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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Spurs curse to be lifted

Not one premiership game was won when the side included Gareth Bale. Coincidence? Well, yes. The boy was never that bad for his age but, like many Spurs 'superstars', the huge price tag slapped over his head acted as a weight affecting his performance. In all truth, a few months of patience and 'Arry nurturing and maybe he'd be ready to face the likes of Wolves next year. Well, it turns out he may just do that, but not wearing the lilywhite (and yellow) of Tottenham Hotspur.

Birmingham City boss Alex McLeish has declared his interest in our ever-injured and seemingly unwanted left back whom came with more potential than a young Cesc Fabregas did to Arsenal at the age of 16.

"Gareth Bale is another name we'd have to consider if he was available," he conceded to Sky Sports News

"We've certainly shown a bit of ambition with the money splashed out on the young centre-halves.
"With (Christian) Benitez coming in as well, for what was decent money, I couldn't say I've not been given support by the board - that would be ridiculous."

Although, what is Gareth Bale worth? A player that was signed for close to £10m only two years ago cannot have had his valuation bombed to much, surely. I think a loan move would benefit both suitors. A fresh start at club where staying up will be tougher than getting Southampton a buyer; the pressure on Bale will be lifted, no huge price tag- no huge expectation. Could it be possibly be true that he could return one year today and be the 'next big thing?' Probably not, no... but you never know. Although a loan move would look favourably among us Spurs fans, considering the price we'd get for him would be close to the £5m- if we're lucky. You couldn't even get a Kevin Doyle for that!

Birmingham signing Bale is a big risk, I thought they intended to win a game this season.


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