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Friday, 5 June 2009

Why we shouldn't let England's brightest asset leave for peanuts

Tom Huddlestone. A name Spurs fans are all to familiar with, we even have a song for the young lad. He can a knock a ball from one end of the pitch to the other, player to player with his eyes closed, his left foot is better than Bentley's right and striking the ball to perfection is an understatement- and he's only 22. So, I ask, why is Redknapp willing to let him leave for a measly £8m (£16m for City)? He was a leading star under the early Redknapp era helping us pick up points faster than Lennon can run the 100 metre sprint. Then, without reason, was left to rot with the other 'stars' camping on the bench every game.

Left on the bench was bad enough, then Redknapp invests £12m in a more experienced version of Tommy in the form of Wilson Palacios, the first Houndouran to play for the lilly whites. Where does this leave Huddlestone? On the bench for the rest of the season. Why? Given the experience, Huddlestone can become a very talented player, his passing is already among the best in the league and a better fitness level and a higher technical level could see him become a future England leader, the rock in England's midfielder and the heart in Tottenhams'. He could be our Steven Gerrard our Paul Scholes or Gareth Barry (on the playing side and not the financial, of course).

So I ask, why is Huddlestone up for sale, surely even a loan would be more appropriate. I do agree with the FACT that Wilson Palacios is a very good player for the short term, but in the long term- Huddlestone's the man for us. We should show this guy some respect and make him feel wanted other wise he'll pop up and bite us right in the arse.
This guy has talent, but of course Spurs have to look to buy talent- as always our youth policy is a training camp for other teams, we are just the stepping stone that gets them there. I'm not happy with this policy and letting a potentially brilliant asset in Huddlestone leave would be a mistake- especially if it were to a rival club also looking to challenge for the Europa places. I hear Villa need a replacement for Barry?

When will the Spurs board open their eyes to the reality that Tom Huddlestone is a very good player. Let's not sell our good players perhaps? Then possibly in the future we'd have a squad that may actually achieve something- it just depends how long Redknapps there for, I guess.


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