it, now for some minutes on the pitch would be nice.

So, a very up and down week this week. A lot going on, but how can we expect anything else?