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Saturday, 12 December 2009

A bizzare Saturday

Ahh that was frustrating. A soft freekick, an early goal and suddenly your chasing the game. In Redknapp's words we didn't play bad, Wolves just left that famous bus in front of goal that we once did at Chelsea, except they took off back to Birmingham with 3 points and not 1.

So, City, Chelsea and United all dropped points with Villa laughing their way up to 3rd. I don't know about you but I really couldn't see that one coming. Still, another week without a win and inevitably I'm not happy. I'm sure you're emotions are much similar.

Still though, good to see Luka back. We can smile at that.

Your thoughts on the game welcome.
Atleast West Ham lost again..


Sunday, 6 December 2009

An absolute joke

I'm fuming .
Your fuming.
I'm surprised that Harry wasn't taken to hospital due to high blood pressure.

I never thought I'd be writing this after 80 minutes had been played at Goodison. It's hard to not bellow the words that are running through my mind right now.

I don't wish to reminisce what we have all just witnessed. We played brilliantly, how did it all fall apart?

Meanwhile our thoughts are with Wilson whos been taken to hospital. Let's hope he's back on his feet in the near future.

Your thoughts on the game more than welcome.


Monday, 30 November 2009

Modric update

Cries of 'we miss Modric' have seemed to have deterred of late. We're picking up points, winning games and scoring goals. Of late, his absence has been hardly noticeable although some positive news has come out of White Hart Lane concerning our little Croatians progress with his broken leg.

"Luka trained with the kids and he was moving a lot better," said Redknapp. "So he's on his way back and hopefully it shouldn't take too long.
"We don't want to break him down and we want to make sure he's ready."

So it maybe a matter of a few more weeks until we see Luka in the lilywhite again. Oh how he gives us a nice headache to have, in terms of team selection.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

A big applause for Harry

Now, I was at a cold wet Villa Park last night and after the first half I could see it being 'one of those days'. Conceding early away from home always feels like being slapped in the face. Irritating. Last year our response would have just been damage limitation, not, 'hold on we can still win this game'.

We played a good first half, finishing the game on top. Villa shut as well; I think I could count the number of times Lennon and Defoe touched the ball on one hand in the first half but Crouchy and the Niko showed their worth.

The second half was a much different story. Villa resorted to the long ball up to John Carew. Bad idea. We came out looking as though Harry had given them all a clip round the ear. Cheers Harry.

Cool, composed, we knocked the ball around beautifully. No panic in the team and played some lovely football. We deserved a point, lovely finish from Daws, and maybe should've grabbed the win.

How Harry as got us playing football, and playing well. Now let's do United at their place.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Now please Tottenham, don't let this go to waste.

So Villa away next week, this meant 3 points today were the minimum. 1-0 at the break and a positive performance to go with it. 9-1 at the end of 90, yeah we'll take. In fact, I would've run all the way up to Wigan and back for this result. Thankfully, I didn't have to.

Robbie Keane. He doesn't start and we score 9, maybe the same line-up next week Harry? Or must Keane return to a side that totally ran riot today.

Jermain Defoe. How sharp did the boy look, every chance created he turned into a goal. What more can you want from a striker?

Aaron Lennon. Now he has that final ball let's hope he can keep it. If so, I wouldn't be surprised if he's starting on the right hand side of that England midfield in South Africa. Phenomenal game today, I counted 3 assists and a goal.. forgive me if I'm wrong.

Niko. Beautiful touch and a joy to watch. Much prefer to see him start over Robbie and a cracking goal to go with it.

Huddlestone and Palacios played a good game. The service was brilliant and they followed that by canceling out what little Wigan had to put forward.

Crouch played well up top with Defoe and the back four were solid, although a little sloppy for the goal even if it was a handball.

Now, let's keep the momentum up. Let's not bottle it and throw away silly goals and points. Let's push the top four for the whole season. Champions League? Maybe, just maybe, we may not be ''avin' a laugh''


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Do we need four strikers?

This is a question I could never quite answer with a simple yes or no. Currently, we have four international strikers that cost an average of £13.25m each (based on reports). Last year Darren Bent left the club as he didn't fancy the role as the unlucky number 4 and now it seems Pav has done the same thing.

You can't blame a player for feeling unsettled sitting on the bench every week and, as a result, finds himself being thrown into the Carling Cup early rounds, especially with the World Cup next year. Any player that is happy to sit on the bench has a problem. Why would you want to waste years of a short career sitting and watching the game instead of playing anyway?

Concerning Roman's desire to leave the club, what strategy should we look for in the future? Where should this money go? Should we invest it in another forward that will result in another one of our front players sitting on the bench. Or, should we use the money to invest in a player in a different position? Maybe we should look to the youth team for a possible 4th striker, giving them their chance whenever needed.

What do you think?

Suddenly it's a busy week at Spurs Lodge

Shocked. What is it with our goalkeepers? We can't seem to go one game without one of them picking up a knock; certainly Carlo has today proved that if it isn't one way, it certainly is another. But despite our frustration of another injury to a 36 year old keeper that was quietly having a good season for us, our thoughts are with him. Let's hope he recovers well and can still play a big part in our season.

So it seems that Pav has finally said the words we were all expecting to hear. I was thinking it would be closer to January if I'm honest though. "I want to leave the club" The 6 words that always seemed to be heard by one of our forward players and on this occasion it is no different, it's official, Pav wants to leave. You have to pity the guy, shafted out when Keane and Defoe were brought in and never really got a real look in from then on after.

To finish on a brighter note. Thudd's been brought into Capello's squad. I must say I think i was about as surprised as reading about Carlo as I was reading this, but still, it's great to see him getting a look in. The boy deserves it, now for some minutes on the pitch would be nice.

So, a very up and down week this week. A lot going on, but how can we expect anything else?


Saturday, 31 October 2009

A painful truth

Business resulted in me having to cross the water and camp out in the states for a while. Once I gathered my bearings I came across an English pub and thought I'd take a time out and watch this Spurs side that apparently is 'in the same league' as Arsenal. Did we not just lose to Stoke or had I misread that score?

So being in the same league I was expecting a competitive game of football to be played. For 40 minutes I felt I was given that. We cancelled them out well, shut down the short passing game that seems to irritate most teams the Arse play, and before we knew it, a reminisced frustration seemed to begin to kick back up from last year. At one point I thought I was about to smile and, in all truth, we would have taken a 4-4 from the start. Then reality hit hard.

Without Lennon, Defoe and Modric this game was always going to be like climbing Everest.. twice. We looked disciplined and well set out before Van Persie found a way past the impressive Gomes. From then we did in fact 'die'.

Once again silly mistakes have cost us goals. Before we knew it we were picking the ball out of the net, twice. Champions league? I'm sorry, but we will not get into the Champions league conceding goals of such a manner that maybe even Mrs Redknapp could've defended.

Concentration and discipline has to be maintained for 90 minutes not 40. Although you would've forgiven anyway who labelled us 'comeback kings' keeping clean sheets is vital.

It hurts, but we are not Champions League just yet. Losing to Arsenal and another CB injured, same old story really isn't it? Thoughts on the game welcome.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

The infamous Beach Ball speaks out!

You've all seen it and we've all had a laugh. Too bad Rafa or any of the Kop couldn't see the funny side, maybe it's because Liverpool have now lost half of their games this year. Premier League? Your havin' a laugh.

I'm sure the fan that caused the wide spread controversy has had the back of his head clipped a couple of times and some very nasty letters have come through the post. I know I'd send a strongly worded letter of disapproval to the fan if Bent had scored that against us, and after I'd found out who the bloke is as well.

But anyway, I was flicking through the back pages of the NOTW this cold morning and came across what you may consider a 'unique' article and thought it may provide an interesting 2 minute read. So here it is below...

The title read: I was so pumped.
"After diverting Darren Bent's shot into his own net, the red Liverpool beach ball admitted: 'I feel a bit deflated and I think I may have blown our title chances. I've never felt as flat as this since I suffered a puncture on Southport beach. Someone told me afterwards that I have become the first beach ball to score in the North East since Mick Quinn but I'm still not happy. I was really pumped up for this game but when the goal went in I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.'

To make matters worse, Sunderland boss Steve Bruce named the beach ball as Man Of The Match. The ball added: 'I was really floating when I got the chance to go on the pitch but now all that talk of Liverpool winning the title looks like hot air. But there is an up-side to all this. After the game my agent rang to say City have made a £30m bid for me.'"

I must admit. I did chuckle once or twice.

On a more important note, well done to the boys yesterday. It was never going to be an easy game in Portsmouth but we played well with a touch of luck and grounded out the win. Now to get Jermain's ban overturned, somehow..


Friday, 16 October 2009

Luka set to return?

Portsmouth in Fratton tomorrow, on paper this should be and easy three points. In reality, yeah, it should also be a win in the south coast as well. In truth, it should be all smiles at Spurs lodge with Ledley and Daws available tomorrow and Jonny coming through a reserves game 'unscratched.' Good, finally.

But then the Honduran Government had to make things awkward. It seems as though ironically as it sounds, Sgt. Wilson has been told, in a nut shell, that he must party. The military junta has told he must attend a World Cup celebration so will not be in Portsmouth. That's a bugger.

That's a bad blow. Although, I do seem to recall Spurs saying that our Croatian maestro Luka Modric was intended to make his comeback tomorrow. Spurs report that he and Gio will 'continue rehabilitation.' I'm guessing that's a no to tomorrow then.

So, anyone who reckons they're''in the know' on the whole situation I ask you one thing. Any guesses as to how long until he will return?


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Do we need Muntari?

I'm sure you are all very much aware of the 'talks' taking place between Inter and ourselves over the possible transfer of former seasider Sully Muntari. Another one of Harry's old favourites.

We all know how dynamic and influential the boy was at Pompey, but yet I continue to struggle to seek how he'd fit into the first eleven. The signing of Niko Kranjcar, who is said to not be a replacement for Modric, has looked bright in his handful of games for us.

In terms of Niko; there is no place for him on the bench, the Croat's surely got to be starting most games even when Luka returns. I'm sure Jenas may be expecting to take the hit anytime soon.

I can't see Muntari joining us just to stay warmed on the bench. The player is far to good for this to occur but where will he play for us?

Lennon, Wilson, Modric and Niko will surely be the starting midfield.

Do we need Muntari? Probably not, good back-up player though.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Giovani speaks out.. on everything

Many of us have stood by him, we know the talent he posseses and are still anticipating the day when he shows it in the league this season. We've backed him and taken him in as though he'd been playing for us for years and years. Finally this is what Giovani had to say:

"I was fit and I was in good form so it was disappointing to get injured,"
"When I was on the floor I thought ‘oh no, it's the same injury as last season' because I had the same injury on the other ankle. I tried to continue but it was impossible, I felt too much pain.

"My first thought was that I'd suffered bad luck but two or three days afterwards, I just thought about getting back, getting fit and getting strong again. I'm still very young and when I come back I can do the same and show the coach I'm ready to play."

"It's good to hear that the coach is saying good things about me," he said.
"I was doing well in the national team as well as in training here and then in the Carling Cup at Doncaster.
"Even in the Preston game I felt sharp and I hit the crossbar in the fifth minute.

"I think the coach knows I'm a good player and I want to do well for Tottenham. I came here to play, I love the fans and they've always supported me and I have everything here."

"It's very frustrating not to be with my national team," he sighed. "I was playing very well for Mexico. The good thing is that we only need to win one game and we are in the World Cup.
"I feel like ‘why am I injured now?' because I want to be playing at Spurs and I want to be in Mexico with my friends and with my team. But hopefully they will make it in the home game against El Salvador on Saturday. That would be perfect."

'Arry labelled him as a 'fitter, leaner, a great ability, and can develop into a top player' let's hope we don't try and shift him to soon.


Monday, 5 October 2009

Where's the issue?

On a day when Harry's claimed to be in the right concerning a sale of Peter Crouch to Villa back in World Cup year of '02 and odds for Redknapp to leave us fell faster than West Ham have down the league this season, Corluka (and I'm sure all of us as well) have labelled the rumoured departure as 'ridiculous'.

He won't leave. He can't leave. This season, if anything, could prove and illustrate one thing for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and that is that we can keep a manager for more than a season or two.

Charlie had this to say:
"Harry made some big changes when he came to Tottenham," he told Sky Sports News.
"We were bottom of the league when he came and now we at the top end of the Premier League so I think the rumours of him going off is ridiculous.
"Why would someone go off when the club is doing do well and when he have good players at the club.
"So I think he will stay and work with us and hopefully we will do some great things with him."

The playing staff at Spurs are happy. Redknapp's happy. It's one of those rare occasions where us as fans are more delighted with the club at the moment, let alone satisfied. I seem to be looking forward to games more now, it's a strange feeling, let's hope it lasts.
Am I missing an issue?


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A nice dilemma to have

I believe the phrase is called 'being told.' Never have I felt 'owned' so much that I was lost for words and all logical thinking merely left my body, after celebrating of course. I felt a sense of freedom from frustration. It was nice. More of that this season would go down well, very well.

Robbie seemed to touch back into his past to reinact the player he was two seasons previously by running riot against a Championship-standard Burnley side. How he stuck two fingers up to my last post. Thanks Robbie, in the least sarcastic way possible.

I'm sure anyone who put a pound on Keane scoring four on Saturday have now retired to the Caribbean and are currently sat on a warm beach living off the winnings and laughing. Suddenly Jermain isn't the only striker we can rely on for goals. I think i just heard the biggest sigh of relief for a long time.

Initially I felt the decision to drop Crouch was a cold-hearted one. In fairness, it probably was. But thankfully Keane showed his true quality and repaid Harry's persistent faith in him. Finally. Let's hope he can keep banging in the goals for the remainder of the season.

Our strikers are scoring. We're smiling. Where's Pav these days?.. Bolton at their place next. Who would you stick up front?


Thursday, 24 September 2009

The question we all want to know the answer to

Peter Crouch, £9m, what you might call a modest amount of money spent on a player in today's market. Birmingham and recent Carling Cup opponents Preston have fallen to goals from our lanky striker this season.

What I believe I've noticed is Crouchy's willing to run and work for the team. Despite only sticking the ball in the back of the net once in the league -having only been played as a bit-part player, his reaction to being benched each game has been positive. No strop, complaints or runinng to the media to explain how getting £40k a week for watching football is a problem. His performances have been good, nothing amazing, but he hasn't let himself drift into the shadows of the game, there to just make up the numbers or waste time. No sir, he's held the ball up well made space, brought others into the game and attacked the opponents goal well.

A hattrick last night, what more can the guy do? Surely, the boy deserves a start now. I believe this is what they call 'doing the talking with your feet'.

So, I'm not saying Robbie doesn't have a great influence on the team in terms of leadership and raising the team spirit, but, considering Crouch has more goals than Robbie this year.. maybe we should give Crouchy a start up top with Jermain and leave Keane out the starting eleven?

Keane on the left for me doesn't work. Crouch deserves his chance and Keane should be left on the bench. There, I said it. Even though the chances of this happening are little more than marginal.

I'm sure Redknapp will keep us guessing until the final moments on Saturday, as he likes to.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Webb plays a blinder

Correct, it is sarcasm. Ok, we had our moments, we looked sharp and looked to be 'well up for it'. I thought the first half was a positive one despite going a goal behind at the Bridge. So things WERE looking bright. It was a poor goal to conceded but in truth old 'Cashley,' in the gooners terms, did tuck away a smart header at the back post.

Then Howard Webb remembered it was Spurs he was refereeing, away, once again. The memory of the whole United blunder clearly fresh out of his memory, of course. A new season, a fresh start. Somehow I got the impression that most of us still had the incident at Old Trafford fairly fresh in our minds. It wouldn't surprise me.

So 1-0 and Keanos away. Carvalho brings down the Pointy Shouty Bloke without the ball changing direction, either a penalty or a booking for 'simulation'. Neither were given. Now, I'm not a referee, oh wait yes I am and once more a-highly-expected-blunder from Webb; if referees were marked with points, he'd be level with Pompey right now. That's where he deserves to be.

An absolute shocker from Webb. but are we suprised? We shouldn't be by now should we; he was poor all over the park. I thought we knocked the ball about well, made space and the effort was clearly there. Then we lose King and Bass and end up losing 3-0.. I'm feeling a sense of deja vu from last season.

Let's hope this isn't a regular thing.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Our boys are back.. finally

Anyone remember Gareth Bale? Yeah, the guy that hasn't ever won a Premiership match in our colours. Not a record we like to boast around Spurs I must admit. One to be kept on the shelf I think. Well anyway, Bale got through 90 minutes after being out for, well, bloody ages.

So, finally, we have back up for BAE. Good, well it's not bad news is it. Further good news came out of the Lane today stating our Brazilian shot stopper Gomes is also back into contention for Sunday after featuring in the same game as Bale.

"Gareth was involved as he is coming back from injury and we wanted to get a game into him and one or two of the lads played, including Gomes and he was fine." Said Harry.

One word: brilliant. Having Heurelho back is a huge boost, not saying Carlo didn't have a great run of games that is though.

3 points at the Bridge Sunday would also provide a bigger smile, should the unlikely happen.
Well, no harm in hoping eh?


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Something Tottenham REALLY could've done without

Four victories in five game. I'm not complaining. I'm pretty certain we all would've boasted a grin the size of North London if we'd known of our stunning start, in the summer.

We also managed to achieve this without Jermain Jenas. The 'marmite' of Tottenham fans. It's clear Harry still rates the guy. Pause for depressed sighs. And that's the problem we will constantly face.

Huddlestone and Palacios have been formidable in the middle of midfield for us so far this season. I think it's fair to say that a game can be won and lost in midfield. Tommy's passing and Palacios' strength have propelled us into the top four. We were smiling.

Then we received an apparent 'boost' that JJ has returned from injury. Oh no. Harry likes him so Sunday could see Huddlestone return to his usual role warming our bench. Let's hope Harry sees more sense and realises Jenas isn't good enough to start and Tommy deserves every start he's given.

I guess only time will tell.


Monday, 14 September 2009

Would the move be a good one for the club?

I'm sure it's just paper talk and eventually nothing will actually progress but the papers today are saying that Celtic are lining up a move for our Irishman, Robbie Keane.

The timing of the rumour is unusual. To be throwing players names around to different clubs at this time of year is rarer than Pompey grabbing a league victory; but then the Mirror pop up and surprise us. Oh yes, and of course, the Mail.

Should such a move concur, would it be a good one for the club? I appreciate Robbie's work rate and leadership skills, something that we seriously lacked pre-Redknapp, but his goals to games ration isn't really what you'd call, well, good.

What do you think? Should we let Robbie leave to Scotland or can he still play a big part in our season?


Saturday, 12 September 2009

How we miss our little man

I'll keep this short but no so sweet. I'm sure many of you saw the game against the United bunch this evening returning home with little to smile about. In what was a very dry performance that began with a fanatic start, Giggs' goal seemed to knock us further back than we had been all season. Our heads dropped, the midfield didn't turn and we were playing their game.. and this was on half time at 1-1.

Our boys needed a reminder that we were above United in the league and losing, especially at home, had so far not been on the agenda. The second half brought little change, bar Palacios coming off after a somewhat lacklustre performance, and Jenas appearing for the first time this season to replace him.

We played United's game today and looked dismal, especially in Midfield. The creative flair and excitement we had produced in the four previous games seemed to vanish when Modric did. Boy is it going to be hard without him. Lennon was quiet, Huddlestone couldn't pass and Keane, well, he was just poor. Even with 10 men United looked as though they had an extra player on the pitch and found, what was anticipated to be a tough test, a real walk in the park.

So there you have it. Our first full game without Modric and we lacked that creative spark down the left flank; or for that matter, we lacked it all over the pitch. Let's hope a week in training with our boys will do Kranjcar good and he can step up to the mark in time for next Sunday.

But still though, let's try and not get to disheartened, we've got Chelsea at their place next week.


Friday, 11 September 2009

Get your Spurs shirt!

Hey guys. Ok, so you probably thought against buying a shirt this season, after a few dodgy seasons that is. I think even the Spurs board could understand why shirt sales had somewhat slipped over the last couple of years, if they had. But hey, we’re second in the league, won every game and now a shirt this season is surely a worthy purchase. I received my Spurs shirt for the season from and thought that you may still need yours! specialise in football merchandise and their website is based in the U.S.A. They sell a variety of football goods ranging from referee and training gear to football shirts and casual wear. They also provide our brand new home and away shirt for this season. This seasons’ shirt is 100% Authentic Puma and Made of 100% Polyester. They provide a perfect opportunity to show your colours at home and away this season!

Click the picture to take you straight to the page!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A tribute to Lennon: Our boy's done us proud, again

How long is the fantastic form of our players going to last? A similar side from last year that couldn't buy three points to begin with are now unbeaten in the league and performing at international level. Yeah, I know what your thinking; I just jinxed it didn't I?

Pre-match today brought great anxiety but emotions were contrast and not due to the result. My greatest fear was not a defeat at the hands of Croatia, but injuries to our players. Sod's law would see Defoe, Lennon and new boy Kranjcar pick up injuries and miss the United game this weekend.

And then how Aaron Lennon stuck two fingers up to his critics. Us Spurs fans have been praising Aaron's final ball this season and finally the whole nation can see that we were right to blow our own trumpet. He can cross, there's your evidence.

The first twenty minutes saw Lennon show what he's all about. He beat a player and won a penalty. His next decision then saw him decide to cross the ball first time without taking on the player. This resulted in Gerrard nodding in for two. Two phenomenal attributes of the player. How this guy has developed and progressed over the years. His final ball has really come on.

I should also acknowledge Lennon's work rate. Yes, on some occasions Aaron should've looked up more and, as a consequence, lost the ball; I guess it's not easy when you have three players all trying to tackle you at once. But I appreciated Lennon's work ethic, and I'm sure Johnson did to! He helped him out at the back when he needed it, and boy, did he need it more often than not.

To top it all off, Aaron was awarded the man of the match, unsurprisingly.

I think there's only one last thing I need to say.

Thanks Capello; you gave Lennon the chance we have all been dying for you to give and how it looks to have paid off.


Monday, 7 September 2009

So should Defoe start against Croatia?

Yeah, I know. Your probably sick of hearing this question. The answer seems fairly obvious and a rhetorical one at that. But, then I had second thoughts.

No doubt, Defoe is one of the hottest English strikers on current form; four in four for Spurs and five in three for England. At first sight a start against Croatia seems more obvious than a gooner sitting in Park Lane.

Defoe has scored more England goals coming off the bench than starting. Maybe it would be a good idea to consider using Defoe as an impact player rather than starting him. I do believe goals should be rewarded with starts and not just the huge bonuses that the players receive, but maybe, tactically, it would be better to bring Defoe on when the opposition defence is more fatigued giving him the chance to continue banging in the goals.

So should England continue to keep using Jermain as an impact player or have I just had a long day at the office resulting in my mind not thinking straight and introducing crack-pot theories? After Saturday, I was well over the fence into fully believing Defoe should start and, despite no one deserving it more, I'm sat back on that fence.

It would also be nice reducing the chance of him picking up an injury playing 45 minutes instead of 90 as well. I'd take an injury free Jermain Defoe over any result this Wednesday.

He does deserve a start but should England give him one, but what do you think?


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Even when we don't play we look good

So, we've survived the first international break without anyone hobbling back to Spurs Lodge with their name on the injury list. Well, officially anyway. We just have to wait and see if Bassong has in fact joined Daws, Ledley and Jonny in the medical room after apparently limping off early for Cameroon.

Our lot seemed to have a field day yesterday for their respective national sides. To begin, It looks like Robbie's been doing more than pointing and shouting for the Republic as he headed the winner as ROI beat the Cypriots 2-1.

Pavlyuchenko scored twice as Russia beat Liechtenstein 3-0. Yeah, they were two penalties, but as they say, a goals a goal.

Giovani ran riot for Mexico, scoring the first and setting up two more as Mexico beat Costa Rica 3-0. Come on 'Arry, give the boy a chance!

And of course, Jermain Defoe came off the bench for England to score our second against Slovenia in a 2-1 win. That's five in three now, surely a start has to be in line for our forward.

Things are still looking up and let's just enjoy it whilst it lasts!


Friday, 4 September 2009

That cheeky sod

Remember old Ruud Van Nistelrooy? The player currently returning from a nasty injury and warming the very expensive benches of Real Madrid. Yeah, rings a bell doesn't it.

It seems as though it is true that we did try to pounce on the veteran Dutchman on deadline day but, obviously, were unsuccessful in our attempt. What we would have offered him is the chance to fight for a place in our team. For RVN, this be an oppertunity that is rarer than finding a fiver on the streets of East London after Madrid spending more than an arm and a leg this summer.

'The easiest thing for me to have done would have been to leave for a lesser team,' RVN said.
'But I'm not going to leave Madrid. I want to know what I'm capable of. There are still a lot of options when it comes to playing"

'I know I can play at the highest level. Physically, I feel better than before the injury,' he added. 'I only need to find my rhythm and that will come with matches.'

IMO branding us as a 'lesser team' is just about the same as sticking two fingers up to us. For a striker that, despite being in a team that is fighting for the title and the Champions League, is highly unlikely to feature in either and is fast reaching his expiry date just isn't right. For him anyway, we are not a lesser team.

He's stuck in a team that won't see him getting playing time. Something that, at Spurs, he may well could have fought for. Real Madrid are a bigger club, but, for a player that more often than not can't make the first team to brand us as 'lesser' to him, IMO is not fair.

Have fun watching from the sidelines this year Ruud.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A moment for the Spurs board

Well hats off to Levy and Redknapp for pulling off a real coup. A top signing. How Levy has acknowledged his mistakes and let's hope we've moved on from the hierarchy that involves a sporting director. At least some good has come out from a few troubled seasons and we can only look up.

In Niko Kranjcar we have a player that was brought in for a good price, provides exceptional cover for Luka and, in Harry's words, a 'good Tottenham player.' I needn't go raving about the lads ability, even though I could write pages of how good our latest acquisition is.

The late signing of Niko really does sum up the improvement in our transfer policy. Take a look back at deadline day last year, we panicked and signed Pav for a staggering £14m. We brought in Campbell on loan and Corluka. Charlie has been the only real success and this is showed in his flourishing performances in the first team every week.

Now, I do rate Pav but, in truth, it was a panic buy in which saw us shed out more money then we may have done, should we have signed him a fortnight before. In Kranjcar we have brought in a very good player that provides excellent cover, proven in the Premier League and at a 'cheap as chips' price of 2 million smackers. Well done boys.

I think we should take a moment to thank Levy for doing what we've wanted for so many years. Faith in the manager. Faith in the players he wants and leaving the transfers largely down to Harry.

We can only build on this, I hear Redknapp is being lined up for a contract extension, if so, brilliant. We have waved away any unnecessary pressures on players with big transfer fees by adding modest signings and value for money. For that, thanks Harry.

Well done Levy, things are looking brighter. Maybe, just maybe, it is our time to shine.


We have stolen Kranjcar

I found it hard to conceal my delight at reading this report. To get in a player of Niko Kranjcar's quality this late in the transfer window and for a reported £2.5m is, in my opinion, what you call an absolute steal.

Boy hasn't Levy turned his act around. He's realised his mistakes and now the club are just reaping the benefits of it. I think we should take a moment to praise the board and Harry for pulling off a 'triffic' signing.
I think I'll hit the ceiling when Niko first pops up on the Spurs site.

There's more. Of course there is, we're Spurs, being involved in just the one deal on deadline day is just not tradition in N17.
David Bentley is in talks with a few clubs including City and Everton. I don't know what to make of this really. On his day we all know David is one of the best deliverers of the ball and with Crouch now acquired in the striking department, maybe keeping hold of him wouldn't be the worst idea.

We've also enquired about Martin Petrov. There is the possibility of letting City have the 'privilege' of signing Bentley opening the door for us to bring in the Bulgarian left winger. Seems logical, doesn't it?

What do you make of our whole transfer deadline day deals and targets? Should we be letting Bentley go? 5pm's when the door is shut and locked on anymore transfers this calender year.


Monday, 31 August 2009

Muntari, Petrov or Kranjcar. Who would you sign?

So with the window inevitably closing in around 27 hours and with the upsetting and deep-frowning news that we won't see Luka on a football pitch for the best part of two months, it makes sense that all sort of names have been thrown our way. But who would be our best option?

Should Redknapp dip back into the transfer market to acquire one more member of the playing staff who, if any, should we go in for?

Muntari. Had a great season at Pompey and I'm sure a season or two at Inter couldn't have done the lad any harm.
Martin Petrov. Once linked to us before joining City. Injuries always inhibited his career but when playing a great deliverer of the ball and an out and out left winger.
Niko Kranjcar. Arguably in the shadow of Modric but a genius with the football. A great filler for Luka.

There's always the internal option. I read a few of you would be happy to see Gio back into the starting line-up and such an idea shouldn't be binned by the board should the matter arise.

It's an utter shame that just when our left wing problem looked to be a thing of the past, arguably our best player picks up a nasty injury. So once again, the issue we have had for some many years arises once again.

Who would be our best option? One of the above in terms or Muntari, Petrov or Kranjcar or should we look internally at the possibility of Giovani; what do you think?


Sunday, 30 August 2009

A dark day for Tottenham

On most occasions, I enjoy waking up the day after a Spurs win and re-living the magic on BBC's Match Of The Day. My reaction today wasn't as gleeful. Our worst fears were finally confirmed this morning as it turns out our little Croat Luka Modric has a fracture to his right fibula. In other words, he's broken his leg.

No, we're not a one man team but this is a real kick in the bollocks. With United and Chelsea our next two games respectively in what will prove to be arguably our biggest test of the season so far, missing Luka for what is likely to be a minimum of 2 months is the most bitter of bitter pills to swallow. A killer blow. It's like losing an arm or a leg. No, worse.

So where does this leave us? It's a shame we let Jamie jump down the league when we did. No, he's not Luka Modric but he'd provide adequate cover whilst the Croatian is on the sideline.
Some reports are suggesting we should dip into the transfer market. I'm not so sure, unless it were to be for a player with Premier League experience. Someone like Martin Petrov from Citehh would be a shrewd signing.

How should we attempt to heal this huge wound in our season?


Saturday, 29 August 2009

How today's win reflects the improvement under Harry: Report

Birmingham at home. Many would've look at this fixture and expected our 100% start to continue through week four of the Premier League brushing aside any false Midlands hope that may have leaked in to the Lane. Of course expectations are rising as we pick up more points, why wouldn't it? I'm sure Harry wouldn't expect it any other way.

Birmingham started out how we expected. Eleven men behind the ball looking to frustrate and cut out the killer balls from Tommy and Luka. In truth, they did this well. Modric enjoying yet another field day, as he seems to every game. Brilliant. Let's hope Sir Alex keeps his dirty hands off.

Boy, did we look top four material. There, I said it. Balls being knocked out to either flank, possession kept well and the midfield playing as a bloody unit. It looked to be the summary of the season so far, and would've been if we'd hit the back of the net.
But still the first goal didn't come. We were playing like a top four side but we weren't finishing like one, of all people, Defoe blowing out best chance of the half.

The second half saw a rejuvenated Brummy side. IMO the score did not reflect the second half that was played but did illustrate the improvement in the Spurs side under Redknapp.
With King off injured at half time and Modric hobbling off about 5 minutes later McLeish's lot seized the initiative and pushed forward. Well, any game would be a challenge without that pair anyway.

Although, it was good to see a positive substitution bringing on Crouch in place for our Croatian magician. Thankfully, the substitution paid off. Crouch came close on a few occasions and tucked his header away nicely floating it to the back post from a tight angle. Many more of those please Pete.

Birmingham's goal was a poor one to concede. A familiar mix up at the back saw Lee Bowyer score the simplest goal of his career. At Spurs problems in the defence are always going to occur, it comes with supporting Tottenham, it's not the first mistake and won't be the last. This time Hutton and Cudicini the culprits.

The goal gave Birmingham hope who took a more optimistic approach to the game than they had in the previous half. Christian Benitez looking very useful up top. The game looked to tick away to a disappointing draw before our old friend Stephen Carr did us a favour losing the ball on half way resulting in Lennon smashing in our second of the match. Great finish cutting inside from the left.

In truth, the Spurs of old would've played out for the draw and may have even conceded in the last minute instead of scoring. Good to see we can break down the stubborn sides and achieve the result we deserve. Great attitude, great desire and a great win. Well done lads.


Friday, 28 August 2009

Pompey look to Spurs to help them climb the league

I don't think I could survive a day in the life of a Pompey fan. We have all experienced the fear and the desperation of being at the foot of league. The anxiety and nerves that awaited us every match day. It's a nasty position to be in and hopefully one that won't ever come upon us again.

Pompey's position looked worse. To put it in a nut shell, Pompey's financial situations looked worse than a West Ham fan after a 'scuffle' with a Millwall bloke the other night. Yeah, that bad. Now big 'Al' seems to have fixed the structure of the club and a steady repair job on the current playing squad is under way.

This brings us to two familiar names. Kevin Prince Boateng and Jamie O'Hara. To put blunt, one can play and one needs to jump on the next flight back to Germany, quickly. No prizes for guessing which statement refers to which player. Reports coming out from Fratton Park are that the blue boys have agreed a fee for KP and want Jamie on loan.

To be frank, Levy has done well to even get a fee for the Prince of all flops. At a reported £4m as well, I'm sure Harry and Levy could barely keep a straight face between them. But what about Jamie? Harry referred to him as 'terrific' and was praising his performance after the Doncaster game, so whether we'd be ready to let him join the South Coast outfit for a season could be argued.

Should we loan out Jamie giving him more first team football or does he provide sufficient cover meaning we should keep hold of the bloke? IMO we should keep hold of the player. He works his socks off, plays for the badge on the shirt and is a great ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur. What do you think?


Thursday, 27 August 2009

Could it be third time lucky for Spurs?

Internacional midfield and reported 'wonder kid' Sandro is wanted by Redknapp. This is official. What seemed to be usual paper talk now seems to actually be fact. Minus our young prodigy of Aaron Lennon flying down that right hand side every week, Spurs have always seemed to struggle to acquire a 'wonder kid' that has fully benefited the first team. Most end up being overrated, under played and then shipped out to another club before the end of the season. Giovani and Adel seemed to flourish out on loan at Ipswich and QPR respectively. Typical, isn't it.

So how much do we know about this 20 year-old Brazilian? I don't know about many of you, but Brazilian football is not my expertise. Surprising, I know.
Although, the fact that we have a strong midfield, are unbeaten this season and yet Harry is reportedly willing to spend another £14m on another midfielder does illustrate one thing. This guy has got to be good. IMO anyway.

Do you know anything about the player? More importantly, how would he fit in to our midfield? This a midfield, for the first time in bleedin' ages, that is winning games consistently and playing very well as a unit.

This would be the third Brazilian outfield player to join us, the other two in Defendi and Gilberto were, in one word, shit. Let's hope this would be third time lucky for Spurs.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

We are top of the league

Ah the song we have wanted to sing for so long can finally now be sung- All be it if it is only for a matter of days. The demolishing of 5 goals to 1 against Hull have left us joint top with Chelsea sniffing down our necks.

Jermaine Defoe. What a game this boy had, achieving his second Premier League hat trick in only the second game of the season. Other positives include Robbie getting his first and Palacios with his first in English football. Congratulations to the lad, it was always a matter of time before his first goal came with Harry giving him the freedom to break forward a lot more.

Well done to the boys and let's hope we can give that lot from East London a similar result at their place on Sunday

People always say don't get carried away, but boy, are we going to enjoy this one!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

My report: Spurs 2 - 1 Liverpool

A warm day in North London saw everyone's eyes on the front two combination. With Harry deciding to go with Robbie and Jermaine up top. Defoe played well for England, and Robbie seemingly isn't allowed to start next to the regulars on the bench, so unless we were to play three up front, it made sense.

We started off typically Tottenham, a lot of energy but fairly sloppy in possession. Lennon, Modric and Hudd illustrating moments of good football- but that was to be expected.

Robbie continued his usual role that consisted of a lot of pointing, shouting and arm waving. The lad has a point to prove and chucking away three decent opportunities won't help him, or Spurs.

BAE popped up with a thunderbolt from nowhere scoring his first goal for Tottenham from 30- odd yards. Robbie's chances were suddenly forgotten, by most. My word though, hell of a strike from the left back after a poor Tommy free kick.

Liverpool looked very quiet. Torres nowhere. Gerrard anonymous and Bassong looking very solid with King. But still tho, 1-0 up at the break and looking good value for it even though, in truth, it should've been at the least double that.

The second half saw reality hit us, and bleedin' hard as well. A combination of poor defending and a Johnson run saw the former south-coaster brought down by Gomes with Gerrard smashing in the equaliser from the spot. Luck, that would best describe Liverpool's equaliser.

Sebastien Bassong, what a signing this boy has been. Another set piece saw Modric stick in a pin point cross for Bassong to out jump both Johnson and Jamie to head in the resulting winner on his debut. Justice, justice and more justice.

Palacios ran riot and bossed the midfield. Lennon's build up, as usual, impressed and let's hope that final ball will come this season. A top, top performance from the boys today. The heads never went down and a very confident win from us.

A solid defence saw Torres and the rest kept quiet all game and a thoroughly deserved win. In truth we took advantage of a poor Liverpool side and played with the heart on the sleeve.

Let's just hope this can kick us up the league and for the first time in years, let's bloody stay there.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Moussa Sissoko

In a week where you'd be forgiven for thinking all the press had jumped shipped to Holland, it seems as though another player has found his way into being touted for a move to us. Well, when your playing for Toulouse I'm really not surprised.

Yeah, it's that man Moussa Sissoko. I hear echoes of 'who' being sounded out from all corners of Tottenham. Of course, the Sun reported this story so the authenticity of it is, indeed, questionable.

Apparently all you have to do these days is run to your local journo and say "I would like to play one day in England" then before you know it there's a Premier League club wanting you. So, according to the Sun, Harry is set to up his offer from £12m to £15.5m.

I struggle to see how this 'midfield hard man' would fit into our team, I thought we had one of those in Palacios'. Whether we have that sort of money to spend, without selling anymore players, is also questionable.

So will we sign him? All I'd say is, never try and second guess Harry.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Why Spurs should have a good season

One season wonders. That seemed to be the Tottenham transfer system; until now. Our Ghanaian Prince topped that list with Younes Kaboul, Adel Taarabt, Giovani.. need I say more? These were the 'ones for the future,' the prospects that would play us into the Champions League and eventual winners of the league; I will never read so much irony again in my life. Instead, these players played us to the foot of the table leaving us to fight the likes of Sunderland and 'Boro to save us all the embarrassment of falling into the 'Coca-Cola' league and 'doing a Newcastle'- not including two fifth place finishes we enjoyed under Jol. Forget Arsenal and the Champions League, we were happy to remain in the league- by May.

'This is the season we will break the top four'. This statement has been quoted more times than the Gooners have sung songs, I feel a trend playing around N17. Crouch has just fallen into this trap. Although, this year seems to be different. Our problem was a consistency in purchasing more and more 'hot prospects' of late naive to the fact that the team of the present were priority. That seems to have altered slightly this summer. I read established names all over the back pages now; including the likes of Huntelaar and Luca Toni. Can it finally be the case that a Spurs manager is building a team for today? I feel the usual frustration and stressfulness dampen slightly each day as I read that the players being linked with moves have actually been through puberty and not just about to hit it.

I hate the morning papers, I really do, but I must admit that they follow a trend when linking us to a player now. The player is a fairly established one, known across the seas and not just by the football bods who hold a player database in their brains. Harry may have finally cracked what us fans have been pleading for, for years. Success, establishing Tottenham as a real force once again- not a team that gets done over by the likes of Hull and Sunderland at home each season.

I never feel to optimistic during a Spurs pre-season, and, I never will. Although, I dare smile to read the fact that finally we may be fielding established players next term. None of these unheard 19 year old foreign 'wonder-kids', leave the potential future success for the future and focus on bringing success to the present.

Harry has realised the fans' dream, and dare I say it, I look forward to it- ever so slightly.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Why have Spurs rushed it?

So we drafted in Bassong for around £8m yesterday from the 'new Leeds'. He's been pictured in a Spurs shirt and has already given his first interview on Spurs TV online which we can now all enjoy thanks to the generosity of Tottenham giving us the privilege of a free trail. Isn't that kind.

Although, I seem to recall our latest signing receiving a red card in Newcastle's home defeat to Fulham obviously resulting in a suspension. The appeal that followed was also rejected- I guess nothing goes your way when your at the bottom, eh. Bassong missed Newcastle's final Premier League game away to Villa but this still means he has at least one game he is unavailable for.

So, as the most obvious of obvious questions is asked.. why did we sign him when we did and why not wait until after the Championship began? This would have meant Seb would have missed Newcastle's game against the Baggies tomorrow and not ours against Liverpool. Was this just naivety from the Spurs board, were they unaware of the suspension?

Even so, the deals done now and, as a result, we have another centre back who is unavailable for the start of the season.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Roy wants Gio, again

Giovani Dos Santos, what happened to such potential? The case for Gio to be promoted back to first team duties resulted in split opinion amongst us when it was argued on here not so long ago.

It seems as though old Roy is looking to bring the Mexican back to Portman Road after completely tearing the Championship apart in the 8 games he played in. Again, on loan. According to Keane, he'd ensure the players 'train properly' and were 'on time'. Do no other clubs ensure this then, Roy?

Harry looks to have made it clear that GDS doesn't feature in any plans this year- there's no Uefa Cup we can throw him in this season. But then again, we all know to never try and second guess Harry.
It looks to be that there's more of a chance Berbatov will be cheered by Spurs fans the next time we play that lot than for Gio to play in the Premiership this season. Shame really.

The end product to our investment in Giovani is likely to be that of the player wearing another shirt and more money into Levy's pocket. I mean, how many times can we keep sending him out on loan?


Monday, 3 August 2009

Keane could be set for midfield role

Robbie came on against South China in a surprise centre midfield role. There was increased speculation about Keane's future amid the signing of Peter Crouch and the public pursuit of the Klass. Seemed as if the Villa were trying to bring him up to Birmingham on the cheap. It looks as though Harry's dampened that speculation down by suggesting that the former Liverpool bloke could be set for a run in our midfield.

Speaking after our defeat to South China: "I brought him on as JJ had a bit of an injury and I didn't want to push him too far," said Redknapp.

"Robbie came on and he played in there. He is a good player and he can play several positions. He is always enthusiastic and he loves to play wherever he is asked to play."

Some of Keane's attributes could work in midfield. He can read the game well and obviously has good attacking sense. Not so sure on the defending and tackling side of things though.

If he isn't going to get much of a shout up front, would playing Keane in midfield work? Let's just hope Harry gets it right whatever he decides to do.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bassong set to leave

You'd think this was a bleedin' Newcastle blog because of all the news surrounding Sebastian Bassong.

Well it seems as though there's another 'twist' in the saga as the 23 year old has been cut from the N'castle squad to play Dundee despite being fit. The new Championship team have started with: Harper, R Taylor, S Taylor, Kadar, Enrique, Gutierrez, Barton, Smith, Duff, Nolan, Carroll.

Newcastle have effectively started with their first eleven against Dundee and have left out arguably one of their better players from last season.

Whether he's gone for talks somewhere is really anyone's guess amongst us. Harry had recently refuted claims we'd stuck in a bid for the player.


What Bassong bid?

Only hours ago, reports were being thrown about that Spurs had made a £10m bid for Newcastle Centre back Sebatien Bassong. It made sense, the guy seemed to have a good season in what was a poor Newcastle side and we are in the market for a centre back.

Although, speaking after our 2-0 loss to South China, Harry had this to say:

"It is not true. Not since I have been here today," said Redknapp.

"He is a player that I was interested in. I like Bassong, he is a young player with a good future and a good central defender.

"I don't think we have made an offer as far as I know. I am sure the chairman has not made an offer."

Would Levy stick in a bid for a player without consulting Redknapp first or is Harry not being totally honest with the press?


Newcastle look to disrupt our Premiership start

It looks as though Harry has acknowledged that a defender is number one priority and have finally stuck in a bid for one. Maybe old 'Arry has decided that mimicking the management style of Ossie Ardiles isn't really the way forward in the Premiership today.

Anyway, Sky Sports have today said that we have been rebuffed by Newcastle for their 23 year old centre back, Sebastien Bassong. Reports say that we offered them the equivalent of purchasing a 10% stake in Newcastle, 10 million pounds.

So Harry is looking to draft in a Centre back before our home start against Liverpool in under 2 weeks, anything to do with a 2-0 loss to South China perhaps? Newcastle should be grateful, £10m for a Championship centre back is a fair amount of money. I'm sure old Mike Ashley had a problem turning that bid down.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Spurs introduce social networking policy

Tottenham are set to introduce a new policy for players using 'Networking and Micro-Blogging websites'.

All players must now declare their site and give a member of Tottenham staff acecss to it.

So it looks as though Spurs have acted in light of the recent Darren Bent Twitter controversy. Although is the policy really ncessary? It's not as if it was hard to find out what was on Darren Bents' twitter.. is was all over the bloody news the next day.


Friday, 31 July 2009

Has Keane got a point to prove?

Two seasons ago Robbie was up there with Ledley as Mr. Tottenham Hotspur. So how did it all seem to deteriorate so quickly?

I rate Keane, but he's suddenly found himself turning into the Jenas of last season and is fast becoming the marmite for Tottenham fans. Some seem to love him, some seem to hate him. For some fans, when Keane moved up North, his success and near legendary status at Spurs was wiped from their minds, seemingly. Although, could he be blamed for wanting to play for his boy-hood club in the Champions League and fulfill a dream at the same time?

Keane lifted the Barclays Asia trophy today after scoring twice against Hull in a 3-0 win, his energy and determination were also present and, as a result, he was given man of the match. It was only a pre-season friendly but the performance was still there all the same. He played his heart out in all honesty.

What do you think. Does Keane have a point to prove for the season ahead, or are some of the fans just being to critical?


Bent reacts to Twitter posts

Bent statement: "I appreciate that transfers are seldom straightforward and are often complex. However, after a long period of waiting following my withdrawal from the plane to China, I had become incredibly frustrated by the time these things take and I posted inappropriate comments on my Twitter site.
I allowed my emotions to get in the way of my better judgement. I regret my actions and did not intend to offend Daniel Levy or anyone with the nature or the content of my posting."

Seems this free speech act that was granted so long ago doesn't apply in the world of football, but I'm sure Darren has just saved himself a fine.

Do you think he's really sorry? Somehow, I don't think he is.


Fan Report: Spurs 3-0 Hull City

Spurs began the game with Gomes, Chimbonda, Huddlestone, Corluka, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Palacios, Jenas, Modric, Keane, Defoe with Hull playing a more second string side.
Redknapp made it very clear pre-match that this was a competition he wanted to win emphasising Pompey's good start to the 06/07 Premiership season was down to winning this trophy.

Hull began the game as we did against West Ham, full of energy and drive. Boxing us in, trying to put a constraint on us passing the ball around and keeping the pressure on our back line. We seemed to start the game looking comfortable in possession and generally knocked the ball about nicely. It's nice to see that once in a while.

The goal came after 17 minutes when a stunning ball over the top from Modric picked out Keane who took two touches to bring the ball down and power it beyond Tony Warner. There's the Keane we all knew from the season before last. Modric once again part of it all, the guy's pure class. He showed better vision and passing than Huddlestone on a good day.

The first half illustrated a typical Premier League game. We showed we were still sloppy in possession at times with Jenas leading that pack and often sent a ball that flew straight to an orange shirt. The decision to have the defence sitting back worked effectively with the Hudd and Charlies' pace not their strongest of attributes.

The second half saw no immediate change to the Spurs side with Hull introducing Geovanni.

Hull proved more stubborn than in the first half. We began banging the ball out to Lennon early on with nothing materialising. Modric and Keane continued to link up well. Maybe that would keep Robbie in the side a little longer.

Hull enjoyed more of the ball and proved a stronger attacking threat enjoying a series of corners after the hour forcing Gomes into a couple of fine saves. Let's hope he can get through this season without some of the 'fans' abuse, eh?

The second goal came after a typical Tom Huddlestone pass found Defoe who was brought down in the box. Robbie Keane stepped up confidently to slot away our third goal of the competition after 68 minutes from the penalty spot. Has he got a point to prove?

Number three came from a good delivery from Naughton in which Lennon tucked away after finishing the remainder of the match left midfield.

A good win for the lads, against our second Premiership opposition of pre-season, should leave us happy. Hull were 'outclassed'. Robbie was man of the match but certainly Modric looks justified to have earned his salary for the week as he played another good game. Gomes at present is on another level to a fair bunch of other Keepers and is looking good for Liverpool in two weeks.

let's just hope we can have a half decent season this year.


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Should David Bentley be given a chance?

Aaron Lennon was signed for a measly £1m from a highly regarded Leeds youth team and has since cemented himself into an ever-changing Tottenham side. David Bentley was snapped up for 15 times the price of Lennon and, to put it straight, has endured a torrid time with us. I'm sure Blackburn went laughing all the way to the bank.

Lennon's final ball has always come under scrutiny and you could say it has always been the wall preventing him from regular England starts. That wall just continues to get stronger for every poor cross that is executed.

Que David Bentley. Now this boy can cross, and, with our new 6ft something striker it makes sense for Dave to play a role in next years' team. Would it make sense to play Lennon left midfield and Bentley right?
Pace on one flank and decent deliveries from the other. Would this help our progression or hinder it?

Should Bentley be given a role in the team next year?


Spurs still in the Hunt

So Peter Crouch arrived at Spurs Lodge. A signing that split many of us to say the least- I'm not here to argue for or against, we'd be here all day. We may as well all get behind him now he's here, like the happy family we are.

I'm sure many of us thought 'that's it for the summer', regarding the signing of any more forwards. I know I certainly did. Then 'arry pops up and gives you a bigger shock than a bolt of lightning.

Redknapp on Huntelaar: "If you look at his goalscoring it's absolutely incredible, if he's available, he's a player that interests me ... If Darren Bent does go then maybe we'll be interested in Huntelaar again."
"You can't have too many good players," he added.
"The teams with the best squads are the most successful teams ... you need competition for places."

Either Crouch has had a really bad first day on the training ground or Redknapp has just been more indecisive than a fat kid with a choice of cake or chocolate, and so just had to go for both. Sorry, I thought we had a defender crisis?

So we're still in for Huntelaar, but where does this leave captain Keane? The last time he had to fight for his place in the blink of an eye he was back in the lillywhite again.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Harry's disappointment leaves contentment amongst fans

So it looks as though old Patrick won't be wearing the white (and yellow) of Spurs next year and I could never make head or tail as to why we were trying to pinch him from Jose in the first place. All it did was leave a frown across my face and bloody endless discussion on the matter.

All you had to do was scroll down the Tottenham team sheet and see Modric, Palacios, Jenas and Huddlestone all written down. Throw in a couple of the younger players and bang- before you know it we're over-populated in the middle, yet we're willing to throw more money at a 'problem' that doesn't exist.

I can't see anyone other than Huddlestone as immediate back-up for the centre midfield role and knocking him down into the reserves wouldn't leave him, or many of us, to cheerful. He'd pack his bags and run up to Villa the moment Vieira turned up at Spurs Lodge.

Lately 'Arry has said that he's no longer confident of getting the old Arsenal captain as he suddenly went 'very quiet' amid our interest. But this still leaves a big question as to why we were after him. Maybe he thought it'd soften the disappointment of old Campbell.. err, no.

Maybe Redknapp was getting bored of the same old faces warming the bench and wanted to bring in another to add variety- well he ain't starting in place of Modric or Wilson, that's for damn sure.

There reaches a point where 'experience' just means an old bloke can't do what he use to. Patrick Vieira fits nicely into that description.


Fan report: West ham 0-1 Spurs

I was hoping for a better performance than the one we gave against the European Champions, to be honest we didn't give the Premiership a great name for itself, and I needn't remind anyone at how poor our performance was at the home of English Football.

Both clubs set out fairly strong teams, Spurs' noticeable change was that of playing Hutton and Naughton in the same side; nice to see Harry pop up with a surprise every now and then. Bar that it was a similar team to any we're use to with Charlie and the Hudd alongside each other at the back.

The first half brought great satisfaction and it was relieving to know that we hadn't in fact turned shite overnight; we actually looked as though we wanted to win this game. We looked like the Spurs team fighting another relegation battle, but in a good way. We played with the heart on the sleeve, passed the ball around nicely and in truth made West Ham look like, well, West Ham- bloody average.

Hutton and Naughton also worked well together and showed a good understanding on the right hand side of the pitch, maybe Lennon will have to fight for his place this season; haha, that'll be the day!

Still though, the one thing we failed to do was put the ball past Green-somehow- with Pav coming closest hitting the post. I kept thinking we were playing at home, is it even allowed for Spurs to play this well away from home?

The second half saw the departure of Mr. Pavlyuchenko with pointy-shouty bloke his replacement. Keane endured a good start linking up well with Defoe, although any good performance would've been overshadowed by the stunning performance of our little Croatian playmaker.

Even through our poor performances against Celtic and Barcelona, Luka Mordric still showed great ability on the ball. I'm not gonna lie, we'd be right down there without him. The word depression would be frequently used amongst us fans for another season.

Pav had a good first half, Keane actaully looks like he's fighting harder for his place than he was at Liverpool but it was Defoe that scored the goal. Defoe's finishing had been so poor today.. but he still managed to score! Embarrassing Robert Green also adds that extra satisfaction.

We finished comfortably and 'that lot' from East London didn't look up to much. I think Bournemouth proved a tougher test in all fairness with Curbs blaming 'pre season' for every sloppy West Ham pass and shot. Let's be honest, it's just the West Ham we're all use to. Still though, a comfortable 1-0 win against a team that will be lucky to stay in the league this season, an injury for Boa Morte and a solid performance. what on Earth are we going to moan about this time?


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Who would be in your first XI against Liverpool?

The season is just a couple of weeks away and with Peter Crouch looking to be one of our final signings for the summer (bar possibly a centre back) and dreams of Huntelaar remaining just that, dreams, who would you start against Liverpool on the 16th August?

In the current predicament my starting eleven would be the following: standard 4-4-2

GK-Gomes: No need to explain why, showed brilliant character to turn around his season

LB-Ekotto: Grabbed his chance in the first team with two hands when given, and we can win games when he plays.

CB's- Chimbonda and Corluka: A big talking point but if Chimbonda can reincarnate the formed he showed a few seasons back I think we should give him a go, I mean it is for only one game, isn't it?

RB- Hutton: Still unsure of Naughton and throwing him in the deep end against a team fighting for the league might be pushing him a bit at this stage of the season

LW- Keane: It may seem strange but he usually drops deep and I believe he could do a job out on the left. He works well as a playmaker.

CM's- Modric and Palacios: Unquestionable, both had good seasons last year

RM- Lennon: Need I explain?

ST's- Defoe and Crouch: I thoroughly hope this works and they can rekindle the partnership they had at Pompey. I will put my faith in Crouch.





Who would be your starting XI against Liverpool?


Spurs have already solved their left wing problem

He's just won the CONCACAF PFA player of the tournament and probably cost as much as Real Madrids' peanuts probably do, plus he can play on the left, so someone please tell me why we don't give Giovani Dos Santos another shot in the first team.

This is a player that on his final game for Barcelona scored a hat trick as well.. A bleedin' hat trick! No one's scored a three in one game for us since the days of Berba, but everything's fine now- we have Crouch, can't you just feel the optimism suddenly rush all back.

It seems as though the Deportivo boss has used his noodle and had this to say: "I know Giovani very well," Lotina was quoted as saying by AS.
"Last year we spoke to him, but then Tottenham came in.
"As for Lafita, well, there is nothing. But if he goes then we will start with plan B. But [Dos Santos] is an interesting player, but he is not the only one."

It's an insult; Giovani can't even get in a team that is captained by Jermaine Jenas. What has our club come to, appointing Redknapp has only brought misery and disappointment


Steven Pienaar close to signing

Ashley Young; let's be honest, he isn't coming to Tottenham. We can't afford him, according to O'Neill not even '£50m' would tempt him and I can't see us offering £60m. Maybe Madrid have spare change to throw away? Furthermore, why he'd join a team that would offer lower wages and finish behind Villa, again, would also surprise me. He's not an idiot.

Where we should be looking is Evertons' Steven Pienaar and why we are not at least adding him to out bottomless list of players we are interested in is way beyond me. I wouldv'e thought at least one paper would put two and two together and link us the South African.

Pienaar rejected a new contract offer from Everton on Monday and therefore should be having his name thrown all over the place; it's the trend these day's. It is also reported that Everton want Alan Hutton. I rate the guy but I'd jump at the chance to involve him in a deal that would include Pienaar, who has two years left on his contract.

We have only lost once at home under Redknapp and guess who scored the killer goal for Everton. This guy would prove to be great value on the left side of our midfield and would cost Levy far less than some 23 year old Villa player would.

I can't see this happening, not because Pienaar is still happy at Everton, but because it would be a bargain signing, one that is actually value for money- but we all know how much much Spurs like to miss out on a good bargain.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Peter bleedin' Crouch

Yep, we expected it and any dreams of Huntelaar were, in truth, only dreams. We have signed relegation battlers Portsmouths' best player Peter Crouch. A split decision amongst us to say the least. Ok, so he's a 'proven' Premier League player, apparently, but in reality another mediocre player joins the ranks of overpaid and overrated players at Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

"We are sorry to see Peter go both as a player and a person and would like to thank him for playing a key role in keeping the club in the Premier League last season," said a club spokesman.

"His sale was necessitated by the club's commitment to repay scheduled debts while we are in a transitional period of completing the takeover.
"We will now be looking to add fresh faces to the first-team squad as soon as possible."

As you may have concluded I'm not the biggest fan of the bloke, I mean half his England goals have come against third world countries -such as Jamaica- and he only scrapped double figures for Premier League goals this season. But, my love for Spurs is greater than my dislike for the former Pompey boy and, reluctantly to say the least, I will give the guy a chance but at 29 his long legs won't be able to keep going forever.

What intrigues me more about this deal is how Pompey will survive after letting so many of their 'big names' depart for bigger clubs in Europe, and their manager saying they won't 'do a Citehh'; but that is for the seaside boys to write about.

Another striker has joined us, are we going to give this one more than one game before turning on him? The thing is, we have to pay the guys' wages. That hurts.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunderland look Bent as Spurs set to Crouch down the table

I know, the title is a bad one but the news is much worse. A bad title for bad news, it works. It seems as though the reality that Peter Crouch could be at Tottenham within days is hitting down hard. As soon as it was obvious we were in the hunt for Crouch in truth it was really only a matter of days before we had him, there was no competition. Why oh why did we appoint Redknapp as manager?

"Obviously I'm disappointed to see Peter leave, but given the severe financial restraints in place here we had no choice but to accept an offer from Tottenham," Paul Hart told the Sunday Mirror.
"I think people need to realise that Pompey have been punching above their weight and could no longer sustain the level of spending that has gone on here over the last three years."

It's a shame Peter's coming but at £10m could probably be just about worth a punt, especially in today's market. The only way this move will work is if Crouch and Defoe play week in week out, so what will happen to £15m Robbie Keane and £14m Roman Pav? We'll just have to wait and see; maybe they'll be happy sitting on the Tottenham bench. Meanwhile, Steve Bruce has confirmed that Sunderland are in talks with Darren Bent.

"Darren Bent is another one where we are trying our utmost," said Bruce in the Sunday Sun.
"We have tried all summer for Peter Crouch and Darren Bent. Talks are ongoing as we speak at a high level.
"We hope we can do something with it, but as we have just experienced last week, we can get knocked back as well.
"We have to agree a fee - obviously it isn't done yet. But we are talking."

I think it be a shame to see Bent go and I'm not afraid to say it. I believe he will be hitting his peak within the next few seasons and, should we only get around £10-12m for him, we'd rue the day we let him jump up north.

It should be an interesting season. Either that or another horrendous one.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Spurs 1-1 Barcelona

I arrived at Wembley expecting to see the likes of Messi, Henry and Iniesta grace the same pitch that we’d lost the Carling Cup on earlier in the year. Instead we were given the all mighty Montoya, Caceres and Fontas with the only recognized names being that of Abidal, Toure and Chelsea old-boy Gudjohnson. Although, I guess that’s what you get for playing them in a friendly and not the Champions League. Poor old Spurs.

Our starting eleven included the usual familiar faces from last season. The most notable thing was despite a fit Robbie Keane we opted for 4-5-1 with Defoe up top alone, Huddlestone and Corluka at the back with Cudicini behind them between the sticks.

The first half kicked off with a full sense of optimism and at £50 a ticket I was fully expecting a show. Although, with no surprises, that optimism soon turned to the usual frustration felt at most games as affectively Barcelona’s second team dominated from the moment the referee blew the whistle for kick off.

The first half was truly lifeless from a Spurs point of view, the difference in quality was apparent from the start and on many occasion you just had to sit back and admire the talent on show from the team in red and blue. We were an insult- a disgrace- we were not worthy to play such a quality side. I left myself thinking why I’d even bothered to turn up, what was I expecting, for us to outplay Barcelona, score a bag full of goals and to go home laughing? We decided to sit back, stick ten men behind the ball- I believe it’s called ‘doing a Bolton’- I seriously question this. In a friendly against the European champions we should be in their faces, throwing men forward and putting on an entertaining display, making a good name for the Premiership’s smaller clubs. Spurs thought they were playing in the Champions League for the first time in years.

Another issue that has to be raised was that in defence; Huddlestone and Corluka did not look League one quality let alone a decent Premier League pairing together, but I guess when you’re desperate what other options do you have? But this seriously worries me, we will get bombed against Liverpool if we fail to get a half decent centre back in before the 16th august.

On a rare positive note, Modric is looking a better player every game he plays in, a real stunning asset and a great ambassador for Tottenham. Lennon also looked bright showing glimpses of the class we are all but use to and Huddlestone’s passing ability left me and I’m sure many fans guessing why Redknapp doesn’t give him more starting opportunities. Although, in truth, the real highlight of the night, with the exception of Luka hitting the bar was Billy Wingrove showing what modern day footballers can’t do with his ball skills. At least my first hour at Wembley wasn’t a total waste of time, eh?

To summarise, we are playing ten players behind the ball and losing. History is looking to repeat itself and I predict we will struggle for another season in the Premiership as Spurs really lack the European quality that they had a few seasons back.


The second half brought on Keane, Gomes, Naughton and Chimbonda for O’hara, Cudicini, Jenas and Hutton. We switched to the familiar 4-4-2 and I hoped that we would at least put on more of a show than the than the first half did. We tried a new pairing of Chimbonda and Corluka in central defence, should Chimbonda reincarnate the same performances he showed a few seasons back then I believe that this would be the best partnership whilst Dawson, King and Woodgate remained injured. Barcelona made 11 changes; by the time it takes to note all 22 names it’ll be tea time.

The second half brought a lot more energy into the Spurs team; it was as though Redknapp had injected Redbull into their veins. The energy was there but it was the same old story for Spurs, no co-ordination and sloppy when in possession. Quite frankly the Barcelona side were streets ahead of us and played with real pride. I could rant on about Barcelona for pages highlighting the obvious difference in quality, but that’s for a more Spanish based report.

Spurs came out to the second half and did in truth look a bit more interested. In fairness we tried to play football on the floor but were really left chasing shadows as Barcelona continued to dominate possession- and this was without Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and our favourite player Mr. Thierry Henry. We attempted to play the ball on the floor, when we had it but in all fairness were simply outclassed, this leaving a dim light on our pre season preparations and don’t look anywhere near ready for our home game against Liverpool 16 days into August.

Redknapp spotted we weren’t playing to our full potential and that many of our players were having so called ‘off-days’ after 80 minutes, and so, brought on youngsters John Bostock, Jake Livermore, Dorian Dervite and Danny Rose. Un-Surprisingly enough each player grabbed the opportunity with both hands and all looked very good. At least our youth team look justified to have a decent season.

Spurs finally grabbed an unlikely goal after working a corner to the outside of the box and a lofted ball in was met by the head of Livermore to salvage some pride for ourselves. Why we are not giving our youngsters more of a chance in the first team is beyond me and I really think we should take more calculated risks with them.

To summarise, the goal will leave Spurs fans happy but in truth the performance was a poor one against a second and third string Barcelona side. I also felt two issues were raised, one being the centre back partnering as discussed and the other being Kyle Naughton and Aaron Lennon. Naughton looks a quick player but the consistent insistence of repeatedly trying to overlap Lennon and not getting back left huge gaps down the right flank. Kyle looked ok at right back but going forward offered no attacking threat and I struggle to see how this partnership will work, I just hope he is ‘one for the future’

To finish, I am happy that no injuries occurred and felt Modric, Defoe, Lennon and Huddlestone all looked bright. Although we really do need a centre back that can actually, well, defend.


Friday, 24 July 2009

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse

Ok, so lately things had been looking more promising. The Huntelaar speculation was finally confirmed, we're looking sharp in pre-season and thankfully we may not be able to afford Peter Crouch. Then out of the dark, Woodgate, King and Dawson are hit with injuries. It's just like a bad week on 'Football Manager', I feel the frustration from last season returning.

"All three are doubts for the start of the season," said Redknapp. "In all honesty it is not an ideal situation. Ledley hasn't kicked a ball yet this season, so it is not looking great on that front at the moment," added Redknapp.

Great, so just when you could see the light at the end of a very dark and depressing Tottenham tunnel, bang, and we have no defence. I'm just thankful that we signed Corluka when we did meaning that we only have to find one replacement and not two. Maybe we could give Dorian Dervite a chance? All we know is at the moment a defender must be priority otherwise we'll get bombed against Liverpool.

In all honesty this is what the youngsters are for; thrown in at the deep end when we're short in one position and see if they flourish. I believe a certain Aaron Lennon reaped the benefits when played in place of an injured Wayne Routledge.

Let's just hope Redknapp doesn't go for Richard Dunne, we need a defend that will stop us conceding goals not help us concede more.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Spurs ARE in the hunt for Klass

On a day where once again I held my head in my hands after seeing that two Championship players are suppose to get us Champions League football, I thoroughly believed that any optimism I once had for Tottenham had disappeared as soon as the two Kyle's arrived at Spurs Lodge.

Then, understandably, Redknapp jumps to save his own skin (and the enthusiasm of many Spurs fans) by insisting that we very much are looking to sign Klass-Jan Huntelaar of Real Madrid. Dare a smile stretch across my face?

Redknapp stated: "The lad is a very good goalscorer and I'm still interested in him, I know of Stuttgart's involvement but I'm hoping we will still be able to do something.
"There's a lot of talk about who I may or may not be after but Huntelaar is the one I like."

I don't need to talk about whether this signing would be a good one. The only negative aspect of this sort of deal is that our top scorer Darren Bent may feel disillusioned and choose to leave; whether this is good is another matter. Let's just hope Arsene keeps with his policy and continues to only look at players that have only just hit puberty and choose to not go in for Huntelaar.

Now all we have to do is sign him.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Steve Bruce's blunder for Spurs

The season hasn't even started but our pessimistic ways have reached a new limit as the speculation surrounding Peter Crouch joining us gathers momentum. Sunderland have today pulled out of the race for Crouch claiming he wants to stay in the South; let's just hope Crouch falls for Al Fahim's new Pompey plan for glory and ends up staying.

Bruce said: "I know he was impressed with the set up here when he came for talks, but it's simply a matter of geographical location and that's not something we can affect.
''What's pleasing however is that it shows the intent of the club going forward that we are trying to bring in players of his calibre, and we will continue to pursue other targets"

This statement both worries me and confuses me; the fact that our former lanky striker actually wants to stay in the south and join a club with money worries me. How almost signing Crouch proves your club is moving forward will always keep me guessing and is another matter. Why can't Redknapp see that Crouch is only good for a club looking to achieve mid-table every season, hence he plays for Pompey and is also wanted by Fulham? Is Crouch really going to push us into the Champions League that Redknapp claims he is looking to achieve? No.

Let's hope a miracle in Roy Hodgson comes along and pops up with an unbeatable offer. All he has to say is that he reckons Fulham will make the Champions League next season.


Lennon set to leave

So the it seems as though the papers have given up on Huntelaar and, for the last few days, it has been Beckham they've linked us to. It seems as though the papers have re-writ en the same story but stuck the name 'Beckham' in instead of 'Veira', I wish the journalists would open their eyes, one day.

So should this report, some how, actually be true it clearly shows a lack of identifying our main problems from last season. It illustrates the fact that Redknapp would quite happily stick Lennon on the bench but, surprisingly, still doesn't help our problem that exists- and has done for years- on that left side of midfield. Shocking I know.

It wouldn't surprise me Redknapp is trying to lower the quality of our squad and take away the excitement of having Lennon attack his opponent one-on-one in front of Park Lane. I mean he's trying to sign two Sheffield United full backs and Peter Crouch; Harry must be expecting us to have a bad season so didn't want to get the supporters to optimistic by signing decent players.

Beckham's a good player but not one that we need. Although I can't see this move happening so don't feel concerned one bit. This is a player I actually want Man. City to sign, just so we can't.


Sunday, 19 July 2009

The inevitable has happened

I thought I'd wait a while to see how many reports are saying that we have made a bid for Ashley Young, the player we could have signed 3 seasons ago for around £8m- painful I know. As expected, I couldn't count the number of reports on two hands, but Harry's seemingly dismal transfer window doesn't leave me to optimistic. He's either being really shrewd or it just hasn't been his day, everyday.

O'Neill is a clever man. I have the uppermost respect for the former Celtic boss and do not believe that he would replace Ashley Young, arguably one of England's brightest young assets, with Stewart Downing, a player that-in my opinion- would be lucky to make the starting eleven for Darlington. This is why I don't believe Ashley will be leaving this year unless he desperately wants to.

Still though, O'Neill has invited these transfer rumours upon Aston Villa and why they have splashed out on Downing seems a mystery to most; maybe Martin felt a lack of depth last season in the Villa side. But these rumours will continue to come and I can't believe Levy would be willing to spend a reported £30m straight off plus with the expectation of fairly large wages. Besides, we don't really have much of a transfer budget this year- do we?

Still though as Spurs fans we can hope; seems like we end up doing that for most of the season anyway. But, at the moment, it seems as though we are more likely to win the league before signing Ashley Young. Shame really.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Harry's biggest mistake of the season

It's now getting beyond that of mid-July and the only activity that we've been involved in is the expected sale of Didier zokora to Sevilla, interesting stuff I know. Now, I'm happy with our current squad and could live with the 'old' faces of the first team should we go onto play Liverpool without any new acquisitions.

What I'm a bit concerned about is the players Harry has tried to sign; it seems as though he still thinks he's managing Championship football. Instead of the big money Madrid players we all thought we were going for, we entered the race for two Sheffield United defenders. Sorry, OK we need cover at the back, but surely we are not going to spend a huge amount on two players that really aren't worth the value stuck on them. Harry wants to sign another right back but the fact we have Corluka, Chimbonda and Hutton as cover really does surprise me- explanations please.

I also question the chase for Peter Crouch. The player has got to be one of the most overrated strikers I've ever come across; if he was foreign he'd be be shipped out quicker than Helda Postiga was back in the day. Yeah OK the guy would add height to the team but seriously lacks in pace and power. He didn't score to many last season and wouldn't be an improvement on any of our current strikers, so again why sign him?

I do trust Harry, but seriously, he needs to play the transfer market a bit- what's the word- BETTER.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Martin O'Neill does Spurs a favour

'Aston Villa have agreed a £12m deal for Steward Downing,' this headline has made my summer. All along I felt uneasy and rather worried at the fact that Downing was still at 'Boro and just had to hope that Redknapp wouldn't get his man. Thank god for Martin O'Neill.

It seems as though the Villa boss wanted us to also make a push for the Champions League by ensuring we don't sign such a bad player and upset us fans in the process; lets be honest, the call for Harry's head would've come around in October should we have signed this player- and I'm an optimistic Spurs fan! Signing Downing would have left us scrapping for our Premiership survival -so no change there then- instead of actually looking above that of 10th spot. Yes, HE would have left us fighting relegation.

Here is a classic case of killing two birds with one stone. The fact that we won't be signing Downing, I'm sure, floods relief through N17; I can feel it running through me now. There is also the future of Ashley Young that comes into question, pulling off such a quality signing would complete our team in my opinion. But then again, there's the price issue, other clubs and so on, that's a whole different matter.

How Downing will/has passed his medical is beyond me; they seem to be easier to pass than 'GO' is on a Monopoly board.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

3 Reasons why Veira won't sign for us

Gawd, I was going to keep quiet about this but it never seems die, so I couldn't help myself. Just when i find little dignity for the Mail they pop up with THE most ridiculous rumour of the summer. They seem to adopt the whole 'let's make up a story and blow it up all over the back page' approach; this is because the more of the paper the story covers the more likely it is to be true, of course.

Patrick Veira to Spurs. 4 years ago we would've been in laughing fits over this sort of rumour- I still am. Everyone needs to have a reality check. We won't sign this player:

1. We signed Wilson Palacios for £15m in January. He plays in the same position and had a successful 6 months with us, he's not getting replaced and Modric just isn't in the equation

2. His wages will halt any deal, we won't pay him top wages to 'play' on the bench.

3. He's scum. He was a success at Arsenal and therefore will not join us.

Everyone needs to calm down over this story. This move is about as likely to happen as Redknapp is to come in to work wearing an Arsenal shirt.

But as always, this is football, anything can happen- but we all know that!


Monday, 13 July 2009

Spurs to steal right back

Tottenham have today entered the race for right back Kyle Naughton from Premiership bottlers Sheffield United, according to Sky sources. The 21 year old was part of the Sheffield side that lost to Burnely in football's most lucrative prize, the play-off final.

I'm not to sure on this guy, he never really stood out in the final this year but there are signs that could prove he is a very good player. Considering the fact that both Everton and Aston Villa are interested in the player is promising, it is a ray of sunlight on this very dry piece of speculation. Also, considering we have Hutton, Corluka and Chimbonda available at right back, Kyle must be something special if Harry believes he is capable of challenging these players for the right back spot.

To be honest I've seen the lad play once and he never really stood out. I don't think this would be a good signing and believe it would be a waste of money, all £5m of it; he'd never displace Corluka, Hutton or Chim.

Oh how I love the pre-season optimism.