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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

£13m deal agreed.

Super Pav may have marked his last game in a Spurs shirt with a double against Birmingham as Russian side Anzi Makhachkala have claimed a deal has been agreed to take our Russian back to his native homeland, according to talkSport.

Anzi Mackhachkala, even sober I'm having problems pronouncing that one, are said to have submitted an offer of £13m and the decision lye's solely in the hands of Pav.

The forward has become almost marmite with a lot of us. Inconsistency has plagued his time at Spurs. Strokes of genius would be ruled out by strokes of incompetence and at times he could make Heskey look like a world beater.

£13m would prove good business and with the £14m expected to be brought in for Palacios, 'Arry may finally have a few quid to bring in those world class class players we're all expecting to be wearing the lilywhite next season.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Forlan Medical?

I'm always slightly hesitant when it comes to posting based strictly on ''ITK's''. They could be about as concrete as Arsenal's title challenge last season.

Although, it was reported yesterday that one old United boy in the form of Diego Forlan had jumped on a flight to England and was seen at Spurs Lodge for a medical. The former flop really found his finishing boots in Spain as he scored a shed load of goals for Atletico Madrid alongside a certain Sergio Aguero. I'm sure I read his name alongside a £40m bid in January somewhere.

At 32, the Uruguayan is certainly knocking on a little but could be the platform to push us into Europe's elite competition. We need a forward that's confident in front of goal and Diego would bring that. "But would he flop again?" You may ask. We'd have to see. Bringing him in for up to £7m wouldn't damage Levy's pockets to much you'd think. He'd be worth the risk and should be looking to tarnish his old reputation he had at United.

Anyway, atleast things on the L*** M***** front have simmered down. Still no word from him though.

Thoughts on Forlan?

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Has The Day Finally Come?

The recent departure of Jamie 'I had to leave' O'Hara has seemed to force open the exit gates at White Hart Lane as another professional incapable of finding his way into the first team is set to leave, according to reports.

Jermaine Jenas. Marmite with most of us. I like marmite but will confess to not being JJ's biggest fan. How he managed to captain the side in Madrid last season still brings a shock to the system.

It's been heavily reported that JJ is set for a £5m move to Turkey, with Fenerbahce a mooted destination. We have come to discover that trying to get rid of the dead wood each season is a feat that is far easier said than done. Who'd have thought that no club was willing to splash out on our overpaid and underachieved bench warmers.

Jermaine has never really lived up to expectation after a promising first season at the club, yes he had one good season, and I'm sure we won't miss him to much.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

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It gives us the chance as fans to communicate with each other about important issues taking place at the Lane, and you know there's always something to talk about. Mine reached overload after the Modric debacle but we all know that that has all been put to bed. Or so we can assume.

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Luka Wants Out. It's Official

Bombshell dropped. Dreams dented. Hopes shattered. Modders has finally declared he wants to move to Cheatscum. Yup, the ageing bunch with more money than sense. The same bunch that make our prawn sandwich brigade look like McDonald's regulars.

If you're scared easily. Look away now.

‘I want to leave Tottenham as friends. I have enjoyed my time there, but now it is right for me to look at another club.

'I have an arrangement with the chairman. When I signed my new contract, he said that, if another club came to sign me, they would consider the offer.’

‘Chelsea are a big club with an ambitious owner. They have great players and they have ambitions to fight for the title and win the Champions League.

‘I want to stay in London. I am very happy here and so are my family. I like the city.’

‘I don’t want to have an argument with Tottenham,’ said Modric. ‘The supporters have been very good to me and I have enjoyed my time playing for the club, but it is for football that players leave clubs and move. It has happened to Tottenham before. It is normal for a player to dream about playing for a bigger club.
This is not about money, it is about ambition. When I came to England, I was dreaming about winning titles. That is still the same.'

‘Tottenham are a big club, with good players and a good manager, but I want to fight for the championship. Spurs will always have a place in my heart. My experiences in the Champions League have left me with the desire for more.'

‘I need to talk with the chairman. I won’t ask for a transfer, no. That would be disrespectful. I hope they can reach an agreement (with another club) that is satisfactory for everyone. I am on holiday, but I need to speak and to see if I can find a solution to this.’

So there's the daunting reality. Good things don't last. A soulless club grasping another one of our family. Continue the talk on twitter by following us using the link on the right.

Knew that bid was a publicity stunt. No surprises Luka wants out days after Chelsea make their interest official.


Fixture thoughts.

To an extent, I feel a little ignorant even discussing this as at the end of the day everyone has to play everyone. Although, a good start could prove season defining (as it was in the 09/10 season) so it's important to start off positively.

Everton, United and City. It's not the kindest but atleast 2 of those are at the Lane. After those, I predict we'll take 4 points to Wolves the week after and this time hopefully score more than we concede.

The Christmas period brings us home games against Sunderland and Chelsea before listening to Norwich away on a Monday night because of having to visit those relatives you'd 'missed' for the last year Boxing day. Soon after we get to take a nice trip abroad to Swansea before kick starting 2012, and the beginning of the end of the world, with a home trip against the Baggies.

We then round off the campaign, assuming the world hasn't ended, with a home trip against Blackburn, an away trip to Villa- but don't expect to see McLeish sitting in the dugout, and finish off with a huge game at home to Fulham.

Last year gave us a big slap in the face that no PL game is a dead on cert.


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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Eto'o considering move

He gave us some nervous moments when he pulled a goal back for Inter at the Lane last year and now Samuel Eto'o is considering plying his trade in England.

Undoubted ability, a winner at all levels and a forward that would strike fear into many sides. Much like an old Liverpool forward before he started firing more blanks in West London than Rebrov did on a good day for us.

"I am currently considering my options," he told Italian newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport. "I have one month to decide as to whether I want to stay put or choose to move to the Premier League.

"I am now 30-years-old and it is very important for me to think about my future before I sign what could be my last contract. I have already shown that I have what it takes to play in Italy and I now have the idea of proving myself in England."

Optimistic? Yes. Impossible? Nothing ever is in football. All I'd say is that trying to engineer a move for the forward would give an indication clearer than water 'Arry and Levy do mean business.

Maybe the boy would fancy one last challenge before he hangs his boots up with a lavely retirement starting to appear on the horizon. Then again, maybe not.


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Modric Agent Fraud!

It seemed as though we were being kept well up to date regarding our prized Croat and his current status as the Club from Modric's 'agent'. Everything seemed to be fairly bright with a slight cloud heading over from Stamford Bridge.

Well, reports today are stating that this Nikki Vuksan fella isn't actually in fact Modric's agent. Crazy eh.

This is the bloke that reiterated Modders' happiness to stay at Tottenham. Most agents prize on the move of one of their clients, it brings them a few weeks in the Caribbean with cash to spare.

Anyway if these reports are true then I assume Abramovich has kidnapped Modders' real agent and is at this time waving 50's in front of his eyes until he'll force a move upon his client.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Those Cheeky C***s

Wow oh wow. So the ball has finally started rolling. Weeks of paper talk and suddenly Abramovich has pulled 'is cheque book out to offer us a sum that that wouldn't even cover the cost of Luka's boots.

It seems even without a man at the helm at the bridge, Chelsea can still find time to move in on our player of the season. A player that some fans envisage even a princely hundred mill would fall short. Come on now, a hundred mill would bring us a host of average players to pull us back down to our old mediocre selves.

Chelsea know that we value Luka above 22mil. An irreplaceable player fetches a little more, one would assume, than an estimated 6mil above what we paid, excluding his wages. What this offer does is get the journo's jumping all over Luka's back for yet another week just to ensure he knows that Abramovich wants him.

At this rate Luka's head will be turned so far that soon enough it'll be back where it started and fully committed to Spurs. Maybe that's 'Arry's mentality anyway? It's like a girlfriend you've grown so close to starts suggesting that things aren't working when another bloke appears in the frame.

22 mil. It's not a serious offer. But now Luka knows that this reported interest is official. Levy won't be sweating just yet though.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Imagine this at the Lane..

So in the mist of an already extra silly silly season, I came across this video which I couldn't help but laugh at.

I can't see Liverpool catching on with the beah ball's but no doubt Man City would've stolen it next season though.


Why oh why, 'Arry?

So we've reached June, just about. I reckon half of Manchester thought they'd have their hands on Modders by now. Thankfully both 'Arry and his advisor have both drowned the noise of this stating that Luka will not go to Manchester United and he will stay at Tottenham. For now, that's enough for me.

Like many of you, NewsNow is my daily paper. Today, it was bombarded with a flurry of reports saying we'd made a €10m move for Abel Hernandez. I don't like to pre-judge. I have my entire faith in Spurs to bring the right man to lead our line next season.

Although, it did raise an eyebrow, Ancelotti style, when I read the boy had hit just three goals in 22 appearances last season. The boy must have a lot more than goals to his game to have caught Levy's eye but, admittedly, I've not had the privilege to see Abel on a football pitch.

I also glanced across a report that young Kyle Walker was set to complete another season long loan away from Spurs and return to QPR. Que another Ancelotti eyebrow raise. Why oh why would we not give this boy a chance? He was our finest right back last season, and he didn't play for us once. He's worth atleast half a chance. Why let go a player that looks a promising England full back?

To many questions for this time of day.