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Monday, 8 June 2009

Milan wants Redknapp

Milan Mandaric has today urged Pompey's new owners to make a dramatic move for our very own Harry Houdini. He said:

"Harry Redknapp is a fantastic manager,” he told The News.
“He knows and understands the game far better than most. He's a top manager and the right manager for Portsmouth. I rate him so highly.
“Managing people is his best quality. He's not perfect and sometimes he would drive me crazy, but that quality always prevails.

He ended the interview by saying
The club is the biggest thing and you have to do the best for it, even if it is a big decision.
“You've got to do the right thing and, if bringing Harry to the club is what he needs to do, that is what he has to do.”

Now, Milan Mandaric is Leicester boss at the moment and spreading that kind of speculation is not needed at the moment. As I'm sure, most of us hate reading such articles I am sure the majority take this sort of speculation as a pinch of salt and can rarely see any move for Redknapp progressing. After all, he'd already claimed he has taken South-coasters as far as he can and moving back to them is surely the most unlikely of moves.

But of course, I'm sure Pompey fans would welcome the return..


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