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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ahh, that's a dilemma!

So the season finally started. A usually tough old game away in Wolverhampton. With the old enemy and Parker slotting in alongside Modders, the new look gave a real sense of optimism amongst us.

What I first noticed about Adebayor was how involved he wanted to be. He didn't want to do a Crouch and sit on the last man waiting for a ball to be knocked up long to him. He wanted the ball at his feet and encouraged us to pass the ball; a rare feat, but a promising one. For a big bloke, the guy was everywhere. Fantastic work rate. He really was out to prove a point.

Scotty Parker. The summer long flirt that finally committed. He looked as though he'd been in the side for years and gave us what we all expected and had had sorely missed. He showed the rest of the midfield how to stick in a tackle and was composed on the ball. A fantastic assist to set Ade up and running and from then on we never looked back.

For me, Benny and Walker were also outstanding. The return of the King also gave a real boost and we were fantastic second half. For me, Doyle got the better of Kaboul in the first half. He took down everything thumped up to him and was a real handful. Although second half I don't think he got much of a look in. Kaboul was a lot more in the face of him and won the personal battle. 'Arry must've given the team a good kicking at the half when it was needed. The only negative I would say is that we need to compose ourselves more in the final third. On more than one occasion we'd have the ball on the edge of the Wolves box and cross a ball into, well, nobody, instead of possibly just drilling it in. Wolves always look assured in the air. More players busting a gut and a half to get into the box would've given us more of a goal threat.

So, where does this leave Rafa? Admittedly I felt Niko looked off pace and a little flat. I also felt Jermain's movement was good at times but when it mattered and we were breaking he was slow to get going. Although, his goal should've guaranteed him a start next week and when both your forwards have scored why drop one of them? So with Niko the expected culprit and Rafa useless in a 4-4-2 it'll be interesting how he will fit in next week, assuming he is fully fit.

How would you accompany him?


Friday, 9 September 2011

Benny's song.

Well, he deserves one. Admittedly we're probably not the best at inventing player songs that last more than one line. So I thought "hey why don't I have a crack at a Benny song with the spare hour or so I have." So here's an attempt.

(To the tune of that Sol song):

Beeeeennny, B.A.E (Sol, sol...)
He's only here for the money (Not long now...)
But he's a yid and will always be (and we don't give...)
He'll score today just wait and see (Judas...)

I'm sure a few of you have better ideas so feel free to post them or any other songs for players you may have


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10 Years Without A Win

Wolves away. There are easier places to go, that's for sure. It would've been a blessing to host a newly promoted side at the Lane to really kick on with this early start before early whispers of "2 points 8 games" return and Levy's caught in Spain pinching another manager under the nose of 'Arry. But as it is, we've a tough away trip and travel there without any points currently registered on the board. Triffic.

I'm never the optimist and one thing I read this morning raised an eyebrow. It was pointed out by @OptaJoe on twitter that Spurs haven't won an away game in the Premier League in the month of September since 2001, a run of 15 games. It hardly left a feeling of optimism but hey, stats are a thing of the past.

Manu Adebayor. A top, top signing. Although for a side looking to make a quick return to the Champions League, there is such enormous expectation placed on his shoulders. We still lack a real goal scorer in midfield, and more so now with the absence of vdv (although personally he's more of a forward anyway) and this is where the worry lies. I expect nothing different than for 'Arry to go 4-4-2 with Ade and JD up front with Parker and Modders sitting in midfield.

So I'd look at this in two ways. I like to see the partnership of JD and Ade up front. I'm sure you'll all join me in the hope that Daws doesn't just go route one to Adebayor every time as I believe he's better with the ball at his feel. On paper, the partnership looks lethal; Jermain scored two fantastic goals in Wolves last year and more of the same wouldn't go amiss tomorrow. The midfield pairing of Modric and Parker could also prove the perfect compliment and match the similar affect that Sandro had when in the side. There's no doubt the Brazilian has been sorely missed and our two previous games prove this. Should we be a goal up approaching full time, we'd also have Livermore to shore up the midfield in a 4-2-3-1 if we just need to sit and see the game out.

My only issue with this formation is that should we be a goal or two down with full time approaching we don't really have a plan B. Pav is hardly the impact player we could rely on to knock in a goal within being on the pitch for 5 or 10 minutes and we lack any real attacking threat on the bench. Fingers crossed we don't have this issue. As much as we hope (and need) Adebayor and Parker to hit the ground running in a Spurs shirt, the pair have barely had a training session with the first team and so may need a few weeks to fully settle into the side.


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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Time For A Change.

All too typical, isn't it. We're two games into the season and Rafa's apparently got up to 6 weeks keeping Sylvie company every Saturday. A more welcome bit of news is that Sandro is reportedly back into training so, hopefully, shouldn't have too long until he can make his first appearance of the season.

This season's formation. A big talking point. Call me deluded but for me Parker is to good to be on the bench, the boy's a starter. Alongside Sandro, the pair would add the bite and drive we've lacked so far in midfield. Of course, our poverty ridden Croat couldn't be left on the bench. This leads me to believe that in Rafa's absence, 'Arry should look at adopting a 4-2-3-1.

The usual boys at the back. A midfield 2 of Sandro and Parker with Bale, Modders and Lennon in front and big Ade up front alone. With Sandro and Parker protecting Daws and Kaboul at the back, this would free up Luka in the middle without him having to look over his shoulder every two minutes. Upon the return of Rafa, he should challenge Lennon for that attacking wide role. He wouldn't be a right midfielder.

Although, as we are currently missing our Brazilian rock in Sandro, I couldn't see any other way other than 4-4-2 against Wolves on Saturday. JD and Ade up front. Parker and Luka in the Middle. We also have the option of Livermore to shore up the midfield should we need to shut up shop for the last 15 minutes or so in the game.

We did get Champions League playing 4-4-2, two seasons ago. Fact. But Crouchie was in the side every week, Bassong had a brilliant season and Pav had a good run towards the end. These players and a few others aren't what they were. Other teams around us have improved considerably, most notably Citeh and Liverpool. We have to keep with the times and play the formation best suited to the players we have presently at the squad. We wouldn't come 4th this season if we played the same team we had 2 years ago when we got Champions League in a 4-4-2. That side wouldn't beat this present City side 3-0 like it did. Times have changed and I do believe that the 4-2-3-1 should atleast be given half a chance.


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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Big Problems Could Be On The Horizon.

D-day. Another day another dollar, in Levy's eyes. A day where the shareholders of ENIC were probably applauding themselves and patting each others backs over champagne and prawn sandwiches. Ok, it probably wasn't quite like that. We resisted a late 40 million squid approach from the cheats in the west for Luka and got rid of a lot of 'deadwood' that had been sitting around clogging up space on the bench.

So, the priorities for yesterday. Conceding 8 goals in our first week of the Premier League gave Levy half a kick up the arse to go out and try to capture a quality centre half, one with a bit of pace. We wrapped up Parker which in reality should've been sealed atleast a month or so ago. The player was always going to leave, why it took us until deadline day to bring him in only 'Arry and Levy know; maybe it saved a few quid.


Gary Cahill. In my view he would've been the perfect compliment for Dawson. He loves a tackle, has the pace we lack in the middle and very good in the air. Once more though we're left wondering if only. It reportedly came down to a disagreement on a transfer fee. Now with £29m coming into the club this summer plus the estimated £30m coming in from the Champions League last year, it must have been Levy's typical hard stance to budge above a certain amount, considering Cahill had 12 months left on his contract. You could almost picture Levy and Gartside playing a game of bluff with Levy expecting Gartside to crumble or risk losing a £12m-£15m rated player on a free next year. It was also reported the Trotters wanted JD as part of the deal, no way. We couldn't compete this year with only 2 forwards.

Kaboul is not a centre half. He's technically inept and struggles to read the game. Even during pre-season we looked uncertain at the back. We have two very good defenders in Gallas and King but with both nursing seemingly long-term injuries, we're not in a position to have the time to wait for their recovery. If anyone's got a spare knee for Ledley we'd all be very greatful.

Cahill was a must, a minimum, we needed a new CB to partner Daws. It never fills me with confidence seeing him and Kaboul at the back. You pay good money for a Mercedes, you pay substantially less for a Focus. Good players cost money. I'd rather splash £15m on a player that will stop you conceding late goals to the West Brom's, the Sunderland's and help us compete. Maybe it's just me.

Biggest Worries

Depth. It worries me to see that we're one tackle away, one clash away from Adebayor picking up an injury leaving us with Pav and JD left to lead the line. We're also left, once more, without any real competition to challenge Lennon. I felt a more attacking threat should've been brought in to challenge Aaron and to offer a different option; a player that can play out wide and double up as a forward. Bryan Ruiz of Fulham. How I hope we don't regret missing out on him. The boy can play up front and out wide. He know's where the goal is and for a tenner you'd have thought we'd make a move. As much as we want to believe it, we know Gio won't get a look in this year. The boy's career is being wasted on the bench.


A lot is being made of the 'Arry situation. It's almost common knowledge and the closest thing to a fact that 'Arry will leave us for England next year. Last year it was an apparent disaster waiting to happen, now I'm thinking that maybe it won't be such a bad thing. A new face, a fresh change. Someone with a bit of tactical prowess. Yes, I'm referring to Ancelotti. Could it be that Levy's building a war chest for the new man next summer? We'll have to wait and see. The departure of Luka is almost inevitable next summer meaning that next summer will be a big summer at Spurs. If we don't make 4th who else will want to jump ship? What will Bale be thinking?

For the time being, as we always will, we'll be fully behind the boys all season. Although, we're left wondering that, with the apparent demise of Arsenal, we've missed a golden opportunity to sure up the back line and add a bit more fire power up top to make a big push once more for 4th spot. Adebayor, great signing. But we can't rest all hope on this one man. Parker, a good signing. He'll do the job in Sandro's absence. He brings the leadership we've seemed to lack in King's absence.

With a fully fit side we're capable of anything, but it's rare the whole side ever are fully fit. It's football.

Poor old Luka's got to do another year on an abysmal wage. Almost poverty that. Considering holding a fundraiser for him.


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