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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tottenham to be given points deduction

Tottenham could face a points deduction for the forth-coming season over the transfer of Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth for an estimated £9m in January 2008; this is because of the apparent use of an unlicensed agent, according to the Daily Mirror.

Now I'm fairly naive of the depth of the enquiry but the accusations have been made by Defoe's former bad-man agent Sky Andrews, yes, the man that opened the door to the hatred and the deserving abuse given to Sol Campbell by switching him across London to the scum.
Sky's accusations are that Defoe used an unlicensed agent, after relieving Andrews of his job as Defoe's agent.

Now, this story is still sketchy around the edges and neither team nor Mr. Defoe have commented on the accusations. According to the Mirror though, should Sky Andrews succeed in his appeal, it will result in Spurs starting with a points deduction for the new season. Thanks mate.
Whether this is Andrew's trying to get himself back into the public eye by running to Britain's' most dignified paper is unknown to me- maybe he could do with the hefty payment apparently owed to him, should he be successful in his accusations.

All I am aware of is that this man is not the most popular person on one side of North London. He sent Sol Campbell to Arsenal, something that is unforgivable in itself, and is now looking to ensure that history repeats itself by making sure we are stuck in yet another relegation battle.

Let's just hope we don't do a Luton. I hear Mr Andrews has already fled the country, probably to get into the match-fixing business that is so popular and financially rewarding in Italy these days.


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