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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Spurs fans launch attack on Tottenham

We have spoken. Tottenham fans have launched an attack on the newly released kits for the new season revealing the disgust for the new shirts that look as though mustard was spilt down them during creation.

Fans have begun a petition against the new shirts in the hope that they can be quickly changed before the inevitable start of the season. We are simply inviting abuse upon ourselves playing in such a poor design. Is Levy really that short, I thought his pockets were bottomless? Maybe the renewing of the memberships was not such a smart idea if it is being used to fund shame such as this.

We have spoken and could really do with all the support we can get. Please sign the 'YidsAgainstYellow' petition online here: Note that the donations after the signatures are NOT required for your signature to be recorded.

If it's not one thing it's always another with us, isn't it?


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tottenham to be given points deduction

Tottenham could face a points deduction for the forth-coming season over the transfer of Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth for an estimated £9m in January 2008; this is because of the apparent use of an unlicensed agent, according to the Daily Mirror.

Now I'm fairly naive of the depth of the enquiry but the accusations have been made by Defoe's former bad-man agent Sky Andrews, yes, the man that opened the door to the hatred and the deserving abuse given to Sol Campbell by switching him across London to the scum.
Sky's accusations are that Defoe used an unlicensed agent, after relieving Andrews of his job as Defoe's agent.

Now, this story is still sketchy around the edges and neither team nor Mr. Defoe have commented on the accusations. According to the Mirror though, should Sky Andrews succeed in his appeal, it will result in Spurs starting with a points deduction for the new season. Thanks mate.
Whether this is Andrew's trying to get himself back into the public eye by running to Britain's' most dignified paper is unknown to me- maybe he could do with the hefty payment apparently owed to him, should he be successful in his accusations.

All I am aware of is that this man is not the most popular person on one side of North London. He sent Sol Campbell to Arsenal, something that is unforgivable in itself, and is now looking to ensure that history repeats itself by making sure we are stuck in yet another relegation battle.

Let's just hope we don't do a Luton. I hear Mr Andrews has already fled the country, probably to get into the match-fixing business that is so popular and financially rewarding in Italy these days.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sergi Rebrov signs for Arsenal!

The flop of all flops, the winner of losing and the not-so-favourite Sergi Rebrov is set to sign for Arsenal after terminating his contract with Russian giants Rubin Kazan. The 35 year old claims he will be missed by the Russian side; well that makes a first then!
As surprising as it sounds, this is not the Arsenal of the Premier League but FC Arsenal Kiev of the Ukraine. I mean, Arsene would never sign him- he's 35 for gawd sake.

Our former £11m signing claimed: 'My contract with Rubin has been terminated at my asking,' he said. 'But I don't think they're enthusiastic about it. I think (the manager) Gurban Berdiyew wanted me to stay.
'I wanted to be closer to home, to my family. I've already talked to the Arsenal coach Alexander Zavarovym and I don't think there will be any problems there.

I like how he states 'Arsenal' and not 'Arsenal Kiev'. Anyway, I think this speaks for itself and nothing more needs to be said. You can tell his career flourished after his brilliant impact in the Premier League, he's set to play for Arsenal.


Gabby keen on Spurs move

In a week where yet more Madrid players shocked the fans of Tottenham by turning down 'big' moves to us, although I really cannot begin as to guess why, Daniel Levy returned to North London with a surprising amount of optimism. So which Madrid player is considering joining us? Well, he's no Wesley Sneijder or Van Der Vaart (otherwise I wouldn't be discussing Tottenham), but none another than former United left back Gabriel Heinze.

The Argentinian invited the move back to the rough and tumble of today's Premier League and would welcome a move; swapping the sun of Madrid for the consistently miserable weather that dampens down on Tottenham, and seemingly, our season.

The Argie said:"I would not mind playing Premier League football again. I am aware that several clubs are interested, but I must speak with Real Madrid first.
"I have no idea of where I am going to end up and I am yet to think about my future. I have a contract with Real Madrid and you have to have a professional attitude.
"For sure we will sit down and talk. Still I have one year left on my contract and sharing dressing rooms with amazing players will be great."

So, it seems Gabby is keen on a move back to England. Well, there would only be once reason why he'd join us. I mean, who doesn't love a good relegation battle every season.


Monday, 22 June 2009

Never trust the Mirror!

I've written Roman Pavlyuchenko's name so frequently over these last few weeks that I can now spell it without having to concur online. Oleg, Pav's 'trusted' agent, refuted claims today that Roman had asked him to find him a new club; claiming a misquote. There's a surprise.

Oleg Artemov claimed: "I was astonished to read the outcry on the internet as a result of the alleged interview I gave to the Daily Mirror," he told Sport Express.
"In fact, it was loose translation of my comments to the newspaper Izvestia and the words were taken out of context."

"Roma and Stuttgart have made some early steps towards the signing, but there have been no specific offers or negotiations as yet," he added.
"Besides, Roman wants to play in London and is looking to prove that he can be an asset for Tottenham."

So it turns out that old Oleg had got his English muddled up (hate to say this, but I told you so). I read the sentences above with delight and and any respect I had for the Daily Mirror has now evaporated, along with the chance Pavlyuchenko could leave this summer. Unless, of course, this is in fact another misquote- it wouldn't surprise me. I feel embarrassed for the newspaper, and intrigued as to how low society today has stooped to keep this nonsense running.

Sorry, I thought there was a recession? If the Mirror is a 'necessity' then I'm an Arsenal fan. Piers Morgan eat your heart out.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pav to bottle England

I feel a sense of deja vu when talking about Pavlyuchenko. Not to long ago I wrote about the fact that Stuggart wanted our Russian front man but thought nothing of it, until today. Pav's agent Oleg Artemov, would you trust a guy called Oleg anyway, reported in the 'Mirror':

"I am busy with the search for a new club for Roman."
"But it is still too early to begin intensive negotiations. A lot is going to depend on the player's opinion and that of Tottenham.
"What I know for sure is that Tottenham are not going to lose money and sell Pavlyuchenko just anywhere and for any money.
"I talked to Daniel Levy. He told me that he doesn't think that Roman has become cheaper now. Forwards are always in short supply in football and their value shouldn't drop even in the credit crunch times."

Now, whether Pav's agent, Oleg, is after a few extra bob due to these 'harsh' financial times, I don't know. Maybe Pav cut his wages as his appearance fees aren't as high as he maybe thought at the start of the season? Firstly, the fact that the Mirror reported this sends relief through me, as you probably guessed. Secondly, the fact that Daniel Levy thinks he can recoup £14m for a player that only netted 12 goals last year leaves me, well, shocked. Maybe Levy doesn't want him to leave either? And lastly, I'm not believing anything until Harry or Roman confirm this- this is Pav's agent after all, he probably got his English mixed up.

Anyway, I'm sure the Daily Mirror slipped a few notes in Oleg's pocket to say these things. I mean they do love a good transfer rumour, don't they?


Thursday, 18 June 2009

West Ham reject to replace Huddlestone

The writer of the 'Daily Mirror' must be a Spurs fan as, yet again, reports on their back pages are suggesting that Harry is ready to accept a swap deal with Aston Villa for Tom Huddlestone. So, is it the lightning Ashley Young, a player full of more potential than a young David Beckham of 10 years ago. Or is it the big John Carew, Villa's top scorer last year and a player that would fit nicely in the frame at Spurs? No, It is former West Ham midfielder Nigel Reo-Coker. Shocked? I thought so.

Nigel Reo-Coker, what happened to such a bright talent? He went from the iron in West Ham's midfield, to a Villa utility man filling in where there's space. Maybe a loan move to a Championship club and regular playing time in the middle of midfield would get his career back on the right tracks; otherwise he may as well visit the local job centre, good luck with that one Reo. I cannot see him enjoying more success at Spurs than he did at Villa, he'd end up in the reserves.

Although, a 'reliable' source told the 'Mirror' that the duo are “playing tennis, bouncing ideas off each other" and, should this indeed be factual, then I'm sure Redknapp will try and opt for a better deal than that of Reo-Coker. Tom Huddlestone is a far better player than what Redknapp seems to value him at and, typically, will turn out an England regular after we shift him up North.

Although, should this former West Ham star join us, I'm sure the reaction in East London would be welcomed with open arms..


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Zidane off to Malaga

Our 'flying' reserve winger Adel Taarabt is a target for Malaga, according to reports. Let's be honest, Adel didn't really make the sort of impression Aaron Lennon did when given his chance in the first team. When signed, he was branded the 'new Zidane', a title that has since been harder to find than Wally in a 'Where's Wally?' book.

Malaga have admitted that they have been long-term admirers of Taarabt, and are looking to sign up our young asset this summer. “Malaga have always been on his trail and I would not be surprised if this time they finally made it,” said a representative for the player.

When signed, Adel's potential looked to reincarnate that of Zinedine Zidane. By the looks of things, that statement couldn't be further from the truth; Levy's fallen for another 'hot prospect'

So what did our investment bring? To be fair, Adel had some bright moments, but, as Spurs fans, the moment the ball is given away he receives more boos than Sol Campbell in an Arsenal shirt. His bright moments in the first team were soon relinquished from the memories of Spurs fans; and, with a winning formula and Harry looking to add more players to our ever chopping and changing squad, it is no coincidence that Adel is looking to move.

Goodbye to the lad, I'm sure we'll end up signing him again for £15 million, one day.


The FA hate Tottenham

As I'm sure many of you did, I was quick to ensure I was at a computer today at 10.00am eagerly anticipating the fixture list for next season. Why this is so exciting, I don't know. I looked at our first game in hope that finally, for the first time for donkey's, we may actually get a home game. For the last few seasons, we have always been allocated awkward ties such as Sunderland, 'Boro and Bolton away- the teams we seem to never really get much at. Coincidence? I'll let you decide that.

So I browse at our home fixture for the start of the 2009/2010 season and find that yes, we have a home game, but it is also against Liverpool- a team that only lost twice in the league last year and will be looking to pip United to the Premiership.. finally. Now, I'm not 100% sure how the fixtures are drawn, but it always seems to be that we never come out with a 'nice' start to the season. The last time we won on opening day was in 2004, and that was still away from home against-then newly promoted Portsmouth.

Sir Alex complained last year about how 'unfair' United's fixture list is but, unsurprisingly, they are at home- again. Their run-in looks a lot nicer this season, maybe Harry should have a big moan at the FA, we may then have a decent start for the first time in half a decade. I also notice that in the last five weeks of the season we play Arsenal, Chelsea and United away from home consecutively, thanks.

So there we have it, another poor start to the season will see us stuck amongst the foot of the league- we should almost be use to it by now.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Dembele on Harry's radar

AZ Alkmaar star Moussa Dembele- sorry who? Has been in contact with Tottenham, according to the players' agent. The Belgian striker scored 10 goals in 23 games last year and is hot property amongst Europe- meaning that he wouldn't want to join us.

The players' agent Patrick Vervoort had this to say: “My colleague in England has had contact with Tottenham,” Vervoort told
“Yes we have had contact and he is on the list with a lot of other players. But at the moment they won’t move any further than that.
“Chelsea is the same story as Tottenham. He is on the list of Chelsea and we are still waiting to see if one of the teams moves.
“It depends on what happens at the club; if they sell players or bring in new players. At the moment a lot of clubs are waiting to sell players before they move on from there.
“AZ want to keep Moussa because he is a key player. But the player has said that he would like to move in the summer so that is why we are now in contact with other clubs and we will try to move him.”

So who is this guy? If he's a wanted man in Europe then he must have some serious potential- Especially if Chelsea are after him. I did a quick browse on YouTube and found an interesting video The boy looks the Thierry Henry of the Dutch League due to his pace and eye for goal. Could be a good asset feeding of someone such as Robbie Keane.

But then again, who AREN'T Spurs going to sign this summer?


Bentley set for Villa

Well, let's be honest- we saw this coming a mile off. After Redknapp asked Bentley to look for another club and with the World Cup next year, the chances of Bentley staying were smaller than West Broms' chances of staying up this season just gone.

"I'm in talks with Villa at the moment," he told The Sun. 'I really don't want to say much more. But we'll see what happens. I'm hopeful of sorting it out as soon as possible."
I can't see this sort of move collapsing and O'Neill would be the perfect manager to get Bentley's career back on track.

Let's just hope we get around £7m-£10m for the right midfielder, the goal at the emirates was worth half that alone. Still though, this leaves us short in cover on the right side of the pitch but it is obviously a move Bentley has to make.

Any overpriced bench players about?


Monday, 15 June 2009

First game of the season

A West Ham fan apparently to be ITK, has blogged that their first game of the season is to be our very selves at White Hart Lane. This guy has, apparently, been correct for the last couple of seasons and has reported that we are to play them at home, first game of the new season.

Should this be true, then- as we all would- I look forward to it very much. Not only are they THE most hated team in the country, bar possibly one team up north in Manchester, but our record against them is just phenomenal. I can quite easily reminisce the last two seasons we have played them at home scoring 5 and conceding 0- and with Harry at the helm and a rare home game, it offers the potential to be a very positive start to the new season that could hopefully give us the momentum to challenge the top European places- and leave the boys from East London lingering in relegation at the same time.

I really hope that this is true, a derby game on opening day and three points to kick start our season. I may just renew my membership now..


Cesar hits out at Tottenham

Our former 'keeper Cesar Sanchez, who never played a full game for us in the Premiership, has hit out at Pavlyuchenko claiming that it is "impossible" to speak to him.

“Pavlyuchenko didn’t speak a word of English,” Cesar told Don Ballon.
“Communicating with him was impossible.
“The club is about signing young players for the future, but it’s complicated up there because you must give them time.
“When I arrived they had got rid of half of the squad and many foreigners that can’t speak English came over.”
He continued: “With more time, Juande would have been capable of make of them a great team, like he did with Sevilla and Madrid."

The pint-size keeper was never given a real run out, even during Gomes' nightmare spell between the sticks. It was let known that he was frustrated at being left on the bench- as he was deemed to small for a goalkeeper. He soon left for Valencia just six months after signing for us. Still though, Pavlyuchenko's season wasn't the greatest but he scored goals for us when they were needed, including a big goal back at Turf Moor..

The 38 year old was never given a proper run-out and a random outburst such as this only leads me to one conclusion. Am I worried? No, it sounds like sour grapes..


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Germans want our Roman conquerer

Well, we've been linked with enough players coming in this summer, so inevitably, one or two need to leave; today, it is our Russian forward that is the talk of speculation about a move away from N17 .Roman Pavlyuchenko has emerged as a target for Bundesliga side Stuggart.

Our Russian forward looks to have chances next season in the first team cut short after the re-arrivals of Jermain and Robbie in what turned out to be a long 18 month season for the forward. Harry had previously stated that Pav was in his plans for next season, but that was before we were set to sign Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar and Luca Toni. Well we do need 5 or 6 strikers for next season, don't we.

The manager of Stuggart, Horst Heldt, told Stuttgarter Nachrichten: "Pavlyuchenko is an interesting player." He continued:
"His name has come up in discussions within the club." A lanky striker in the form of Dimitar Berbatov proved a success in Germany, and maybe Stuggart believe Roman could have a similar sort of impact.

I'd be disappointed if Pav left us. He had a long season and the tiredness really showed through towards the end of the season. Although, he showed signs of a clinical striker and everytime he scored in the Premier league, we won the game- this is a striker we could do with. His record in Russia speaks for itself and letting him go would be a bigger mistake then when we let Klinsmann leave to return home.

He can scored goals. Enough said.


First Ruud, then Klass, now Luca Toni

Tottenham have today been linked with yet another front-man. This time, in the form of Bayern Munich's Italian superstar Luca Toni. The former Fiorentina ace moved to Germany not to long ago but has since found chances in the first team difficult to come by after the arrival of Mario Gomez.

Toni, at 32, is definitely more of a realistic target than that of Klass-Jan Huntelaar as he would prove a cheaper option and definitely more of the 'experienced' player Harry was said to be looking for. Although at the moment, rumours such of these can only be taken with a pinch of salt as they seem to be popping up everyday- nothing new there then.

So who's up next to be linked with Spurs? We have 4 quality strikers but yet we're linked with more players than a player-less club. Shall we 'do a Madrid' and put our money where our mouths are? Yes please.


Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Spurs 2009/2010 Kits, I thnk I'm going to be sick

The picture shown is that of, apparently, our new kits set to be released on the 25th June. All three kits are the same as this years home, away and third shirt except for a couple of stupid yellow lines coming over each shoulder, the design looking as though some kid has picked up his crayons and drawn all over this years' kits then Daniel Levy branding it for next season.
To be honest, I'm insulted that the Spurs board expect supporters to splash out £50 for extra yellow lines on the shirt. Its a real p!ss take. The hooped socks have gone along with the imagination of the designers. Thanks.

I'm preparing to feel the embarrassment at watching us play in that at home matches.. and away for that case.


Ashley's to young for Spurs

Ashley Young, great young prospect and future England star in the making. A year ago today you could stick David Bentley's name in place of Ashley's and their would be a sense of mutual agreement; his potential looked as though it could go beyond that of David Beckhams'. Now, he can't even make the England bench. In the past few season, Spurs have started off their season with poor results and were left to rot in the bottom half of the table at the start of the season. Since O'Neill took over at Villa, the Birmingham based club have been challenging for the European competitions and have never looked likely to be stuck fighting relegation.

So, my first point is that I would question why Ashley Young would even want to join us, even if Aston Villa made the biggest mistake in letting him speak to Tottenham. Let's be honest, to better Villa last season we'd have to finish in the Champions League- and that won't happen. To present, Spurs have ruined two of the brightest England prospects in that of Darren Bent and David Bentley- Jermain Defoe left at the right time and Mr. Lennon seems to have done alright as well.

Furthermore, this paper talk about us 'closing in' on Ashley Young is just not true. Only 2 weeks ago did Redknapp state that he was looking for 'three experienced players' at a cost of £30m; sorry, Ashley Young is hardly an experienced full England international, is he. So unless 'Arry was having us all on, he is not going for Villa's new best player.

We decided not to invest in Ashley 2 seasons ago, his loyalty to Villa and gratitude to Martin O'Neill for taking that 'huge' £9.75m gamble would be worth much more than that of an extra five thousand or so every week at a side that could end up in another relegation battle.

The lad would be silly to go, he's not an idiot.


Friday, 12 June 2009

Aguero up next

21 year old Argentinian goal-machine Sergio Aguero has been told he can leave Atletico Madrid, should an 'interesting' offer come in for the player. Maybe their 'Real' rivals should stick in a 'shrewd' £30m to get the ball rolling to end all Tottenham hope of actually snapping up a quality European striker- and save the media writing articles upon articles about Spurs signing another superstar from abroad. Let's be honest, the best we can hope for is that of an unknown player that turns out a star, haven't seen one of those at Spurs since a certain Bulgarian was taken for peanuts from Germany.

"We will open talks if an interesting offer is made," (Atletico president) Cerezo told French radio station RMC. He added further that no club has yet made a bid for their superstar.
"Many people have spoken about Aguero but the truth is that Atletico have not been contacted by any suitor." Of course, this will not be the case come September.

So, any Spurs interest will be hyped then dashed- I feel a sense of Deja Vu- as soon as Mark Hughes makes a move for the Argentine striker to bring him to the 10th best team in England; as reported in the past. Madrid could also do with another forward as they seriously continue to lack quality in the final quarter of the pitch, obviously.

Harry will not move for Aguero, Levy will not splash out for Aguero and lets hope the media all give the fans of Tottenham a break and not include 'Sergio Aguero' and 'Tottenham' in the same sentence. I can't bare the false optimism for another summer.

But, of course, these are the English papers I'm talking about..


Spurs not in the Hunt for Klass

Real Madrid have this morning dashed any Tottenham hopes of an optimistic move for Dutch forward Jan-Klass Huntelaar. For the time being anyway.

Huntelaar's agent released a statement staying:
"I have not met Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano yet, but he is under contract for four years and is part of Real Madrid’s plans,” he told Calcio Mercato.
“We haven’t been told anything by the directors and no meeting has been planned with them.”
He added: “I haven’t been contacted by Roma. No team have asked for Huntelaar and all the rumours come from the press, including in England.”

Now, whether this is a 'come-and-make-us-an-offer' plea, or a genuine 'hands off' warning is not yet known. Although, for the time being the fact is, is that Spurs have not yet made a hopeful bid for Huntelaar and it looks as though that these rumours are as good as false.

Which Madrid player is next up?


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Looks like Zokora's staying put.. for the moment

Sevilla's interest in our powerful centre midfielder looks to have ended after Bordeaux have accepted an offer of around £7m for Alou Diarra. Sorry, was that only a million under what Spurs wanted for Zokora? Anyway, Sevilla have had a bid accepted for their second target despite only paying a million less- and I thought the value of money in football had deflated.

This shows that, for some clubs, the present financial meltdown is hitting them hard whilst, in some parts of the world (mainly Madrid) it is obvious that the recession is not affecting anybody to much. If Redknapp really was desperate to let Zokora go then I'm sure some negotiating from the Sevilla board would have taken place and then Redknapp may have been willing to take a marginal cut on the player signed a few seasons ago.

Anyway, to the day, no other reported parties are after our lively African. And, although his stay in London doesn't look likely to last until mid-August, Didier Zokora is still a Tottenham player, for another day.


Cheeky Ronaldo bid from Spurs

I woke up this morning and read, like all of us, of the bargain £80,000,000 bid for Cristiano Ronaldo. Still though, the amount we've spent on our squad could easily amount to double that and, in Daniel Levy's eyes, I'm sure £80m is a snip at what he'd be willing to pay. But still, according to Redknapp, we're challenging for the Champions League next year and surely the best player in the world in our side would help us a bit.

I for one, assuming he doesn't come to Spurs, would be glad to see the back of him. I don't understand why any other English club bar United would be 'disappointed to see him go'. Oh yes of course, I love seeing him terrorise my side twice a season and will miss it dearly. All the goals he scored against us, what a shame that it is not going to happen again. I cry myself to sleep every night with this thought in my head.

Still though, being a Spurs fan these days I don't know what to expect, and I wait in hope that one morning I will wake up and see Spurs have submitted a similar bid to Madrid. Oh how I'd laugh if we did. £80m? we better get selling..


Championship defender to gain Spurs Champions League qualification

Reports lately have suggested that Spurs are interested in a £12m raid on relegated Geordie's for French international Sebastian Bassong, sorry who? I do laugh when such reports are read, and even though the odd few are laughable, some reach the point where there may just be an element of truth in them.

From a fans' point of view, Harry stated (like many other managers over the years), that he expects Spurs to mount a strong challenge for the Champions League this year. Now-a-days, Spurs fans take these comments with a pinch of salt and pre-season optimism for the fourth-coming season usually turns sour before Christmas.

More to the point, I question whether, if true, why Harry would go for a Centre back that could barely make the Newcastle first team and further, why he'd be willing to splash out £12m on him as well. I can understand the need for depth in a squad but I doubt a £12m signing would be happy to camp on the bench every week and remain lower down the pecking order behind the much loved Micheal Dawson.

Still though, I cannot see how Harry expects the likes of Sebastian Bassong and Paul Scharner to really propel us into the top four, I mean, they're not exactly world beaters are they? Then again, this is paper talk and I will wait until mid-August to see who turns out wearing the badge at the start of the new season.


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Concession prices at Tottenham

Ok, like many of us, I have been receiving hundreds of E-mail's telling me to renew my membership by a certain date or else I risk losing my points. After such an abysmal season that was salvaged by Harry, the sincere arrogance of the Spurs board has left me gobsmacked. Not only do our prices continue to rise every season, but even after 2 very roller coaster seasons that, in turn, saw us achieve only the Carling Cup and bottle the Uefa Cup and the Premiership, I ask, why do costs continue to rise for the supporters?
We all like to see Spurs spend money, but in my opinion, I'd much rather have a reduced ticket price and halt spending by a few million.

Anyway, to the point. I received an E-mail telling my to renew my membership for a fee of £45. Now, I am still in full-time education and paying for this every season is just not achievable. The fact that Junior ticket prices end at 15 is astounding and having to pay full adult price at 16 is ludicrous, 16 year old's aren't adults.

So, I have recently set up a Tottenham facebook group asking for reduced ticket prices for people between the age of 16-21. As, by 21, the majority or people are in full-time work. If Daniel Levy cared for the future of the Tottenham faithful, then such a plan would be carefully considered.

PLEASE join. Consider the future of Tottenham Hotspur fans, we don't want to end up the prawn sandwich brigade. Join here:


Giovani off to Spain, again

Giovani Dos Santos, what happened to this hot prospect? Within a year, Gio had finished off his last game for Barca by scoring a hat trick and then turned out in an Ipswich shirt, showing the world that his quality is way beyond that of the fizzy pop league. So what happened? When we snapped him up relatively cheap from Barca; he was a hotter prospect than the early Ronaldo of United, and Spurs fans were dreaming that we may actually force our presence into the Champions League, displacing the scum of South London.

So Gio, what went wrong? Our disappointing start to the season resulted in our new signings becoming scapegoats and the 'Ramos revolution' left us rotting at the foot of the Premier league with all 19 teams above us laughing. Although, Giovani never actually played a great deal for us- a number of injuries consequently resulted in him never turning out for us again for the remainder for the season, in the Premiership.

The issue was that, even when he was match fit by then, Harry had stumbled upon a winning team and wasn't ready prepared to take any risks with Tottenham's Premiership status still more fragile than a glass window. So, regrettably, you may say, Giovani Dos Santos has since never played a minute in the Premiership. More worries build for the boy as, Redknapp has already tried to ship him out once to Portsmouth underlining the fact that he is not a part of his plans.

Reports this morning are saying that Giovani is in talks about a possible loan move to Espanyol, with a buy-out class of a measly £5m. In Giovani's boots though, I would want to end this hell of a season with us and look to revive the promising career that never was at Spurs. As much as I hate to say it, Giovani should leave to protect his status as one of the most promising footballers to the day and to ensure that his ability doesn't founder any further.


Monday, 8 June 2009

Milan wants Redknapp

Milan Mandaric has today urged Pompey's new owners to make a dramatic move for our very own Harry Houdini. He said:

"Harry Redknapp is a fantastic manager,” he told The News.
“He knows and understands the game far better than most. He's a top manager and the right manager for Portsmouth. I rate him so highly.
“Managing people is his best quality. He's not perfect and sometimes he would drive me crazy, but that quality always prevails.

He ended the interview by saying
The club is the biggest thing and you have to do the best for it, even if it is a big decision.
“You've got to do the right thing and, if bringing Harry to the club is what he needs to do, that is what he has to do.”

Now, Milan Mandaric is Leicester boss at the moment and spreading that kind of speculation is not needed at the moment. As I'm sure, most of us hate reading such articles I am sure the majority take this sort of speculation as a pinch of salt and can rarely see any move for Redknapp progressing. After all, he'd already claimed he has taken South-coasters as far as he can and moving back to them is surely the most unlikely of moves.

But of course, I'm sure Pompey fans would welcome the return..


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Why Spurs won't get Ruud

Morning tittle tattle reports are today suggesting that Spurs are looking to snap up former Manchester United star Rudd Van Nistelrooy. The experienced dutch player missed the majority of last season through injury and a cheeky bid from Harry, I'm sure, won't help things to much. We all know how good RVN was in a United shirt and an asset like this could fetch up to 20 goals a season, he's a good player and I'm sure most Spurs fans would be happy with such an acquisition.

So what's the problem, you ask. Well, the player himself will not leave Real and here is why. I hear Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world at the moment- Tottenham only knew they'd still be in the Premiership in March. I really cannot see why RVN would leave big wages, title challenges and Champions League success to join a club that hopes to make the Europa league next year. Furthermore, RVN made a name for himself with United and I'm sure playing again for Tottenham against them wouldn't suit either parties(himself or United). He wants to keep the 'legendary' status he achieved at United.

RVN is nearly 33, I'm sure a move back to England and the grit of the Premiership wouldn't take his fancy. I'd prefer to retire in the sun at Madrid than having to rediscover the work rate and effort that his reputation takes him for in England, helping a smaller club achieve smaller success with a lower wage.

RVN would be a good signing for Tottenham, he has proved in the past that he can score goals at Premiership level; in my opinion though, this is a move that I can really not see happening. RVN has to have retirement in the back of his mind and the ageing Dutchman moving back into the intensity of the Premiership would not appeal to him.
He's achieved what he wanted to achieve in England and he won't be coming back.

Although, this is football and boy would it be a good signing!
You never know.


Friday, 5 June 2009

Why we shouldn't let England's brightest asset leave for peanuts

Tom Huddlestone. A name Spurs fans are all to familiar with, we even have a song for the young lad. He can a knock a ball from one end of the pitch to the other, player to player with his eyes closed, his left foot is better than Bentley's right and striking the ball to perfection is an understatement- and he's only 22. So, I ask, why is Redknapp willing to let him leave for a measly £8m (£16m for City)? He was a leading star under the early Redknapp era helping us pick up points faster than Lennon can run the 100 metre sprint. Then, without reason, was left to rot with the other 'stars' camping on the bench every game.

Left on the bench was bad enough, then Redknapp invests £12m in a more experienced version of Tommy in the form of Wilson Palacios, the first Houndouran to play for the lilly whites. Where does this leave Huddlestone? On the bench for the rest of the season. Why? Given the experience, Huddlestone can become a very talented player, his passing is already among the best in the league and a better fitness level and a higher technical level could see him become a future England leader, the rock in England's midfielder and the heart in Tottenhams'. He could be our Steven Gerrard our Paul Scholes or Gareth Barry (on the playing side and not the financial, of course).

So I ask, why is Huddlestone up for sale, surely even a loan would be more appropriate. I do agree with the FACT that Wilson Palacios is a very good player for the short term, but in the long term- Huddlestone's the man for us. We should show this guy some respect and make him feel wanted other wise he'll pop up and bite us right in the arse.
This guy has talent, but of course Spurs have to look to buy talent- as always our youth policy is a training camp for other teams, we are just the stepping stone that gets them there. I'm not happy with this policy and letting a potentially brilliant asset in Huddlestone leave would be a mistake- especially if it were to a rival club also looking to challenge for the Europa places. I hear Villa need a replacement for Barry?

When will the Spurs board open their eyes to the reality that Tom Huddlestone is a very good player. Let's not sell our good players perhaps? Then possibly in the future we'd have a squad that may actually achieve something- it just depends how long Redknapps there for, I guess.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Spurs after Sunderland reject- FACT

My 'Tottenham depression' reached a new level today when it came out that, not only could it be true that Spurs actually want Cisse, but the player wants the move himself. Is this the player that will fire Spurs into the Champions league? Surely Darren Bent would be preferred over Cisse, Bent scored 7 more goals than Cisse did last season and he's readily available. Yet, again, I cannot get my head around Redknapp's way of thinking for a club like Spurs; fair enough, Cisse could keep smaller clubs such as Sunderland and Portsmouth up and starve of relegation, but for a club optimistic in reaching the Champions League; Cisse is not the right player.

In comparison to Bent, I cannot see why we'd be better off with Cisse at all. He's older and his scoring record in the Premier League is very bleak, his first season only saw him net 11 goals in 49 games for Liverpool who were quick to shift him out on loan to Marseille- where he hardly re-established himself as a top European striker. He then returned to Sunderland to score 10 goals in a fairly dismal season that did eventually see them survive. Surely Spurs cannot judge Cisse a better player than our own Darren Bent, even the work rate isn't there with him.

I struggle to find reasons as to why this sort of signing may interest Redknapp bar the fact that on every debut Cisse has played in, he has scored against us, but is that worth a big wage packet? Bent knocked up 17 goals this season, despite early team performances and injuries and has recently stated how he'd he'd love to stay in North London claiming he could score more than 20 goals and fire us into the Champions League. It is clear his love for the club is there, so why not give him another season at it? Could we really expect the same with Cisse, ok, no question the passion would be there- at the start anyway- but could we really rely on him to knock up 20 goals in his debut season? I don't think so.

Cisse has scored 21 goals in English football in 2 and a half years. Please justify as to why Tottenham, and only Tottenham- suprise surprise,- want this deadwood when it is clear his best years are behind him. How I hate pre-season.