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Monday, 5 October 2009

Where's the issue?

On a day when Harry's claimed to be in the right concerning a sale of Peter Crouch to Villa back in World Cup year of '02 and odds for Redknapp to leave us fell faster than West Ham have down the league this season, Corluka (and I'm sure all of us as well) have labelled the rumoured departure as 'ridiculous'.

He won't leave. He can't leave. This season, if anything, could prove and illustrate one thing for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and that is that we can keep a manager for more than a season or two.

Charlie had this to say:
"Harry made some big changes when he came to Tottenham," he told Sky Sports News.
"We were bottom of the league when he came and now we at the top end of the Premier League so I think the rumours of him going off is ridiculous.
"Why would someone go off when the club is doing do well and when he have good players at the club.
"So I think he will stay and work with us and hopefully we will do some great things with him."

The playing staff at Spurs are happy. Redknapp's happy. It's one of those rare occasions where us as fans are more delighted with the club at the moment, let alone satisfied. I seem to be looking forward to games more now, it's a strange feeling, let's hope it lasts.
Am I missing an issue?