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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Why Spurs won't get Ruud

Morning tittle tattle reports are today suggesting that Spurs are looking to snap up former Manchester United star Rudd Van Nistelrooy. The experienced dutch player missed the majority of last season through injury and a cheeky bid from Harry, I'm sure, won't help things to much. We all know how good RVN was in a United shirt and an asset like this could fetch up to 20 goals a season, he's a good player and I'm sure most Spurs fans would be happy with such an acquisition.

So what's the problem, you ask. Well, the player himself will not leave Real and here is why. I hear Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world at the moment- Tottenham only knew they'd still be in the Premiership in March. I really cannot see why RVN would leave big wages, title challenges and Champions League success to join a club that hopes to make the Europa league next year. Furthermore, RVN made a name for himself with United and I'm sure playing again for Tottenham against them wouldn't suit either parties(himself or United). He wants to keep the 'legendary' status he achieved at United.

RVN is nearly 33, I'm sure a move back to England and the grit of the Premiership wouldn't take his fancy. I'd prefer to retire in the sun at Madrid than having to rediscover the work rate and effort that his reputation takes him for in England, helping a smaller club achieve smaller success with a lower wage.

RVN would be a good signing for Tottenham, he has proved in the past that he can score goals at Premiership level; in my opinion though, this is a move that I can really not see happening. RVN has to have retirement in the back of his mind and the ageing Dutchman moving back into the intensity of the Premiership would not appeal to him.
He's achieved what he wanted to achieve in England and he won't be coming back.

Although, this is football and boy would it be a good signing!
You never know.


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