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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Spurs still in the Hunt

So Peter Crouch arrived at Spurs Lodge. A signing that split many of us to say the least- I'm not here to argue for or against, we'd be here all day. We may as well all get behind him now he's here, like the happy family we are.

I'm sure many of us thought 'that's it for the summer', regarding the signing of any more forwards. I know I certainly did. Then 'arry pops up and gives you a bigger shock than a bolt of lightning.

Redknapp on Huntelaar: "If you look at his goalscoring it's absolutely incredible, if he's available, he's a player that interests me ... If Darren Bent does go then maybe we'll be interested in Huntelaar again."
"You can't have too many good players," he added.
"The teams with the best squads are the most successful teams ... you need competition for places."

Either Crouch has had a really bad first day on the training ground or Redknapp has just been more indecisive than a fat kid with a choice of cake or chocolate, and so just had to go for both. Sorry, I thought we had a defender crisis?

So we're still in for Huntelaar, but where does this leave captain Keane? The last time he had to fight for his place in the blink of an eye he was back in the lillywhite again.



  1. keep robbie, get rid of thicky pav , get the dutchman in and pull out all the stops for cole & carvallo(spelt wrong) from chelski.

    COYS x

  2. Us fans have our say because it's about opinions. I agree with your blog, even "Arry"£ recognises that Huntelaar has "an incredible record," so why buy someone who hasn't? Joe Cole is a terrific player but is hardly ever there due to being so injury prone. As for Robbie well quite honestly he seems to have lost his spirit for the game, I wouldn't be too unhappy if he were to go. Vierra was a tremendous player at the Library but now hardly gets a game in the pedestrian Seria A, not for me. Did we play well yesterday or were West Ham lacking in every department, including goal? They were absolutely atrocious. Funny ol' game!

  3. Why is it that we have been unable to get the best out of Bentley?

  4. I guess it shows hasn't a clue what as Jo would be sent to do. It just shows those who think they know a bit or 2 about footie, defoe and crouch are number 1 partnership we'll be lucky to hold tenth spot. Maybe that isn't a bad thing as Jol be be summoned bacK.

    Look just to clear things up for all my spurs people DEFOE NOR CROUCH are going to get us into champions league uefa maybe if we're lucky. KEANE and pavs would the problem is he does not speak engelish and therefore it hampens his improvement as he yes PAV is the best striker on the team for all you delusioned and biased media pundits outthere. So now we have to get a like for like striker for Pavs my boy HUNTELAAR. whether it will happen we will only find out and it's obvious the russian to my disappintment will on his way out (we have not seen the best from him and we probably won't thanks to redknapp).

    Huntelaar for number one choice pairing with keane not that's a potent cocktail. Whisky and Vodka (nope sorry thats still Pav). How about guiness and a netherland beer...yea that's what i'm talking about.


  5. We don't get the best out of Bentley (absolutely on fire before "Arry" took over,) because our illustrious coach doesn't like him. If Bentley ever plays he plays on the left or completely out of position! Having said that He can't realistically replace Lennon after the season he's just had. If we were to sell Bentley and Lennon gets injured what then?
    Regards Baggyshorts

  6. posted about this on my blog; check it out, always appreciate the support from fellow Spurs fans :)

    i'm not sure if i fully believe it though... don't want to get my hopes up

  7. Such a move I cannot see happening. Once the Arse enter the race we'll be blown out the water thats for sure

  8. i agree with Ben, if arse enter the race, i can see him going there... i wonder if martin jol has any influence on something like that


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