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Monday, 23 May 2011

Don't flatter yourself 'Arry

"Our best season yet" lauded Redknapp, after we finally overcame a side that found themselves scrapping to keep their heads above water. Was I the only one that didn't go into this game full of optimism?

'Arry's post match comments claimed this was our best season in the Premier League. In truth and like no other, you experience more ups and downs following Spurs than you do sitting on a roller coaster, but that's all the 'fun' of following Spurs, isn't it?

This season has certainly given us memories, from the Emirates to Milan (twice) and finishing off at Anfield; via a trip to the Bernabeu. Our European adventure was almost cut short after half an hour against Young Boys but we fought, succeeded, and were rewarded with a phenomenal Champions League run. We'd have cut your hands off had a finish in the Quarter Finals been offered at the start of the season.

This season will be remembered for the memories. But, it has also been a season where we found ourselves the true victim of our own downfall. The thought back to West Ham, Wigan, West Brom and Blackpool who we failed to defeat at all this season. Birmingham, Wolves and Bolton who we failed to defeat away from home and a miserable home draw against Sunderland to top it off.

A gift is a strong word and, really, we'd handed City the gift of fourth place; or certainly at least helped them on their way. Had Joe Hart not continued his impeccable form at White Hart Lane way back in August, the story could've been written far differently for this year. The home draw against City more of less summed up our season. We couldn't break down the sides that planted 11 men in front of the ball.

We've played some wonderful football, had some of the greatest names to grace a football pitch stand against us and have been a joy to watch this year. This season could've panned out much differently but it is how it is and I've no doubt we'll give another promising go for Champions League football next year.

It's been a good season. Not our best ever.


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