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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Spurs Had A Heavy One Last Night As Mata Becomes Official

Call me unpatriotic but the World Cup draw was bringing my eye lids to rest, so why not reassess today's activity.

Well, 'Arry's made if 'official' but at the same time almost ruled out any move for Juan Mata. One of those, yes we want the boy, but so does every other top club in Europe quotes. I wouldn't expect a move any time soon. As soon as one club jumps in and lays a 6 figure weekly sum on the table and the chance of a proper European Tour then that's us blown out the Pacific.

Don't hold your breath on that one.

A fantastic player that would provide top competition for positions all across of midfield but a priority signing? No, well, it shouldn't be.

This has come on the back of an unconvincing victory at Brighton's new AMEX stadium. In regards with Spurs, our performance is hardly worth a report itself. Half the boys still thought they were tanning on the beaches of South Africa and you'd have been mistaken for thinking that they'd had a heavy one in Brighton last night.

Bale looked sharp as he has done this summer and a solid second half from Livermore saw us come out 3-2 on top, but, in truth, Brighton were incredibly unlucky. A win's a win, isn't it? Seeing Vdv hobble off after half hour was a familiar unsightly sight to see.

Check my snaps of the game on twitter @InsideN17

Hope you boys are having a more inventive Saturday night than me.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vucinic move imminent

Well a fresh twist or were we lead down a path that seemed, for some, to straight for our own liking? One name that, admittedly, I expected to join Spurs this summer Mirko Vucinic is apparently 'very close' to moving to Yanited.

Mirko's agent claimed the move was 'very close' with Gill admitting that SAF and the board were looking to bring in 'one more player'. Too good to be true? Those 5 words could write a whole summer novel of our transfer activity. Endless links with no end product.

I was never full of excitement with the thought of having Vucinic joining. His goal record has hardly set the world on fire and he's knocking on a few years. It was more the mere thought of signing a new forward that was the real excitement. Are we just getting to the point where we'd take anyone?

Harry Kane continued to prove that we may have a shining light emerging from our Youth team after scoring a brace after coming off from the bench and fitting in well with a few of our big boys in Milton Keynes tonight; but then again, Pav scored twice.

Vucinic. Bullet dodged or chance missed?


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Modric Mutterings and Pre-Season Thoughts

So our boys returned from their holidays and were flown out to South Africa. There were strong reports Queen's It's a hard life was evading the ear phones of many players. You'd have been forgiven for making the premature assumption that we expected to see one new Spurs employee sporting the £57 cup shirt in the Vodacom challenge but, alas, our eyes were left with the painful sight of Robbie Keane starting upfront for us. I also read he had to pay for his own shirt and plane tickets?

The first game looked as though the players were still recovering from last season's hangover as a lacklustre performance was punished by a late goal but not one that we are unaccustomed to conceding. It was evident that if we ever thought these games would be a minor stroll on the seaside then we ought to have a rethink.

Pirates proved an equally stern test. I felt this game summed up our season last year in the sense that van der Vaart would come to our rescue and fill in where our strikers were missing- the goal. The game finished a familiar draw.

I was unable to see the third and final game due to work commitments. I'm sure Luka cherished clutching a rather curiously shaped trophy with the captains armband wrapped around his arm. Just imagine this is Premier League trophy with Chelsea he was heard muttering to himself. Well a boy can dream can't he.

I never look into to much depth with pre-season. Anyone remember the 5-0 drubbing of Roma only to follow it up with a miserable defeat at the Riverside a week after? I do enjoy watching Spurs win, but it's not catastrophic if they experience a few defeats in pre-season. The players need a big slap round the face and wake up call after a disappointing second half of the season last year.

South Africa's never an easy place to play if your nationality's English. The trip was a good test for the boys and despite the rather abysmal performances, fitness is priority. It is still evident that a forward is an absolute must. I did dream that Redknapp stated Keane could be given a another chance at Spurs, didn't I?

If you have any pictures from your visit of SA to see the mighty Spurs then please email us: or mention @InsideN17 on twitter and the pictures will be published or tweeted on twitter!

Thoughts on pre-season?


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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Is 'Arry mad?

So, on the day of my birth, 'Arry's spoken once again. Aside from the usual M****c gossip which has taken more twists and turns than a barrel of snakes and after currently cooling from the initial heartbreak of Modders confessing he wanted out of N17, it now appears that 'Arry & co are chasing a loan deal for an old Enemy.

Emmanuel Adebayor. Well, he's one player we know all about. He's scored against us enough to know that he can hit the back of the net. Ade's currently having to scrape a living, having to feed off a reported £175k a week. How's these players make a living on a pittance really doesleave me clueless. It must be the love for the game.

"He is a name that was mentioned and I spoke to the chairman about the player, about the possibility of loaning him, but whether they [City] would loan him I don't know," Redknapp said.

"If they would loan him he would be of interest. He is a quality player. We will wait and see."

It's already public news that the Togolese forward would fancy a move to the Lane. Well, he's hardly best mate's with the boys across the road now anyway. It's like a relationship that ended fairly badly and since then things have only hit rock bottom.

Vote in our poll! Would you like to see Adebayor sporting the lilywhite next season? My fingers are still crossed that a deal for Vucinic can be wrapped up. Would I take Ade? As a last resort. If it's a loan then why not, he's better than what we have.

Would you have Adebayor playing in a Spurs shirt?
Yes - Get him in at all Costs
Yes - Only if it's a loan
Yes - Only if it's a last resort
No - Stay well away and look at other options
= see results =


Monday, 18 July 2011

'Arry drops Levy threat

Well it has been a patient summer, to say the least. Correct, I was careful with my use of words there. After witnessing the capture of a keeper who's already looked into local care homes and a younger forward who failed to make the grade at Barca and fell short of a earning a contract at Chelsea, patience really has been giving a new definition.

It wouldn't have come to an immediate surprise that many of us expected to see a world class forward at the Lane. But hey, who'd have thought that these guys see Champions League and a starting wage of a six figure sum every week a minimum for them to kick a ball about wearing the lilywhite. This, whilst at the same time we expected to see an endless queue of clubs all on their knees desperate to take the likes of JJ, Robbie, Hutton, Bentley and the like off our hands. Who'd have thought eh, who'd have thought.

Sell all the 'deadwood' and everything will be triffic. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I've heard that said. So, 'Arry's made another plea for Spurs to show more 'ambition'.

"If he [Modric] goes, he weakens us and if you start letting your best players go who knows where we will finish up."

"We have to show the ambition to keep these players, your Lukas, your Rafas, your Gareth Bales." Said Redknapp to Sky Sports News.

Zoom in, crop and read between the delicate lines in this short statement and it's clearer than glass what this message reads: Bring one or two top players in otherwise our heroes, the ones chanted from the Park Lane, will soon enough leave their signature on a contract with a new club, blinded by the numbers they see printed. Oh, sorry, I meant the ambition of these other clubs. This leaving us eating mid-table scraps and fighting a battle we are all to familiar to.

Sorry, that wasn't quite cropped but you get the message.

It's not panic time.. just yet.


Friday, 15 July 2011

Quotes and a shot of Sandro after surgery.

Day's haven't been to bright of late have they? It's hardly been a storm hitting N17 but more of a grey skyline the last month or so with a light shower here and there.

I once read a few of us were slightly appalled at seeing Sandro warming the bench of Brazil at the Copa America. Sick of the sight at seeing one of our more consistent performers not making the grade and the first 11 for their country.

Well eat your words quicker than ya match day chips. Spurs revealed that Luka's partner in crime in the heart of our midfield has been sidelined for 3 months. So we have one player who wants out, and one that can barely walk. It's ok, I'm waiting to wake up as well.

Sandro tweeted before surgery that he was "going to the operating room now" and to "cheer for me guys."

Post-surgery and our boy said he felt "fine already" and "thanks." Not a man of many words. Maybe he underestimated the character allowance on Twitter.

Anyway, not quite the pre-season we had planned. I'm guessing it's not all going swimmingly for Levy & co as well.


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Messi set to sign with King, Daws, VDV, Bale and Lennon to be sold

Afternoon all.

Well we all had a nice surprise to wake up to today didn't we? I don't personally buy the Sun newspaper. If I wanted to read fiction I'd simply visit my local library and pick out a novel, possibly Thomas Harris' classic The Silence Of The Lambs would be a preferred choice. Jolly good read that.

But we all awoke to the news that another Spur in the form of skipper Daws was apparently unhappy that he wasn't earning enough penny's to make a living. The report stated that an, ahem, insider said Daws felt 'under-valued' at Spurs. This 'insider' must have had a right old chuckle when he saw this published today and probably used the cash he was given to make this statement to pay a visit to Arsenal's club shop.

As Levy was on his way to stick Daws into the same cell as Luka before throwing away the key, the reports were strongly denied. Surprise surprise. I think this story was taken with less than a pinch of salt at most and any concerns were simply non-existent.

I understand that journo's, like the rest of us, have to make a living. But really? It was an abysmal story with little substance.

Sleep easy tonight.


Monday, 11 July 2011

Modric 'happy at Spurs'

Oh how things change quicker than Chelsea's boss in this football lark these days. Numbers in a bank account blind loyalty, turn heads and suddenly it only takes a few extra quid to realise a dream nowadays. If Danny Blanchflower could see the current stance of modern day football he'd turn in his grave.

This Modric debacle's already taken more twists than 1995's The usual suspects and doesn't look like finishing off any time soon; although at this moment in time, the ending seems to be taking more of a bleak outlook.

This is what Modders agent said. Noted June 17th 2011:

"He's happy at Spurs. Any offer that comes for him, it's up to the decision of Tottenham Hotspur if they want to reject it or accept it. We have a great partnership with Tottenham and there's not been activity on our behalf that we would do on our own."
He added: "Everything is in coordination with Spurs, and it's all up to the chairman, Daniel Levy, to decide. [Luka's] under contract, he's happy there, he's willing to try to win the Premiership with Spurs and play Champions League [the] next season. He loves the Champions League experience."

So not even a month has past us by and Modders is barely back at Spurs lodge. The next turn in this never-ending-story-like saga? He's reportedly now willing to hand in a transfer request. I guess he enjoyed soaking up the sun on Roman's yacht, sipping fine champagne whilst counting the millions he'll be making each year playing for the Cheats.

A player that shone with so much dignity and respect has finally shown his true colours. He has no one to blame for this but himself. He cannot brand Levy as 'arrogant' for fighting to keep hold of his own employee. Were we expected to just roll over?

It's ironic that this was the player held in very high regard amongst us as fans, not only as a magician with a football but a genuine level headed bloke as well. Loyalty is a term lost in football and it's sad that a contract is no longer worth the paper it is written on.

He should be thankful he has the opportunity to sit in the stands every week. We fork out hundreds, even thousands to do that. He'd be taking home a cushty wage and get to cheer on the mighty Spurs

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Poor old Luka Modric

Oh Luka. 4 quiet days have passed us by since Levy's head popped out of his Rover and smirked to the happy campers at Sky that Modders was staying with calm and order seemed to have been established. Let's not kid ourselves for to long, quiet days rarely exist at thfc.

How it was only the calm before a second storm. The love and respect for Luka is sitting on cracked ice as once more the Croat ran to the press to explain his side of things. But this time, he kept it local.

Warning: The quotes may cause shock for some.

"I reminded the chairman of our gentleman's agreement when we were in Dubrovnik last summer and I agreed a contract extension with Tottenham," Modric told Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti.

"At that time, I had an open chat with Levy - that if a bigger club came in with a concrete offer, we would consider it and agree the best solution for all concerned.

"Now Levy doesn't want to talk to me and said there is no possibility that I can leave Spurs. He threatened me - he said if I didn't accept the club's stance, they would make me sit on the bench or in the stands."

"A lot has been published in the press about the meeting with Levy, who gave the public a twisted account of what happened. I must say that I am genuinely disappointed about what Levy said to me. He didn't care about what I was telling him. It all only convinced me further that I was right to consider moving on to another club," he said.

"I hope that eventually he will understand the situation and that we will reach an agreement and go our separate ways in an appropriate manner."

"There is no doubt that Chelsea want me - they sent a concrete offer to Tottenham," he added.

"I know that the new Chelsea boss (Andre Villas-Boas) said he wants me in his team. Of course I am flattered by this interest in me - it's a club that all players dream of joining, fighting for every competition available.

"It wasn't a snap decision - I talked a long time with my family and people whose opinions I respect. I thought about it, weighed it all up, and finally decided this was the best option," he added.

Honest Luka or poorly advised? Naivety jumps to mind when I first read these quotes. It must be a tough life being a footballer, but the reality is that either Levy or Luka are fighting a losing battle and at this point Luka's no closer to his, ahem, 'dream' move to Cheatski as much as the next Tom Dick.

We're paying this poor bloke thousands a week and we deserve the respect of Luka. He's given us two solid seasons, but owes us so much more. Which part of the deal has satisfied us so far? I heard the £22m was the change Abramovich found at the bottom of his trouser pocket. It's also interesting that AVB has told Luka he wants him in the side, I didn't think this was legal?

It was clearer than water that Chelsea's offer was simply a 'look our interest is official' offer and since then Luka's been more than public in trying to engineer a move across London. Money blinds loyalty, we can't kid ourselves that it still exists in the game.

Eagerly anticipating the lost in translation claim. We're not clutching at straws are we?


Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Well well well. I wouldn't call it a twist but more of a confirmation and reassurance in this never-ending-story that is the Modric saga. Could be the title of a novel that couldn't it. 'The Modric Saga' by Daniel Levy. Well, anything for a few quid anyway.

It had got to the point where I was half expecting a grovelling Levy to crawl out on his knees through the gates of White Hart Lane and to plead with us to understand that Luka's head 'had been turned' and it was worthless keeping an 'unhappy player', or words to that effect anyway.

But no. Today, Levy, with his own head almost on the chopping board, has shown that the club is more than a business to him, sticking to the strong words and promises he made us. Modric hasn't done himself any favours. He'll know his tail will be stuck between his legs for a few days but he remains a Spurs player and deserves our support.

A player who rounded off last season with a golden reputation has certainly chinked his armour. People make mistakes. I do think Levy's desire and genuine passion for Tottenham Hotspur may have rubbed off on our little Croatian.

Maybe one day the players will care for the club almost as half as much as we as fans do.We all want silverware as much as they do but we don't jump ship. Well, we can all dream can't we?


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rossi Blow.

Giuseppe Rossi. Never heard of him? Then you've had your head stuck in the sand for the last year or so. 'Arry slapped him with the usual 'top top player' quote and since then we've been chasing him like he's the woman of our dreams but may just be a stretch to far.

Our chances to have him sporting the lilywhite next year appear to have faulted as Rossi's agent confessed he was interested in a move to Juve. 'old on. they didn't even make Europe did they? Here's what his agent had to say:

"Juventus are a top club for their history, for the people who run it and for their future ambitions.

"It's clear that their present penalises them seeing as they won't be playing in Europe next season. But their appeal remains intact. Let's say they are like a beautiful woman who just needs to go to the hairdresser.

"It's a possible avenue and the directors are keeping themselves informed. We are talking about an Italian player who reminds people a little of Alessandro Del Piero.

"The important thing for Rossi is to go to a top club that would welcome him. If it's not a top club then he'll stay at Villarreal.

"Giuseppe wants to evaluate everything carefully, he knows that a decision on where he plays next year is a fundamental one for his career."

So it does seem Rossi is out of our clutches. Maybe 'Arry could carefully explain how we're going to win the Premier League next year, shove a few notes in his pocket and give him a firm hand shake. A decent player but Levy would lose his hand trying to dig so deep in his pocket to stump up the cash.


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mission: Get Llorente In. Now.

With regards to Spanish football, I'm quite lucky. Every now and then I stick on La Liga in the comfort of my living room or catch the odd snippet from Aguero, Ronaldo or the like on SSN. So why, why are you lucky my friend? you may jump to ask.

Well, believe it or not, I have friends which are not Spurs fans. Pause for gasps. Yes it is true. In fact, I have one close friend who lives and breaths Spanish football. He follows it as if it were his own livestock. He's own flesh and blood. If I didn't know any better I'd have called him the son of one Guillem Balague. So, when it comes to anything Spanish, I'd like to get his opinion.

"Llorente" I asked. "I see Spurs may be in for him again, what say you on this possible move" the following was his response:

The main thing you have to appreciate when talking about Llorente is that Bilbao only play basque players that are born in a certain area in northern spain, for them to finish in europa league is phenominal with the limited amount of players they have to choose from.

Llorente is a massive, massive part of that, and i dont know if its something spurs have a big problem with but the amount of first goals he gets during games so like the 'break through' goal is incredible, theyd be no where without him, pretty sure he was only 2nd to messi in that department and also very high up the top scorer chart.

Lacks a bit of finesse but his finishing is very very good and aerially suberb, theres plenty of good headers of the ball in spain but would struggle to think of many better than him in the EPL good decision making in terms of whether to go for goal or hold up play/nod it down/pass it on. If crouch is good at getting the best out of van der vaart then llorente would be incredible, as much as i love crouch hes pretty poor in the air for someone that tall but llorente uses the ball very well plus is good on the deck.

Buy out clause is €35mil but i cant remember the last time a buy out clause was met in spain, plus they dont apply to english clubs so would probably cost you a bit closer to 20 id imagine 25 probably.

Also one little extra bit, very premier league ready, was watching bilbao v valencia earlier in the season and david navarro went up and gave him one of the worst elbows youll ever see, navarro went down like he was dead, literally, it actually worried my for a bit his eyes where rolling back and everything but on the replay you could see nothing could of happened and he was being a c***, llorentes head was spewing out blood, went and got bandaged up came straight back on, would not worry for a second about him coping with the premier league.

Take the response with as much credibility as you may wish, but I'm sure for many it will confirm what you may already have known. So, my thoughts are confirmed. I knew the boy was good and I'd back my instincts to go all out to get him.

Your thoughts would be very welcome.

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Smart Move From Levy.

Our youth is starting to show more promise than Arsenal's current dissected first eleven as the years roll on. Steven Caulker is a name that I'm sure you're all familiar with, an intelligent centre half that has the fittings and attributes to follow in Ledley's steps.

Caulker has impressed consecutively for the last 2 seasons. In the 2009-2010 season his season loan spell brought back to Spurs a player of the year award with him after a successful stint at Yeovil. The promising centre half carried this into last season where he turned out regularly for Bristol City whilst knocking in a few goals in the process.

Yesterday saw us tie down Caulker to a new contract until 2014 then barely after pen had left paper he was told to pack his bags and has been sent abroad to gain valuable experience for the Swans in the Premier League. Gaining Premier League experience should prove decisive in whether Caulker is ready to push for a starting place in the Spurs XI for next year or whether a good Championship player will always be his level.

Kyle Walker has already shown the benefits that can be reaped of a loan spell after enjoying arguably one of the most successful seasons in his career last season. If he's not atleast pushing for a spot in the first team next year then it would leave me questioning the point of a loan spell if when a player does impress he is still not given the chance or is sold.

Still though we still look to have some promising players that could soon be touching shoulders with the same players that reached the quarter final of Europe's most prestigious competition last season.

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