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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ahh, that's a dilemma!

So the season finally started. A usually tough old game away in Wolverhampton. With the old enemy and Parker slotting in alongside Modders, the new look gave a real sense of optimism amongst us.

What I first noticed about Adebayor was how involved he wanted to be. He didn't want to do a Crouch and sit on the last man waiting for a ball to be knocked up long to him. He wanted the ball at his feet and encouraged us to pass the ball; a rare feat, but a promising one. For a big bloke, the guy was everywhere. Fantastic work rate. He really was out to prove a point.

Scotty Parker. The summer long flirt that finally committed. He looked as though he'd been in the side for years and gave us what we all expected and had had sorely missed. He showed the rest of the midfield how to stick in a tackle and was composed on the ball. A fantastic assist to set Ade up and running and from then on we never looked back.

For me, Benny and Walker were also outstanding. The return of the King also gave a real boost and we were fantastic second half. For me, Doyle got the better of Kaboul in the first half. He took down everything thumped up to him and was a real handful. Although second half I don't think he got much of a look in. Kaboul was a lot more in the face of him and won the personal battle. 'Arry must've given the team a good kicking at the half when it was needed. The only negative I would say is that we need to compose ourselves more in the final third. On more than one occasion we'd have the ball on the edge of the Wolves box and cross a ball into, well, nobody, instead of possibly just drilling it in. Wolves always look assured in the air. More players busting a gut and a half to get into the box would've given us more of a goal threat.

So, where does this leave Rafa? Admittedly I felt Niko looked off pace and a little flat. I also felt Jermain's movement was good at times but when it mattered and we were breaking he was slow to get going. Although, his goal should've guaranteed him a start next week and when both your forwards have scored why drop one of them? So with Niko the expected culprit and Rafa useless in a 4-4-2 it'll be interesting how he will fit in next week, assuming he is fully fit.

How would you accompany him?


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