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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Forlan Medical?

I'm always slightly hesitant when it comes to posting based strictly on ''ITK's''. They could be about as concrete as Arsenal's title challenge last season.

Although, it was reported yesterday that one old United boy in the form of Diego Forlan had jumped on a flight to England and was seen at Spurs Lodge for a medical. The former flop really found his finishing boots in Spain as he scored a shed load of goals for Atletico Madrid alongside a certain Sergio Aguero. I'm sure I read his name alongside a £40m bid in January somewhere.

At 32, the Uruguayan is certainly knocking on a little but could be the platform to push us into Europe's elite competition. We need a forward that's confident in front of goal and Diego would bring that. "But would he flop again?" You may ask. We'd have to see. Bringing him in for up to £7m wouldn't damage Levy's pockets to much you'd think. He'd be worth the risk and should be looking to tarnish his old reputation he had at United.

Anyway, atleast things on the L*** M***** front have simmered down. Still no word from him though.

Thoughts on Forlan?

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