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Friday, 10 July 2009

Premiership manager has saved our season, so far!

Tottenham's optimistic transfer list that looked to have had half of Madrid printed on it now has a new name printed under that of Arjen Robben, K-J Huntelaar and so on- or so we thought. Stoke manager Tony Pulis has overshadowed a potential big money and media frenzy move for Ryan Shawcross stating that no contact has taken place between Stoke and ourselves respectively. Sorry, who?

"No one has rung me up. I get on well with Harry and I would be very surprised if it is in the papers and he hasn't rung me first." Although he continued to state that there were 'no closed doors' regarding departures of some of the Stoke first team squad. Let's hope Redknapp didn't hear him say that.

Ryan Shawcross? Surely this rumour cannot be fact, although, what nails doubt into my mind is that he is a young English centre back with Premier League experience. Therefore I hold my hands up as this could quite possibly be true- however much I don't want it to be. I also applaud the Daily Mail for thinking more logically when sticking a transfer rumour on their back page about us. I'm sure in the next week or so we'll end up with a whole team of centre backs, well, according to the papers- but they never lie.

It's Ryan Shawcross, need I say more? Even for a back-up this isn't a good move.


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