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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Spurs after Sunderland reject- FACT

My 'Tottenham depression' reached a new level today when it came out that, not only could it be true that Spurs actually want Cisse, but the player wants the move himself. Is this the player that will fire Spurs into the Champions league? Surely Darren Bent would be preferred over Cisse, Bent scored 7 more goals than Cisse did last season and he's readily available. Yet, again, I cannot get my head around Redknapp's way of thinking for a club like Spurs; fair enough, Cisse could keep smaller clubs such as Sunderland and Portsmouth up and starve of relegation, but for a club optimistic in reaching the Champions League; Cisse is not the right player.

In comparison to Bent, I cannot see why we'd be better off with Cisse at all. He's older and his scoring record in the Premier League is very bleak, his first season only saw him net 11 goals in 49 games for Liverpool who were quick to shift him out on loan to Marseille- where he hardly re-established himself as a top European striker. He then returned to Sunderland to score 10 goals in a fairly dismal season that did eventually see them survive. Surely Spurs cannot judge Cisse a better player than our own Darren Bent, even the work rate isn't there with him.

I struggle to find reasons as to why this sort of signing may interest Redknapp bar the fact that on every debut Cisse has played in, he has scored against us, but is that worth a big wage packet? Bent knocked up 17 goals this season, despite early team performances and injuries and has recently stated how he'd he'd love to stay in North London claiming he could score more than 20 goals and fire us into the Champions League. It is clear his love for the club is there, so why not give him another season at it? Could we really expect the same with Cisse, ok, no question the passion would be there- at the start anyway- but could we really rely on him to knock up 20 goals in his debut season? I don't think so.

Cisse has scored 21 goals in English football in 2 and a half years. Please justify as to why Tottenham, and only Tottenham- suprise surprise,- want this deadwood when it is clear his best years are behind him. How I hate pre-season.


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  1. I can't see it happening. As you say it is, at the very best, a like for like swap. Though I think Bent generally adds more to the team. I think Cisse just wants a move to England and as Spurs are linked with anyone and everyone every summer it is no surprise they were the club linked with him.

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