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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Modric Mutterings and Pre-Season Thoughts

So our boys returned from their holidays and were flown out to South Africa. There were strong reports Queen's It's a hard life was evading the ear phones of many players. You'd have been forgiven for making the premature assumption that we expected to see one new Spurs employee sporting the £57 cup shirt in the Vodacom challenge but, alas, our eyes were left with the painful sight of Robbie Keane starting upfront for us. I also read he had to pay for his own shirt and plane tickets?

The first game looked as though the players were still recovering from last season's hangover as a lacklustre performance was punished by a late goal but not one that we are unaccustomed to conceding. It was evident that if we ever thought these games would be a minor stroll on the seaside then we ought to have a rethink.

Pirates proved an equally stern test. I felt this game summed up our season last year in the sense that van der Vaart would come to our rescue and fill in where our strikers were missing- the goal. The game finished a familiar draw.

I was unable to see the third and final game due to work commitments. I'm sure Luka cherished clutching a rather curiously shaped trophy with the captains armband wrapped around his arm. Just imagine this is Premier League trophy with Chelsea he was heard muttering to himself. Well a boy can dream can't he.

I never look into to much depth with pre-season. Anyone remember the 5-0 drubbing of Roma only to follow it up with a miserable defeat at the Riverside a week after? I do enjoy watching Spurs win, but it's not catastrophic if they experience a few defeats in pre-season. The players need a big slap round the face and wake up call after a disappointing second half of the season last year.

South Africa's never an easy place to play if your nationality's English. The trip was a good test for the boys and despite the rather abysmal performances, fitness is priority. It is still evident that a forward is an absolute must. I did dream that Redknapp stated Keane could be given a another chance at Spurs, didn't I?

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Thoughts on pre-season?


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