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Saturday, 31 October 2009

A painful truth

Business resulted in me having to cross the water and camp out in the states for a while. Once I gathered my bearings I came across an English pub and thought I'd take a time out and watch this Spurs side that apparently is 'in the same league' as Arsenal. Did we not just lose to Stoke or had I misread that score?

So being in the same league I was expecting a competitive game of football to be played. For 40 minutes I felt I was given that. We cancelled them out well, shut down the short passing game that seems to irritate most teams the Arse play, and before we knew it, a reminisced frustration seemed to begin to kick back up from last year. At one point I thought I was about to smile and, in all truth, we would have taken a 4-4 from the start. Then reality hit hard.

Without Lennon, Defoe and Modric this game was always going to be like climbing Everest.. twice. We looked disciplined and well set out before Van Persie found a way past the impressive Gomes. From then we did in fact 'die'.

Once again silly mistakes have cost us goals. Before we knew it we were picking the ball out of the net, twice. Champions league? I'm sorry, but we will not get into the Champions league conceding goals of such a manner that maybe even Mrs Redknapp could've defended.

Concentration and discipline has to be maintained for 90 minutes not 40. Although you would've forgiven anyway who labelled us 'comeback kings' keeping clean sheets is vital.

It hurts, but we are not Champions League just yet. Losing to Arsenal and another CB injured, same old story really isn't it? Thoughts on the game welcome.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

The infamous Beach Ball speaks out!

You've all seen it and we've all had a laugh. Too bad Rafa or any of the Kop couldn't see the funny side, maybe it's because Liverpool have now lost half of their games this year. Premier League? Your havin' a laugh.

I'm sure the fan that caused the wide spread controversy has had the back of his head clipped a couple of times and some very nasty letters have come through the post. I know I'd send a strongly worded letter of disapproval to the fan if Bent had scored that against us, and after I'd found out who the bloke is as well.

But anyway, I was flicking through the back pages of the NOTW this cold morning and came across what you may consider a 'unique' article and thought it may provide an interesting 2 minute read. So here it is below...

The title read: I was so pumped.
"After diverting Darren Bent's shot into his own net, the red Liverpool beach ball admitted: 'I feel a bit deflated and I think I may have blown our title chances. I've never felt as flat as this since I suffered a puncture on Southport beach. Someone told me afterwards that I have become the first beach ball to score in the North East since Mick Quinn but I'm still not happy. I was really pumped up for this game but when the goal went in I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.'

To make matters worse, Sunderland boss Steve Bruce named the beach ball as Man Of The Match. The ball added: 'I was really floating when I got the chance to go on the pitch but now all that talk of Liverpool winning the title looks like hot air. But there is an up-side to all this. After the game my agent rang to say City have made a £30m bid for me.'"

I must admit. I did chuckle once or twice.

On a more important note, well done to the boys yesterday. It was never going to be an easy game in Portsmouth but we played well with a touch of luck and grounded out the win. Now to get Jermain's ban overturned, somehow..


Friday, 16 October 2009

Luka set to return?

Portsmouth in Fratton tomorrow, on paper this should be and easy three points. In reality, yeah, it should also be a win in the south coast as well. In truth, it should be all smiles at Spurs lodge with Ledley and Daws available tomorrow and Jonny coming through a reserves game 'unscratched.' Good, finally.

But then the Honduran Government had to make things awkward. It seems as though ironically as it sounds, Sgt. Wilson has been told, in a nut shell, that he must party. The military junta has told he must attend a World Cup celebration so will not be in Portsmouth. That's a bugger.

That's a bad blow. Although, I do seem to recall Spurs saying that our Croatian maestro Luka Modric was intended to make his comeback tomorrow. Spurs report that he and Gio will 'continue rehabilitation.' I'm guessing that's a no to tomorrow then.

So, anyone who reckons they're''in the know' on the whole situation I ask you one thing. Any guesses as to how long until he will return?


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Do we need Muntari?

I'm sure you are all very much aware of the 'talks' taking place between Inter and ourselves over the possible transfer of former seasider Sully Muntari. Another one of Harry's old favourites.

We all know how dynamic and influential the boy was at Pompey, but yet I continue to struggle to seek how he'd fit into the first eleven. The signing of Niko Kranjcar, who is said to not be a replacement for Modric, has looked bright in his handful of games for us.

In terms of Niko; there is no place for him on the bench, the Croat's surely got to be starting most games even when Luka returns. I'm sure Jenas may be expecting to take the hit anytime soon.

I can't see Muntari joining us just to stay warmed on the bench. The player is far to good for this to occur but where will he play for us?

Lennon, Wilson, Modric and Niko will surely be the starting midfield.

Do we need Muntari? Probably not, good back-up player though.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Giovani speaks out.. on everything

Many of us have stood by him, we know the talent he posseses and are still anticipating the day when he shows it in the league this season. We've backed him and taken him in as though he'd been playing for us for years and years. Finally this is what Giovani had to say:

"I was fit and I was in good form so it was disappointing to get injured,"
"When I was on the floor I thought ‘oh no, it's the same injury as last season' because I had the same injury on the other ankle. I tried to continue but it was impossible, I felt too much pain.

"My first thought was that I'd suffered bad luck but two or three days afterwards, I just thought about getting back, getting fit and getting strong again. I'm still very young and when I come back I can do the same and show the coach I'm ready to play."

"It's good to hear that the coach is saying good things about me," he said.
"I was doing well in the national team as well as in training here and then in the Carling Cup at Doncaster.
"Even in the Preston game I felt sharp and I hit the crossbar in the fifth minute.

"I think the coach knows I'm a good player and I want to do well for Tottenham. I came here to play, I love the fans and they've always supported me and I have everything here."

"It's very frustrating not to be with my national team," he sighed. "I was playing very well for Mexico. The good thing is that we only need to win one game and we are in the World Cup.
"I feel like ‘why am I injured now?' because I want to be playing at Spurs and I want to be in Mexico with my friends and with my team. But hopefully they will make it in the home game against El Salvador on Saturday. That would be perfect."

'Arry labelled him as a 'fitter, leaner, a great ability, and can develop into a top player' let's hope we don't try and shift him to soon.


Monday, 5 October 2009

Where's the issue?

On a day when Harry's claimed to be in the right concerning a sale of Peter Crouch to Villa back in World Cup year of '02 and odds for Redknapp to leave us fell faster than West Ham have down the league this season, Corluka (and I'm sure all of us as well) have labelled the rumoured departure as 'ridiculous'.

He won't leave. He can't leave. This season, if anything, could prove and illustrate one thing for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and that is that we can keep a manager for more than a season or two.

Charlie had this to say:
"Harry made some big changes when he came to Tottenham," he told Sky Sports News.
"We were bottom of the league when he came and now we at the top end of the Premier League so I think the rumours of him going off is ridiculous.
"Why would someone go off when the club is doing do well and when he have good players at the club.
"So I think he will stay and work with us and hopefully we will do some great things with him."

The playing staff at Spurs are happy. Redknapp's happy. It's one of those rare occasions where us as fans are more delighted with the club at the moment, let alone satisfied. I seem to be looking forward to games more now, it's a strange feeling, let's hope it lasts.
Am I missing an issue?