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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lennon set to leave

So the it seems as though the papers have given up on Huntelaar and, for the last few days, it has been Beckham they've linked us to. It seems as though the papers have re-writ en the same story but stuck the name 'Beckham' in instead of 'Veira', I wish the journalists would open their eyes, one day.

So should this report, some how, actually be true it clearly shows a lack of identifying our main problems from last season. It illustrates the fact that Redknapp would quite happily stick Lennon on the bench but, surprisingly, still doesn't help our problem that exists- and has done for years- on that left side of midfield. Shocking I know.

It wouldn't surprise me Redknapp is trying to lower the quality of our squad and take away the excitement of having Lennon attack his opponent one-on-one in front of Park Lane. I mean he's trying to sign two Sheffield United full backs and Peter Crouch; Harry must be expecting us to have a bad season so didn't want to get the supporters to optimistic by signing decent players.

Beckham's a good player but not one that we need. Although I can't see this move happening so don't feel concerned one bit. This is a player I actually want Man. City to sign, just so we can't.


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