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Monday, 22 June 2009

Never trust the Mirror!

I've written Roman Pavlyuchenko's name so frequently over these last few weeks that I can now spell it without having to concur online. Oleg, Pav's 'trusted' agent, refuted claims today that Roman had asked him to find him a new club; claiming a misquote. There's a surprise.

Oleg Artemov claimed: "I was astonished to read the outcry on the internet as a result of the alleged interview I gave to the Daily Mirror," he told Sport Express.
"In fact, it was loose translation of my comments to the newspaper Izvestia and the words were taken out of context."

"Roma and Stuttgart have made some early steps towards the signing, but there have been no specific offers or negotiations as yet," he added.
"Besides, Roman wants to play in London and is looking to prove that he can be an asset for Tottenham."

So it turns out that old Oleg had got his English muddled up (hate to say this, but I told you so). I read the sentences above with delight and and any respect I had for the Daily Mirror has now evaporated, along with the chance Pavlyuchenko could leave this summer. Unless, of course, this is in fact another misquote- it wouldn't surprise me. I feel embarrassed for the newspaper, and intrigued as to how low society today has stooped to keep this nonsense running.

Sorry, I thought there was a recession? If the Mirror is a 'necessity' then I'm an Arsenal fan. Piers Morgan eat your heart out.


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