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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A worrying sign for any Tottenham fan

It seems as though old rumours die hard in this case as '5 goal a season' Welsh 'superstar' Craig Bellamy has been linked with a move to Tottenham, again. It was made fairly public that Redknapp wanted Bellamy in January but fell short of what West Ham valued the player at. Therefore, City popped in and took 'our' man for twice the price. Very shrewd Mr. Hughes.

The problem with speculation such as this is that it could quite possibly be true. Hughes' forth-coming and so far unsuccessful transfer spree could quite possibly see Bellamy's future outside of Manchester, eventually. Furthermore, the very public fact that Redknapp has admitted interest also provides a worry, let's just hope Harry has seen the light and therefore beyond that of Craig Bellamy.

Now it's obvious I'm not a fan of Craig. For me, a striker should be able to score more goals than assists each season; but maybe I'm being fussy. I understand the guy's aggression on the pitch can really lift any team he's in, but seriously, where would he fit in our starting XI? Bellamy is not the left winger we so desperately need and nor is he a capable replacement for any of our strikers. Therefore, a good signing? No.

I hope Harry sees through the aggressive nature of Bellamy and realises that the ability of the player is not fit to wear the Tottenham shirt.


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