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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Luka worries.

You'd have to have had your head in the sand for the last month or so to be oblivious to the clear-as-glass fact that United are after Luka. It brings no surprises as the guy's been truly phenomenal in the three years he's played in the lilywhite.

So, Levy gave us the no big names will be leaving line and Luka himself welcomed the comment and reassured us that he will be at Spurs next year. Happy, satisfied, worries over? Not quite.

There seems to be an ignition point somewhere that keeps these rumours burning. Bored unadventurous journo's you may say, but something is keeping these rumours alive. It's been strongly reported today that Spurs are willing to accept £25m for our magician. 25 MIL! How much was Fernando's move to West London?

Has Levy already got the pound signs in his eyes, has Harry gone mad? We shouldn't be looking to entertain any offers. The player wants to stay. He's not stupid, he'll know of the interest surrounding him but he continues to commit to Tottenham so why oh why oh why on Earth would we give him up for a few extra quid into Levy's pocket?

I wake up almost with concern that a deal for Modric will suddenly appear on Sky Sports, it's not even June yet. Letting Modders leave will be like losing a leg, we'd be blown out the water in the race for fourth. Have a spine Levy.

Triple it, throw in Berba and Rooney then just maybe we'll have a second glance.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Spurs shirts.

It's not that one bleedin' top that's been going around for the last month or so now that looks more like a training top more than anything.

By now I'm sure your eyes have glanced at the picture below at what is the not-100%-but-looks-more-than-likely-to-be three new Spurs shirts for next year. Levy must ask himself the same question each season, Which idiot's leaked these tops this time then? There's always one.

Anyway, it's about the only post I'll ever do where pictures speak louder than words.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Redknapp Out.

I'm not an anti-'Arry man. Not by a country mile. But with Chelsea reportedly sniffing about, would it be such a blow if Redknapp were to jump ship?

He's done wonders for the club. Wonders that 3 years ago when we were rotting at the foot of the Premier League we couldn't even dream of. He's brought Champions League football and the exciting brand of football back to White Hart Lane. Some may bring back the old taken us as far as 'e could phrase.

But with Redknapp hitting mid-sixties and with an England call largely expected to be on the agenda for the season after next, would it be the worst decision by Levy to allow Redknapp to manage Chelsea for a season? He'll be out the exit door if the Champions League isn't nestling in Chelsea's currently empty trophy cabinet but I'm sure he'd pocket an extra few quid a year anyway. In the words of ACDC, Money talks.

I haven't been reading into the reports to much. Levy's got a spine on him and isn't the sort to be bullied into letting 'Arry go unless he truly wanted to. For me, it's down to whether it's worth cashing in on 'Arry and at a time when we have the option of getting Ancelotti and possibly Wilkins in to replace him. Roman sees it as a failure, but I'd take second place every season.

I don't want Redknapp to leave us. But with England expected to want to get their hands on 'im anyway come 2012 and right now with the possibility of Ancelotti to move for, maybe it would make sense.



Thursday, 26 May 2011

Falcao bid placed.

Radamel Falcao. A relatively unknown prospect until recent seasons and, after a blindin' season from the Colombian, the player's representative has revealed that Spurs have made an approach for his client.

"Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are the two clubs that are keen to sign him, and have already tabled an offer for Falcao." stated Falcao's agent

With Wenger hoping Arsenal don't do the expected and fire more blanks next year, it looks as though we find ourselves competing with the Woolwich bunch.

The player's buy-out clause is stood at a cool £26 million and it's understood we have met that. The great thing is it's not an eleventh hour bid! Getting a forward in early will help pre-season preparations as the boy becomes familiar with his role.

Although, I've never seen the bloke play but I have faith that our board will work to bring the right forward in.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Don't flatter yourself 'Arry

"Our best season yet" lauded Redknapp, after we finally overcame a side that found themselves scrapping to keep their heads above water. Was I the only one that didn't go into this game full of optimism?

'Arry's post match comments claimed this was our best season in the Premier League. In truth and like no other, you experience more ups and downs following Spurs than you do sitting on a roller coaster, but that's all the 'fun' of following Spurs, isn't it?

This season has certainly given us memories, from the Emirates to Milan (twice) and finishing off at Anfield; via a trip to the Bernabeu. Our European adventure was almost cut short after half an hour against Young Boys but we fought, succeeded, and were rewarded with a phenomenal Champions League run. We'd have cut your hands off had a finish in the Quarter Finals been offered at the start of the season.

This season will be remembered for the memories. But, it has also been a season where we found ourselves the true victim of our own downfall. The thought back to West Ham, Wigan, West Brom and Blackpool who we failed to defeat at all this season. Birmingham, Wolves and Bolton who we failed to defeat away from home and a miserable home draw against Sunderland to top it off.

A gift is a strong word and, really, we'd handed City the gift of fourth place; or certainly at least helped them on their way. Had Joe Hart not continued his impeccable form at White Hart Lane way back in August, the story could've been written far differently for this year. The home draw against City more of less summed up our season. We couldn't break down the sides that planted 11 men in front of the ball.

We've played some wonderful football, had some of the greatest names to grace a football pitch stand against us and have been a joy to watch this year. This season could've panned out much differently but it is how it is and I've no doubt we'll give another promising go for Champions League football next year.

It's been a good season. Not our best ever.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Congrats.. Luka Modric

No eyebrows raised, no second questions asked and one player that has a lillywhite bright future in North London. Modric has deservedly walked away with the Supporter Clubs Player of the Season. Even with a squad gifted with quality, for many of us there was always only going to be one winner.

On the pitch a magician. He pulls strings like no other in our side. You'd be forgiven for mistaking him to have eyes in the back of his head as his easy-on-the-eye football is joy to behold and a rare breath of fresh air that we'd lacked pre-2008.

Off the pitch the guy continues to reiterate his commitment to the cockerel he wears on his chest, for better or worse. His words sound that of a legend in the making. A rare breed of footballer that illustrates such intelligence and gives a new definition to the word genuine. A proud ambassador of Tottenham Hotspur.

He could fit into any side, but there's only one side he wants to fit into. He's irreplaceable. This guy could have his own season review DVD. Wenger, we thankyou everyday for showing little faith in the Croatian that was deemed "to small for the Premier League"

Congratulations Luka, enjoy..


Hazard, Parker and Given.

Well well well. We've had our first official piece of transfer speculation confirmed by Redknapp who openly named some of the boys he'd like to see at White Hart Lane for an enthralling Europa League campaign next year.

“I watched Hazard this week and he is a good player, but there are a few lads over here I would like to go for if we can make some openings,”

Although a deal forgiven seems to be a bridge to far, We wouldn't get Shay Given from Man City, they don't seem to want to deal with us," Redknapp said. "We have tried before to get their players. I tried to sign Craig Bellamy but they wouldn't let him come here.

"I like Shay Given but I don't know if he's fit either. He has had a bit of a shoulder problem. It has come out a couple of times, so we will have to wait and see.

“Scott’s a top player, Footballer of the Year. I’m sure people are going to be interested in Scott.

“I know a couple of other clubs are interested, big clubs, but we will wait and see.”

Hazard and Given would be two fine signings, I've no doubt. Parker was a player we could've done pre-Sandro era and with a midfield partnership of Luka and the Brazilian I'd struggle to see where he'd fit in, unless if he's happy to keep the bench warm and is strictly a back-up.

The Drogba rumours also seem to be gaining some heat so it wouldn't be a surprise if we tried an audacious move for the forward.



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Celebrate 1960/61 in style!

Fifty years ago, an unforgettable year for any Spurs fan. The Double won in the Spurs way, the beautiful passing game that Harry has finally got us playing again now. A superb T-shirt featuring the Double squad and the pair of trophies. Strictly unofficial available from

Click the image to find out more.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Kevin Gameiro

Word sounding out of White Hart Lane is that, apparently, we're in for a forward. I suppose when the total number of goals scored by your forwards is so minimal that you'd be forgiven for taking one glance at it and assume our season may have ended like West Ham's. But no, we find ourselves in pole for 5th spot despite the short supply of goals our forwards have provided.

'Arry gave a little insight he'd be taking a look at the French League for an option and one name that continues to find his name in the same sentence as Tottenham Hotspur is Kevin Gameiro.; after knocking in an impressive 21 goals in 34 games for Lorient.

We need a boy that's confident in front of goal and is capable of playing up front by himself. Video's can offer only little insight and admittedly some of the teams look as though they've been taking notes on Arsenal's defending as it is dreadfully woeful against Gameiro.

But still, here's the boy scoring goals. Apologies for the missing end of the screen.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Europa League a blessing in disguise?

Game 37. I'm like many of you in the sense that the Europa League is not considered high up on my Spurs agenda. I don't think our players could handle playing effectively 2 seasons next year, congrats to those who can. City's endless investment got them close but they fell short against Dynamo Kiev and with Spurs pretty much shooting a loaded gun into their foot, City finally reached Europe's top competition; I wonder if Levy's spending would stretch to a billion.

Anyway, today's result has practically opened the door to the Europa League pathway. The Championship to the Champions League. Although, winning it doesn't get you a promotion to the glamorous competition for the following season.

Was I disappointed we won today? As daft as that sounds I'm sure you could take an educated guess about where I'm coming from. But of course not, I admit an exciting score draw would've been favourable pre-match; although, like many games we've played this season, we deserved this one. We've been playing some fantastic football and today fully justified the rewards we should be earning from these games. We finally managed to find the back of the net- and without conceding first- and even scored a penalty. I'm shocked as well.

European football hasn't quite found its way to White Hart Lane just yet but it's knocking on the door. Just rewind to West Brom, Blackpool, Wigan and West Ham to name a few teams that we've failed to defeat home or away this season. Birmingham won't be an easy game. With their necks just reaching above the water they'll be all out gunning for a win and I do believe they'll give us a much sterner challenge than Liverpool today.

If we do find ourselves stuck in the Europa League it won't be all doom and gloom. It's clearer than water we need a forward and, to be blunt, European football would aid that arrival. Levy would also pocket a few extra quid as well.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Last night confirmed we will not enjoy consecutive seasons touching shoulders with Europe's elite next year but, really, we'd known this effectively after we conceded late at home to the Baggies a few weeks back. After Crouch had made the trip back feel even longer for us, it wasn't the usual disappointment and frustration after a defeat that I experienced on the way back but, strangely enough, more content.

It was there for us to see that Harry has laid down the real foundations of a top four side. The way we controlled the game, found pockets of space inside City's half and had everyone playing on the same wave length and the team playing as a team. It was a pleasure to watch and I was pleased that we made a good account of ourselves.

Last night once more left the obvious, gaping cry that a forward is needed. A complete forward. A forward that can battle through defences, score goals and make space for the likes of Vdv, Bale, Lennon and Modric to move into. Our Croatian magician pulling the strings once more and and linking up well with the midfield around him, outshining the likes of David Silva in the process. It was also comforting having a keeper in Cudicini just doing the basics and not finding his way onto the back pages like his South American colleague. Although, City only had about two shots on goal anyway.

I do believe we are a better side than City, but our record against teams in the lower tiers of the Premier League mean we are nine points short of them. Harry out? Don't be stupid. It would be like losing a star player. He's got us playing some of the most promising football for years, it's not his fault that our forwards are incapable of grabbing their chances in front of goal. He couldn't have anticipated that Jermain would get injured in September and miss 3 months of the season. Jermain knocked in a total of 30 goals last season with even crouch knocking in a few, a new striker didn't appear as urgent as it does now.

This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time I'll say this, but next season could prove promising. We have the midfield in place, a good back four that may need a slight tweaking and, with a summer window which will hopefully see the arrival atleast of a forward and a goalkeeper, I've no doubt we'll be back up there next year.


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Can I have my money back?

I don't know what it was about the Blackpool fixture but after City conceded defeat in Everton and presented us with a slight glimmer of hope of catching them, I could never really see us beating Blackpool. We haven't won since.. Stoke?

Last year you could always feel the belief around the ground in any home game. But now the players just seem burnt out, demotivated, and resigned to a 6th place finish. Had we won today we've had sat 4 points behind City, of whom we play on Tuesday and 3 ahead of Liverpool. It would have set us up nicely. But, this is Spurs we're talking about and, of course, we can't beat sides who are fighting for their lives at the foot of the Premier League.

It was a bad day all round. Probert's performance was very poor. To many late tackles going unpunished and one finally sent Bale home on a stretcher, thanks to Charlie Adam coming in late and stamping on Bale's ankle; he arguably shouldn't have even been on the pitch.

This game summed up Gomes as a player. One fantastic save made only to throw it down the drain along with our chances of fourth. A rush of blood and suddenly another spot kick is soon dispatched.

Bale and Rose played some fantastic balls in for our forward's who were unable to finish. Surprise bloody surprise. We've just about tied the bow on fourth place for City and should we repeat today's performance on Tuesday, we'll present it to them at Eastlands.

Not finishing fourth this year is more painful to take due to bringing on our own downfall. Failing to beat sides in the bottom six, home or away. I don't even want to know how many points we've lost to teams at the foot of the table, I just know it's too many. Failing to bring in a striker in January. Not taking our chances. We thought last year we'd flushed the 'old Spurs' out of our system, but it seems to be creeping back into the side.

1 loyalty point for City on Tuesday. I feel I should be compensated with 50, then this game might have half a reason to go to. Fighting for the Europa league, is it worth it?


Friday, 6 May 2011

Harry on Lennon

I'd read lately of some sort of divide between Harry and Aaron Lennon. It caused little concern but concern it did cause. Lennon is a player that we should be looking to keep hold of and not look to cash in on.

Despite not an amazing goal scoring or assist record this season, the guy is still a phenomenal threat down the right. Our strikers haven't been taking their chances so there's argument that Lennon's record would look a lot more appealing had our forwards been finishing.

Anyway, Harry looked to ensure any concern was dampened when question on the subject today.

"Aaron's got a good future here. I've never had a problem with him. What problems were they? I must have missed them.

"The kid wasn't well he couldn't play that night he was ill. It wasn't Aaron's fault it wasn't anyone's fault.

"10 minutes before kick-off he'd been feeling ill in the aft. He went out for the warm-up, came back and didn't feel at all well. He said 'I might last only 10 minutes'.

"What can you do? I've never had a minute's problem with Aaron Lennon. He's good as gold."

We have a fine midfield. A midfield that compliment one another and we shouldn't look to disrupt that. Just a forward would be nice. Maybe even a new keeper?


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Our stars will stay. How about a new formation?

I'm that confident. We will not lose our few diamonds that shine amongst the coppers. Luka, Bale, Rafa I do believe will all be playing in the lilywhite next season unless, of course, a monster bid comes in. A bid so big that even Levy would sport a grin stretching the width of his face. A bid so big that Fernando Torres would be made to look as though Chelsea bought him from the bottom shelf of a Poundland. But, in all honesty, I cant see anyone considering this. So, how's about a change of formation?

It's not the first time Iv raised this question. I'll probably raise it again in the summer. But I do feel that with the players we have in the side we are best suited to a 4-3-3. With a midfield consisting of Modric, Sandro, Raf, Lennon and Bale it would be hard to demote any of those to the bench.

So here we go:

---------------------- Gomes? ------------------

----- Walker ----- Daws ----- Bill ----- BAE-----

-----------------------Sandro -------------------

---------------- Modric ----- VDV ---------------

-- Lennon ------------------------------- Bale --

---------------Complete forward -----------------

Sandro and Modric alongside each other already look a natural pairing. Both tireless in the middle of the park and both willing to drive forward (when 'Arry let's Sandro of course) and help out Daws and Gallas at the back. As much as I do rate Tommy, Sandro is a far more complete player and should be playing ahead of him.

Will Gomes be our keeper next year? Even through his early spell I was hoping we'd keep hold of him as his days in Holland showed what he is capable of. Now, even I'm considering whether he'll be starting next season. Right now I'd rather Given was stuck between the sticks.

Give Walker a shot at right back, he deserves it.

Get a powerful prolific forward in. Easy.

Keeping the bulk of the squad for next season will be key. Hopefully by the time we're writing our Christmas list this year we'll be pushing 4th once more and have a forward that's already knocked in 15 premier league goals.

We can all dream can't we?