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Saturday, 30 April 2011


I'm rarely drawn to blog at half time but after the wall took some beating I feel it necessary to take out my rage in a more productive manner.

Half time approaches and we've got our tactics spot on. Couldn't fault anyone. In my opinion we've more than matched Chelsea and were successfully shutting down their one dimensional play. Then, once more, the man in the middle has to spoil it; well, rather the guy running up and down on the touchline.

Gomes stops the ball on the line but, unsurprisingly, Chelsea are given a get out of jail free card as the goal is wrongly awarded. No one's 100% and the linesman decides to give it from the reaction of the prawn sandwich brigade who finally make themselves heard.

How ridiculous.

The ball wasn't over, we'd played a brilliant first half but of course one man has to ruin that.


The second half came and you could see that Frank's 'goal' really knocked the life out of the side. You could almost see another Chelsea goal coming although, Frank, I do disagree. You didn't deserve it. Only one side scored a legitimate goal in this game and that was not Chelsea.

Chelsea struggled to come up with any meaningful ideas and Gomes was hardly tested significantly in the second half.

Salt was ground into the wounds as Chelsea stuck the ball in the net once more and the linesman's flag remained down by his side. The amount of money invested in this sport and yet still not a penny invested into goal line technology in the Premier League.

Although, I hate how we've almost handed City 4th. Our record against the teams in the bottom half of the Premier League is exceptionally poor. But, should we keep hold of the bulk of our squad (which i do expect we will) and trim down the fringes, I do believe we can mount another challenge for Champions League Football.

Sandro to be regularly playing alongside Modric next season will be key. Today showed the fantastic potential these two have in the heart of the Spurs midfield and with a half decent striker that can hit the target for next year, we're fully capable of pushing for it again.

Id also push through a 4-3-3 next year as this would suit the type of players we have at the club

Where's this karma we're owed after Mendes' goal at Old Trafford then?


Friday, 29 April 2011

Cup Final Day

And it's not looking to promising. After this weekend we could find ourselves 7 points short of Citeh with the ground we stand on becoming increasingly more hollow as Liverpool keep their eyes firmly fixed on 5th spot.

Chelsea. Away. The annoying thing is now they genuinely believe they're still in the title race and are not the same side that Sunderland turned over 3-0 in West London. We've pretty much handed ourselves a coach ticket to next year's Europa League and we'd have to pull a hell of a rabbit out the hat to stand any chance of riding first class in Europe's elite competition next year.

Had we finished off West Brom last week I'd still feel we were in a good position to challenge Citeh for 4th but, of course, we gave Cox the freedom of White Hart Lane to pick his spot.

My prediction? We look flat, lack the hunger and desire that we'd boasted in the last year or so and the players seem resigned to excepting their fate. 3-0 blues. It's the brutal reality that we're playing a side in top form when we've just found ourselves on a downhill slope made of ice.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

All wrong

At a point where we'd given ourselves a fantastic opportunity in which to overtake Manchester City in 4th, however momentarily; we've once more quite incredibly packed it away, thrown it in the bin and watched it depart for a landfill site.

We brought on our own downfall. Sloppy at the back. No real momentum from Wednesday and, in comparison, half the boys looked as though they'd turned up expecting to enjoy the day in the sun at the Lane instead of being paid to do their job.

The injury to Ekotto inside the first 5 minutes, I do believe, helped play its part in the game. Bale looked in two minds about prioritising attack or defence and in the end failed to excel in either. I still pose the question over why Lennon was thrown out onto the left. West Brom had a field day down their left flank facing Kaboul as Rafa's nature tends to bring him inside and they posed their biggest threat down this flank.

Lennon should've been put out into his usual position on the right and was ineffective on the left. Despite Pav scoring before half time, he was still sloppy with his chances and should've made way for Lennon soon after half time. He looked off balance, failed to read the game and link up well with any of the midfield or Defoe.

Defoe hardly got going throughout the game but still managed to find the net finally, only to see his effort cancelled out with 10 or so minutes remaining. We failed to close down West Brom and allowed them to play their game in front of our 18 yard box. We looked nervy at the back and no one looked willing to stick in the challenges.

We looked flat and exhausted. We gave away to much space. We were outnumbered on the right for large periods of the game and it's cost us 2 points. We've probably just about given up 4th, Monday's result depending.


Monday, 18 April 2011

4th spot.

Reminiscent of last season's antics, we once again found ourselves within touching distance of that final Champions League place; with just the blue side of Manchester standing in our way. Had City not entertained a mass investment a few years ago does leave the 'what if' factor about whether we would be regularly finishing 4th for the next few years atleast but, of course, money changes everything.

With Carrick gift wrapping City a ticket to the final, this does leave them playing us 4 days before their big day at Wembley. We are due to face City at Eastlands on Tuesday 10th May with the final being held in London on the 14th.

Mancini's already spoken of fatigue amongst his multi-millionaires and, with intense pressure to deliver a truck load silverware within the next few years, Saturday provides a solid platform to deliver their first especially with arguably a surprise opponent in Stoke City.

With Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea and Blackpool to play before the game at Eastlands, of course, we could be out of the running by the 10th May; but the timing of our fixture at City, I believe, gives us a fantastic advantage to overcome them once more.

We're well in to the business end of the season. City aren't the only one's having to play a cup final this season. We have 7 of them remaining.

Arsenal next. Avoiding defeat is vital.


Monday, 11 April 2011

Let's shut it

The Ade chant. Yeah, the one about his dad and elephants. It's not pleasant. Although why, after seemingly tolerating it for years, the bloke decides to raise it after our calamity in Madrid when it's almost a dead cert that we are one of a few clubs that have chanted about his family.

I don't like it and it's clearly not working as the former Arsenal-hero-turned-villain man can't stop scoring against us. We show great love and pride when supporting the lilywhites, home or away, and there are far better ways to support the club than aim a pointless chant at one of the opposition players.

I fail to see the point. It only seems to spur the guy on to continue hitting the back of our net. Let's not give the FA a stupid excuse to get Spurs into trouble, it's not worth it. There are more effective ways to support our boys and that's what we should be doing. We need to get fully behind the boys on Wednesday if, more than anything, for pride and even if (when) we don't qualify if we could win the game it would give us a real boost for the remains of the business end of the season.


Friday, 8 April 2011

Modric Missing.

I'm sure that through various means you are well aware the PFA Player of the Year shortlist was revealed with two of our top boys of the season sitting comfortably among the outstanding performers of this Premier League season.

Bale and van der Vaart joined Charlie Adam, Samir Nasri, Carlos Tevez and Scott Parker on the shortlist. Hardly the biggest names in world football but an honest list altogether. Of course, the shortlist can only hold a set number of names and there are many players that could've also found their way on to it.

For me, one small surprise was the omission of Luka Modric. Following Spurs has, obviously, made it easy to cast a hawk-eye view over each of our performers this season, and the Croatian has definitely been one of- if not the- most consistent performers in a Spurs shirt this year. It's easy to see the class in every touch, how he drifts past players- knife through butter stuff- and the ability to spot a pass and read the game.

He'd be the first to concede he hardly brings a shed load of goals , but he brings others into the game; he lays the foundations in which others build on; a lot of our moves start with him and the boy never stops running. He shows that you don't always need to score goals to be a successful central midfielder. He's having a fantastic season, and I'd bet my house that he'll only get better.

Still though, that's my view. Many of yours will be different.

So who's gonna win it?


Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Wow. All that hope and optimism that flew to Spain with the thousands of Spurs fans seemed to depart the field of play when Crouchy did on 15 minutes; closely followed by a 'thanks for coming' from Mourinho. It was one of those 'everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong' days which began when Lennon failed to make the starting 11 and the dreaded sight of seeing Jermain Jenas line-up against Los Blancos dampened the spirits slightly. Another dodgy Lasagne?

It was a bitter blow to concede so early. Conceding from a corner that should never have occurred. Modric grounded to the floor on half way for only the referee to wave play on and, 40 seconds later, we find ourselves already one down. I also didn't appreciate the consistent body checking on Bale from Ramos who managed to slip away from a yellow card which would've incurred a suspension for the return leg next week.

I still find myself asking the question as to why we insisted on giving Madrid so much space 18 yards from Gomes' net; why we didn't double up on Ronaldo or Di Maria and allowed Madrid to roll the ball in front of us in such strong areas of the field. How do we find ourselves in the Champions League quarters yet concede two goals that even school boys would be disappointed in conceding? How can we defend so poorly after 3 consecutive clean sheet (admittedly against weaker opposition)?

You could see the hunger in Crouchy's eyes; I suppose there's a first for everything. He seemed so resolute in the short time he was on. But then the idiot got himself sent off. Although I don't single out just Crouch at all for the defeat, it certainly contributed. The game plan out the window before the games started and Spurs left to wonder how 15 minutes into the game and Lennon and Crouch aren't on the field.

Another defender lost in the shape of Charlie capped off, in Gallas' words, the 'worst night.' We weren't good enough and we didn't help ourselves.


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Balague's tip to beat Madrid: Leave out vdv

I'm sure the name needs no explanation. Guillem Balague, Spanish football's answer to the late Andy Gray, has had his precious words of advice for our boys as they travel to Madrid. Whilst watching Madrid fall flat at home against Sporting and, at the same time, see Mourinho's 9 year unbeaten home run slip away faster than West Ham's lead on Saturday, Balague tweeted his insight into what he believes Spurs have to do to stand a chance against Los Blancos.

"Spurs should look to exploit the space behind centre backs. Clearly their main weakness. If fit,Crouch, Lennon and Defoe should start.No vdv

"Goodbye Mou 9year home record, goodbye Liga. 0-1 Sporting won.But steady,Spurs fans.U gonna c a different Madrid. Still very much favourites"

I never read to much into what's said pre-match. We just have to look at this as another game. It is vital that the back four and Gomes perform as well as they did on the latter trip to the San Siro. Whatever happens in Spain tomorrow night, this season we have played against some of the greatest names in world football. We have competed against some of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch and have proven to the world that we are capable to cut it in the big league.

The Champions League has shown our progression as a club over the last few decades, and the fantastic building (or rebuilding) process that has taken place under the close eye of Levy and Redknapp.

But it doesn't have to end at this stage.


Today's Predicament

So, this season, we've taken 1 point from a possible 6 from Wigan. A side that are sitting at the foot of the Premier League. I'll give you a moment to take that in. Today's game leaves us 3 points off of City who play Sunderland tomorrow. So what went wrong?

On a rare, possibly unexpected, note was that I do not blame the forwards for failing to find the Net that sat untouched behind Al Habsi's goal. The lack of support from the midfield was clearly evident in respect for creating chances going forward and this is unusual. The omission of Lennon and Bale truly had a greater multiplier effect on the side as Modric and Rafa were thrown out wide.

Wigan played well. I dare say that, had we walked away from the DW today with 3 points, it would've been a flattering one. But, nonetheless, for a side looking to reach Europe's elite competition once again, today's game only shone a favourable light onto Eastlands. Leaving their fate, more assuringly, firmly in their own grasp.

Jenas needs to leave any talk of England back home, where hopefully he'll leave his passport, when the other boys depart for Madrid. He slowed the game down to about my mother's walking pace and didn't bring anything to the side today. Whereas Sandro, once more, played out his skin. Read the game like a child's easy-to-read book. And left us in awe at the phenomenal amount of potential the Brazilian just continues to show.

Although Modric oozed brilliance once more in place of Bale, it doesn't take much to see that he is best utilised in the middle of the pitch. I'd have started Niko on the left and left Luka sitting alongside Sandro. I also felt for JD when his number was lit up and he was taken off. When he was given the ball it was wide of the pitch, not ideal for any forward.

We're going to have to string more than two passes together to stand any chance in Madrid. I'd hope to see Jenas left out and, hopefully, Bale and Lennon thrown back into the side.

Thoughts on today?


Friday, 1 April 2011

Spurs set to sign 'new Bale' - Reports

Reports today have flooded in claiming Spurs have won the race to bring in Crawley's 18 year old left winger Alex Attrill, regarded as the 'new Bale' by the Crawley Observer and Crawley News. The youth player, who was due to start university in September and can be found on the popular computer game FM 11 (before he's released from the game after about a month), had been closely monitored by a number of clubs including big boys Luton, Wrexham and Oxford United, plus a number of 6 a side teams. Despite strong interest, it is thought the opportunity to sit on the bench to watch Spurs play every week was an opportunity he couldn't say no to.

"I can't believe it!" The player told the Crawley News. "I didn't even make the first team at Crawley and thought my career had finished before it started"

"I'm gonna have to tell the boys that I'll have to give the 6 a side a miss in the summer" he added.

Clearly a shy boy with few words. Although Ian Broomfield, who reportedly spotted Attrill just having a kick about in the local park whilst visiting his mother, definitely feels that Attrill could add something to the side and expects him to be challenging for a place in the first team by the young age of 26-27. He's that good. Attrill's current striker rate of 2 goals in 22 appearances for Crawley's development squad and 1 goal in 11 for the under 18's further show he'd bring a real goal threat to North London.

Another exciting prospect that could be thrown into the first team within just 10 years time. We may not finish in that lucrative 4th spot this season, but atleast this signing is something to look forward to.

Oh, and happy 1st April.