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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Last night confirmed we will not enjoy consecutive seasons touching shoulders with Europe's elite next year but, really, we'd known this effectively after we conceded late at home to the Baggies a few weeks back. After Crouch had made the trip back feel even longer for us, it wasn't the usual disappointment and frustration after a defeat that I experienced on the way back but, strangely enough, more content.

It was there for us to see that Harry has laid down the real foundations of a top four side. The way we controlled the game, found pockets of space inside City's half and had everyone playing on the same wave length and the team playing as a team. It was a pleasure to watch and I was pleased that we made a good account of ourselves.

Last night once more left the obvious, gaping cry that a forward is needed. A complete forward. A forward that can battle through defences, score goals and make space for the likes of Vdv, Bale, Lennon and Modric to move into. Our Croatian magician pulling the strings once more and and linking up well with the midfield around him, outshining the likes of David Silva in the process. It was also comforting having a keeper in Cudicini just doing the basics and not finding his way onto the back pages like his South American colleague. Although, City only had about two shots on goal anyway.

I do believe we are a better side than City, but our record against teams in the lower tiers of the Premier League mean we are nine points short of them. Harry out? Don't be stupid. It would be like losing a star player. He's got us playing some of the most promising football for years, it's not his fault that our forwards are incapable of grabbing their chances in front of goal. He couldn't have anticipated that Jermain would get injured in September and miss 3 months of the season. Jermain knocked in a total of 30 goals last season with even crouch knocking in a few, a new striker didn't appear as urgent as it does now.

This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time I'll say this, but next season could prove promising. We have the midfield in place, a good back four that may need a slight tweaking and, with a summer window which will hopefully see the arrival atleast of a forward and a goalkeeper, I've no doubt we'll be back up there next year.


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