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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Those Cheeky C***s

Wow oh wow. So the ball has finally started rolling. Weeks of paper talk and suddenly Abramovich has pulled 'is cheque book out to offer us a sum that that wouldn't even cover the cost of Luka's boots.

It seems even without a man at the helm at the bridge, Chelsea can still find time to move in on our player of the season. A player that some fans envisage even a princely hundred mill would fall short. Come on now, a hundred mill would bring us a host of average players to pull us back down to our old mediocre selves.

Chelsea know that we value Luka above 22mil. An irreplaceable player fetches a little more, one would assume, than an estimated 6mil above what we paid, excluding his wages. What this offer does is get the journo's jumping all over Luka's back for yet another week just to ensure he knows that Abramovich wants him.

At this rate Luka's head will be turned so far that soon enough it'll be back where it started and fully committed to Spurs. Maybe that's 'Arry's mentality anyway? It's like a girlfriend you've grown so close to starts suggesting that things aren't working when another bloke appears in the frame.

22 mil. It's not a serious offer. But now Luka knows that this reported interest is official. Levy won't be sweating just yet though.


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