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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Well well well. I wouldn't call it a twist but more of a confirmation and reassurance in this never-ending-story that is the Modric saga. Could be the title of a novel that couldn't it. 'The Modric Saga' by Daniel Levy. Well, anything for a few quid anyway.

It had got to the point where I was half expecting a grovelling Levy to crawl out on his knees through the gates of White Hart Lane and to plead with us to understand that Luka's head 'had been turned' and it was worthless keeping an 'unhappy player', or words to that effect anyway.

But no. Today, Levy, with his own head almost on the chopping board, has shown that the club is more than a business to him, sticking to the strong words and promises he made us. Modric hasn't done himself any favours. He'll know his tail will be stuck between his legs for a few days but he remains a Spurs player and deserves our support.

A player who rounded off last season with a golden reputation has certainly chinked his armour. People make mistakes. I do think Levy's desire and genuine passion for Tottenham Hotspur may have rubbed off on our little Croatian.

Maybe one day the players will care for the club almost as half as much as we as fans do.We all want silverware as much as they do but we don't jump ship. Well, we can all dream can't we?


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