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Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Spurs 2009/2010 Kits, I thnk I'm going to be sick

The picture shown is that of, apparently, our new kits set to be released on the 25th June. All three kits are the same as this years home, away and third shirt except for a couple of stupid yellow lines coming over each shoulder, the design looking as though some kid has picked up his crayons and drawn all over this years' kits then Daniel Levy branding it for next season.
To be honest, I'm insulted that the Spurs board expect supporters to splash out £50 for extra yellow lines on the shirt. Its a real p!ss take. The hooped socks have gone along with the imagination of the designers. Thanks.

I'm preparing to feel the embarrassment at watching us play in that at home matches.. and away for that case.


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