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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Spurs introduce social networking policy

Tottenham are set to introduce a new policy for players using 'Networking and Micro-Blogging websites'.

All players must now declare their site and give a member of Tottenham staff acecss to it.

So it looks as though Spurs have acted in light of the recent Darren Bent Twitter controversy. Although is the policy really ncessary? It's not as if it was hard to find out what was on Darren Bents' twitter.. is was all over the bloody news the next day.


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  1. Achtung Achtung all player will be STUM
    Now hear zis from Hair Levy in ze bunker @ Wheiss Hart bLame , Nicht, Nicht, Nicht Nine nine nine U vill nicht be aloud to have ein (oder zwie)computator mit E's Mail oder face bookies und we vill torture all see staff mit U'zee Tubees. Vee Vill especially nicht tolerate ZEE TWITTERS, anyone mit zee twitters vill be sent to the Formula von HQ to be vipped und spanked by zee beautiful unt large breasted scantily clad Mercedes Frauliens while whistling 'The Ring'.


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