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Friday, 31 July 2009

Has Keane got a point to prove?

Two seasons ago Robbie was up there with Ledley as Mr. Tottenham Hotspur. So how did it all seem to deteriorate so quickly?

I rate Keane, but he's suddenly found himself turning into the Jenas of last season and is fast becoming the marmite for Tottenham fans. Some seem to love him, some seem to hate him. For some fans, when Keane moved up North, his success and near legendary status at Spurs was wiped from their minds, seemingly. Although, could he be blamed for wanting to play for his boy-hood club in the Champions League and fulfill a dream at the same time?

Keane lifted the Barclays Asia trophy today after scoring twice against Hull in a 3-0 win, his energy and determination were also present and, as a result, he was given man of the match. It was only a pre-season friendly but the performance was still there all the same. He played his heart out in all honesty.

What do you think. Does Keane have a point to prove for the season ahead, or are some of the fans just being to critical?



  1. 1st keane was great today he's performance was alot better than the last few games. He is starting to hopfully show why levy brought him back. Defoe,keane and modric were great they are doing tricks and flicks now hope it stays like that too. Yidooooosss RE

  2. Yes he does. He could do no wrong before but now he's come back I just can't look past the betrayal. He was a legend (bit strong I know) but I would always support any player in a spurs shirt but now? It hurt the most when he left so until....?
    dont think he'll ever be forgiven!!

  3. Robbie Keane, other than two seasons with Berbatov, has always flattered to deceive. A good player but no more. Before Berbatov the amount of times a Tottenham move broke down when the ball reached Keane was all too frequent. Why all the fuss a good not great player.. (his Liverpool experience sums it up, not good enough for a top four side)

  4. Still need to get rid of him and bring in Klaas. That would be a major upgrade as far as goals and assists. Don't have a prob with us splashing out 15-18 mill and selling off keane for 12 and bent for 14. Would be a great asset to a squad that needs a first class striker

  5. I've always thought that Keane is a good player, but was exceptional during his time alongside Berbatov which surprised me as i'd predicted at the time that Defoe would be the one more likely to form an effective partnership with the moody Bulgar and Keane would find himself the odd man out. He's looked hungry to impress in the pre season games i've seen and that can only be a good thing with strong competition for places in the frontline this season regardless of what happens between now and the closing of the window. If Keane moves on, which must be unlikely given his age,experience and influence in the squad, it would only be because there is a better alternative in the pipeline. As it stands, i've got a lot of faith in the ability of our current batch of forwards and think the bigger question is who will provide the service for these players to score the goals? Modric and Lennon seem to be the favoured players to make up a midfield with Palacios and the fourth place seems to be a straight battle between Huddlestone and Jenas, unless Redknapp has something up his sleeve....

  6. u all talk out the side of your asses

  7. Keane looks like a puppy that has just shit in his master`s bed,a bit sheepish.Personally i think we should keep him,let him sniff around a bit.Failing that put him in a bag with some bricks.

  8. He won't be going any where. We will never re-coup the money paid to bring him back, judging by the bent saga that seems to be rumbling on!!


  9. watching the post-match interview I thought Keane looked completely disinterested and f***ed off. He had the look of a player who wants to be anywhere but where he is and was noticeably unable to look harry in the eye. I feel he knows that he is down the pecking order now with little and large (croudh and defoe) being harry's first choice pairing. theres also the growing potential that if when bent goes huntelaar may be brought in which would surely spell the end for either pavylechenko or keane.

    i'd be sad to see him go cos I think he always gives 110% for spurs but if he's not happy then lets cash in and get a replacement.

  10. Recent criticism of Keane has to do with his disappointing form, which evidenced itself to Benitez when at "pool. Maybe he'll snap out of it - today was the first promising sign I've seen. It was still disturbing to see him and Defoe miss at least trwo good chances each by being forced off the ball. We neeed a big lad up front.
    Can't see how Modric was not named MoM today, but if it gives Keane a boost, OK.

  11. Only the shortsighted fickle muppets think he's shit. He's been excellent for our club and again showed what a player he is. Look at Defoe against the spammers; how selfish can you get and should have laid of the ball on at least for seperate occassions but went for goal and shot into the stars! Did anyone moan about him?

    Our club has far too many stupid fans and they should go support that lot in the east end.

  12. Look everybody!

    Does keane have a point to prove...the answer no in fairness however yes every player does.

    Redknapp probably would not agree with me but he is not very good at masking his favourites e.g defoe.
    If keane has a point to prove i should expect defoe and crouch etc have to.

    The liverpool saga was a bit hilarius and i'm sure keano is feeling somewhat embarrased by it. Nonetheless we can not deny the option he gives us upfront which is teamwork and creativity and a great sense of leadership on the pitch which we lack.

    Keano has and always will always play as if a point needs to be made, thats for the fans to notice as redknapp regardless of whether keane gets 2 consecutive man of the match displays and a hat-trick would still probably sit him on the bench.

    Keano will give 100% as he is a professional


  13. Robbie Keane suddenly became a motivated player when Crouch was signed.

    The same happened when we signed the Bulgarian.

    Take from this fact what you want.

  14. congrats to keano fact keane has been outstanding for the club.!..
    the best 6th sense partneship was berbatov who bagged goals....his first goal today was.the keane we all know....

  15. Did anyone see his interview after the game? not sure if i read to much into it but he looked very shaken up. Was not his normal self.. Almost as if Harry had just told him that was his last game for spurs. Really looked like that, he seemed almost like he was trying really hard to hold back his emotions. Imagine if harry had said thats your last game thanks for everything, just after putting in a great performance. Thats juts how he looked. Well we will see?

  16. I think he should stay and fight for his place.
    And 22:15 that may have been because of the Sir Bobby Robson news, think most footballers would be quite shaken after that

  17. i can make poopy in my potty

  18. Keane is a good player always has been, but, he is also known as "the arm waving twat" that we have also witnessed over the years.
    I remember when we first signed him and the euphoria and emotion that it drew from all Spurs fans. Simply put (and even to the most ardent anti-Keane fan) Keane CAN PLAY! However, I don't think the man is a Judas as some have stated (You have to look at CAMPBELL for that!) he is just a guy who wanted to play for his boyhood club; that failed...MISERABLY! So, he is back with us.

    He played well yesterday, but, so did the whole team, Modric was a giant in midfield, Lennon was superb, Defoe a tjhorn in Hull's side all game. I can go on but won't. Simply, Keane is NOT Mr Tottenham now, but he is still a good player and he proved it yesterday after being off- form for so long.

    If we get a better player then Keane must, and, will go down the pecking order.

  19. People should leave keane alone!!! He wanted to play for his boy-hood club and he did and it didnt work out! He has admitted that and has come back!! You do understand it takes a lot of guts to do that! When he starts scoring goals for us then you are not going to be complaning are you?? And why the hell should we sell keane and bring in klass??? have you not heard of "having a big squad" all we need to do is
    bring in a bit more class to spurs(which means bringing in the likes of huntleaar, van der vaart,bastos, veloso etc) and we will be as good as or even better than the top 3!!! The way we played againest hull and west ham shows that the glory days are comming back to spurs!!!!!!!!!!


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