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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Modric Agent Fraud!

It seemed as though we were being kept well up to date regarding our prized Croat and his current status as the Club from Modric's 'agent'. Everything seemed to be fairly bright with a slight cloud heading over from Stamford Bridge.

Well, reports today are stating that this Nikki Vuksan fella isn't actually in fact Modric's agent. Crazy eh.

This is the bloke that reiterated Modders' happiness to stay at Tottenham. Most agents prize on the move of one of their clients, it brings them a few weeks in the Caribbean with cash to spare.

Anyway if these reports are true then I assume Abramovich has kidnapped Modders' real agent and is at this time waving 50's in front of his eyes until he'll force a move upon his client.


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