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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Can I have my money back?

I don't know what it was about the Blackpool fixture but after City conceded defeat in Everton and presented us with a slight glimmer of hope of catching them, I could never really see us beating Blackpool. We haven't won since.. Stoke?

Last year you could always feel the belief around the ground in any home game. But now the players just seem burnt out, demotivated, and resigned to a 6th place finish. Had we won today we've had sat 4 points behind City, of whom we play on Tuesday and 3 ahead of Liverpool. It would have set us up nicely. But, this is Spurs we're talking about and, of course, we can't beat sides who are fighting for their lives at the foot of the Premier League.

It was a bad day all round. Probert's performance was very poor. To many late tackles going unpunished and one finally sent Bale home on a stretcher, thanks to Charlie Adam coming in late and stamping on Bale's ankle; he arguably shouldn't have even been on the pitch.

This game summed up Gomes as a player. One fantastic save made only to throw it down the drain along with our chances of fourth. A rush of blood and suddenly another spot kick is soon dispatched.

Bale and Rose played some fantastic balls in for our forward's who were unable to finish. Surprise bloody surprise. We've just about tied the bow on fourth place for City and should we repeat today's performance on Tuesday, we'll present it to them at Eastlands.

Not finishing fourth this year is more painful to take due to bringing on our own downfall. Failing to beat sides in the bottom six, home or away. I don't even want to know how many points we've lost to teams at the foot of the table, I just know it's too many. Failing to bring in a striker in January. Not taking our chances. We thought last year we'd flushed the 'old Spurs' out of our system, but it seems to be creeping back into the side.

1 loyalty point for City on Tuesday. I feel I should be compensated with 50, then this game might have half a reason to go to. Fighting for the Europa league, is it worth it?


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