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Friday, 6 May 2011

Harry on Lennon

I'd read lately of some sort of divide between Harry and Aaron Lennon. It caused little concern but concern it did cause. Lennon is a player that we should be looking to keep hold of and not look to cash in on.

Despite not an amazing goal scoring or assist record this season, the guy is still a phenomenal threat down the right. Our strikers haven't been taking their chances so there's argument that Lennon's record would look a lot more appealing had our forwards been finishing.

Anyway, Harry looked to ensure any concern was dampened when question on the subject today.

"Aaron's got a good future here. I've never had a problem with him. What problems were they? I must have missed them.

"The kid wasn't well he couldn't play that night he was ill. It wasn't Aaron's fault it wasn't anyone's fault.

"10 minutes before kick-off he'd been feeling ill in the aft. He went out for the warm-up, came back and didn't feel at all well. He said 'I might last only 10 minutes'.

"What can you do? I've never had a minute's problem with Aaron Lennon. He's good as gold."

We have a fine midfield. A midfield that compliment one another and we shouldn't look to disrupt that. Just a forward would be nice. Maybe even a new keeper?


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