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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Suddenly it's a busy week at Spurs Lodge

Shocked. What is it with our goalkeepers? We can't seem to go one game without one of them picking up a knock; certainly Carlo has today proved that if it isn't one way, it certainly is another. But despite our frustration of another injury to a 36 year old keeper that was quietly having a good season for us, our thoughts are with him. Let's hope he recovers well and can still play a big part in our season.

So it seems that Pav has finally said the words we were all expecting to hear. I was thinking it would be closer to January if I'm honest though. "I want to leave the club" The 6 words that always seemed to be heard by one of our forward players and on this occasion it is no different, it's official, Pav wants to leave. You have to pity the guy, shafted out when Keane and Defoe were brought in and never really got a real look in from then on after.

To finish on a brighter note. Thudd's been brought into Capello's squad. I must say I think i was about as surprised as reading about Carlo as I was reading this, but still, it's great to see him getting a look in. The boy deserves it, now for some minutes on the pitch would be nice.

So, a very up and down week this week. A lot going on, but how can we expect anything else?