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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vucinic move imminent

Well a fresh twist or were we lead down a path that seemed, for some, to straight for our own liking? One name that, admittedly, I expected to join Spurs this summer Mirko Vucinic is apparently 'very close' to moving to Yanited.

Mirko's agent claimed the move was 'very close' with Gill admitting that SAF and the board were looking to bring in 'one more player'. Too good to be true? Those 5 words could write a whole summer novel of our transfer activity. Endless links with no end product.

I was never full of excitement with the thought of having Vucinic joining. His goal record has hardly set the world on fire and he's knocking on a few years. It was more the mere thought of signing a new forward that was the real excitement. Are we just getting to the point where we'd take anyone?

Harry Kane continued to prove that we may have a shining light emerging from our Youth team after scoring a brace after coming off from the bench and fitting in well with a few of our big boys in Milton Keynes tonight; but then again, Pav scored twice.

Vucinic. Bullet dodged or chance missed?


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