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Monday, 27 July 2009

Peter bleedin' Crouch

Yep, we expected it and any dreams of Huntelaar were, in truth, only dreams. We have signed relegation battlers Portsmouths' best player Peter Crouch. A split decision amongst us to say the least. Ok, so he's a 'proven' Premier League player, apparently, but in reality another mediocre player joins the ranks of overpaid and overrated players at Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

"We are sorry to see Peter go both as a player and a person and would like to thank him for playing a key role in keeping the club in the Premier League last season," said a club spokesman.

"His sale was necessitated by the club's commitment to repay scheduled debts while we are in a transitional period of completing the takeover.
"We will now be looking to add fresh faces to the first-team squad as soon as possible."

As you may have concluded I'm not the biggest fan of the bloke, I mean half his England goals have come against third world countries -such as Jamaica- and he only scrapped double figures for Premier League goals this season. But, my love for Spurs is greater than my dislike for the former Pompey boy and, reluctantly to say the least, I will give the guy a chance but at 29 his long legs won't be able to keep going forever.

What intrigues me more about this deal is how Pompey will survive after letting so many of their 'big names' depart for bigger clubs in Europe, and their manager saying they won't 'do a Citehh'; but that is for the seaside boys to write about.

Another striker has joined us, are we going to give this one more than one game before turning on him? The thing is, we have to pay the guys' wages. That hurts.


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