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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Championship defender to gain Spurs Champions League qualification

Reports lately have suggested that Spurs are interested in a £12m raid on relegated Geordie's for French international Sebastian Bassong, sorry who? I do laugh when such reports are read, and even though the odd few are laughable, some reach the point where there may just be an element of truth in them.

From a fans' point of view, Harry stated (like many other managers over the years), that he expects Spurs to mount a strong challenge for the Champions League this year. Now-a-days, Spurs fans take these comments with a pinch of salt and pre-season optimism for the fourth-coming season usually turns sour before Christmas.

More to the point, I question whether, if true, why Harry would go for a Centre back that could barely make the Newcastle first team and further, why he'd be willing to splash out £12m on him as well. I can understand the need for depth in a squad but I doubt a £12m signing would be happy to camp on the bench every week and remain lower down the pecking order behind the much loved Micheal Dawson.

Still though, I cannot see how Harry expects the likes of Sebastian Bassong and Paul Scharner to really propel us into the top four, I mean, they're not exactly world beaters are they? Then again, this is paper talk and I will wait until mid-August to see who turns out wearing the badge at the start of the new season.


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