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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Our stars will stay. How about a new formation?

I'm that confident. We will not lose our few diamonds that shine amongst the coppers. Luka, Bale, Rafa I do believe will all be playing in the lilywhite next season unless, of course, a monster bid comes in. A bid so big that even Levy would sport a grin stretching the width of his face. A bid so big that Fernando Torres would be made to look as though Chelsea bought him from the bottom shelf of a Poundland. But, in all honesty, I cant see anyone considering this. So, how's about a change of formation?

It's not the first time Iv raised this question. I'll probably raise it again in the summer. But I do feel that with the players we have in the side we are best suited to a 4-3-3. With a midfield consisting of Modric, Sandro, Raf, Lennon and Bale it would be hard to demote any of those to the bench.

So here we go:

---------------------- Gomes? ------------------

----- Walker ----- Daws ----- Bill ----- BAE-----

-----------------------Sandro -------------------

---------------- Modric ----- VDV ---------------

-- Lennon ------------------------------- Bale --

---------------Complete forward -----------------

Sandro and Modric alongside each other already look a natural pairing. Both tireless in the middle of the park and both willing to drive forward (when 'Arry let's Sandro of course) and help out Daws and Gallas at the back. As much as I do rate Tommy, Sandro is a far more complete player and should be playing ahead of him.

Will Gomes be our keeper next year? Even through his early spell I was hoping we'd keep hold of him as his days in Holland showed what he is capable of. Now, even I'm considering whether he'll be starting next season. Right now I'd rather Given was stuck between the sticks.

Give Walker a shot at right back, he deserves it.

Get a powerful prolific forward in. Easy.

Keeping the bulk of the squad for next season will be key. Hopefully by the time we're writing our Christmas list this year we'll be pushing 4th once more and have a forward that's already knocked in 15 premier league goals.

We can all dream can't we?


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