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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bassong set to leave

You'd think this was a bleedin' Newcastle blog because of all the news surrounding Sebastian Bassong.

Well it seems as though there's another 'twist' in the saga as the 23 year old has been cut from the N'castle squad to play Dundee despite being fit. The new Championship team have started with: Harper, R Taylor, S Taylor, Kadar, Enrique, Gutierrez, Barton, Smith, Duff, Nolan, Carroll.

Newcastle have effectively started with their first eleven against Dundee and have left out arguably one of their better players from last season.

Whether he's gone for talks somewhere is really anyone's guess amongst us. Harry had recently refuted claims we'd stuck in a bid for the player.



  1. NEVER EVER TRUST HARRY's words. He denies things then all of a sudden players are signed. Remember the Crouch scenario? Harry said that they were a long way from a deal and yet the medical was happening at around the SAME TIME. Maybe even the same day. Don't trust Harry's words..he's a mastermind in the transfer market

  2. i can make poopy in my potty

  3. I agree with IAH, the chances are that he has come down for talks with us and before we know it he'll be at Spurs lodge.
    Seems as though Harry has really only had a public chase for KJH, but we I guess we need to publicly chase him otherwise he could slip away.

  4. Or it could be that Harry is denying that Spurs have made a bid because Man City or Arsenal have trumped it and Spurs are no longer in the race?

  5. Yeah. Maybe he doesnt want the publicity around Bassong as once the Arse or City are in for him we won't have a chanc

  6. man city will not/and dont need to bid for bassong as they have toure, should get lescott, onohua just signed a new contract, they also have dunne and richards as cover

  7. is this a jaxo free area?? coys

  8. What a fucking Man U 'fan' is doing on here really does keep me thinking..
    But in regards to Bassong. be good to get him on board, will be good cover but can't see Levy splashing out to much for him as he is still back up

  9. back up? back up to who? erm we have no fit centre halves.even if they regain full health, i.e get over their individual injuries, its 2 weeks before the season opener,none of them has had good prepations , pre season, so how could they posibly be expected to perform at the high levels required, i mean torres, gerrard, kuyt, are a hand full for top class defenders, a

    also all the centre backs we have will pick up knocks and injuries thru the season, we desperately need a injury frre big atletic centre back, to start most games

  10. Well with regards to Harry he is like one of those dogdy car sales man never get the full situation of the car. But if Bassong wants to play for Harry it means that there is progress of somewhat and i'm sure further developments will be made by the end of the week. assong most certainly wont go to Man city even if they were after him, Arsenal...well they seem to like all the players we are interested in.

    Cassong to be honest he is a good player but not one i have personally looked at in detail. So you guys guess is better than mine, but i believe we need someone to be along side either king or corluka for the first couple weeks, it will be an interest first month of the season for spurs with or with a new defender.



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