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Monday, 31 August 2009

Muntari, Petrov or Kranjcar. Who would you sign?

So with the window inevitably closing in around 27 hours and with the upsetting and deep-frowning news that we won't see Luka on a football pitch for the best part of two months, it makes sense that all sort of names have been thrown our way. But who would be our best option?

Should Redknapp dip back into the transfer market to acquire one more member of the playing staff who, if any, should we go in for?

Muntari. Had a great season at Pompey and I'm sure a season or two at Inter couldn't have done the lad any harm.
Martin Petrov. Once linked to us before joining City. Injuries always inhibited his career but when playing a great deliverer of the ball and an out and out left winger.
Niko Kranjcar. Arguably in the shadow of Modric but a genius with the football. A great filler for Luka.

There's always the internal option. I read a few of you would be happy to see Gio back into the starting line-up and such an idea shouldn't be binned by the board should the matter arise.

It's an utter shame that just when our left wing problem looked to be a thing of the past, arguably our best player picks up a nasty injury. So once again, the issue we have had for some many years arises once again.

Who would be our best option? One of the above in terms or Muntari, Petrov or Kranjcar or should we look internally at the possibility of Giovani; what do you think?