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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Redknapp to sell entire first team

How I hate the morning papers. I think it's fair to say that they decide a players' future before the player does and helps contribute to driving them out of their clubs, and for what, to fill an article every morning? But then again, that's life. I've read some crazy articles over the seasons, I'm sure we all have; some we glee with optimism and others we wish would hide away and never appear again.

After a rollercoaster of a season I'm sure we were all expecting a few changes at Tottenham this summer, expecting the usual unbelievable rumour to surface occasionally (or if you read the Mirror, every day) but this summer, despite the window not even open, has got to be the most bizarre 'silly season' ever. Reading the back pages today, in one article, no fewer than eight first team players are linked with moves away; these being: Zokora, Bale, Bentley, Pav, Huddlestone, Bent, Gomes and Modric. Now, do we really believe Harry will let all of these players go in one window despite the fact that Pav, Modric and Gomes have all stated they're staying?

Do journalists really get paid for this? Putting near enough every Spurs first team player in the same article and saying they're set to leave, how it annoys me. I'm surprised Lennons not in there, oh of course, he's just signed a new contract.. so he'll be linked away in a month or so. I'd love to see where the papers get their 'sources' from but to be honest I'm sure we're all getting sick of it, the odd rumour does make me laugh but when our whole first team is linked with moves away I feel like I've wasted my time reading a pointless article and what respect I had for that paper drops ever so lower.

I may start my own paper and stick the whole Arsenal team in one article saying they'll leave, I rarely see many of them about..



Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swap deal involving Bentley and Barry

Reports this morning are suggesting that there could be a swap deal involving Gareth Barry and our Rolls Royce, David Bentley. Ok, I think it's fairly conclusive that this sort of deal would favour the 1-goal-wonder David Bentley as he'd be sure to get more playing time under Martin at Villa, and, for Spurs, due to a lack of a better word, this 'deadwood' could be shifted and contribute to lightening up our hefty wage bill each week.

Although, if I were a Villa fan reading this I'd be devastated at the chance of swapping our influential captain for a Tottenham bench man and this is why I really can't see O'Neill conducting this sort of move. But, as a Tottenham fan, I'd feel we'd have a complete team for the upcoming season (again). I'd relish the thought of having Gareth Barry lining up with Luka Modric, Wilson Palacios and Aaron Lennon.. oh and yes Jenas who seems to have a clause in his contract preventing him from being benched, *sigh*. Maybe we could actually challenge for the top ten? (Gasps).

It be a dream if this move were to concur, but seriously, I can't see Barry leaving a side that are in next season's Europa League after giving the Arse a good run for their money for that 4th spot to join a side that, until February, looked to be stuck in a relegation battle. But as a Spurs fan, my shed of hope and optimism will still be inside me, as always-
But let's be honest, this move ain't gonna happen.


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lets all thank Downing..

Why? Is the first question that comes to my head when Spurs are linked with Downing. This is a player that has hardly set the Premier League alight and claiming to be 'Boro's best player isn't exactly an eye-opener. Yet, he is still included in the England squad and played Premiership football week in, week out- are England really getting desperate to 'show off' their talent in our very own league? This is a player that in 37 starts this season, failed to score a single goal in the league and notched up only a few assists, yet, he would be better than Modric on the left- apparently. Do Tottenham really like frustrating their own supporters? I wonder this season after season and this summer is no different.

Therefore my head is constantly left spinning when Downing is regarded as a quality left winger, and, according to Steve Gibson ('Boro Chairman) is a top four player. Sorry, am i missing something here? You'd think Downing was in the running for PFA player of the year (I'm sure if he played for United he'd be up there anyhow) Do you see Man United and Chelsea linked with Downing every season, no.. any guesses as to why?

Now, after stating the rather blatantly obvious that Downing is not right for Spurs or for the Premiership in that sense, I find a rumour that there was a gentleman's agreement in place with Spurs and Downing for a £15m transfer this summer. I was left shocked when reading this and the thought of it still sends shivers down my spine, yes, shivers.

Although, God sent down a miracle to Spurs fans when it was reported that Downing needed surgery and could be out for up to 6 months, and is sure to miss all of the summer. I smiled. Surely, now, Spurs would not shed out £15m for a player that is likely to not play until January- but then again this is Tottenham we're talking about. So thank you Downing for getting injured and attempting to prevent a move to Tottenham, you could've not made me more happy at the moment.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Does Redknapp want us relegated?

The end of the Premier League season only means one thing; the beginning of the 'silly season'. Every summer, it is reported Tottenham are going to spend over £100m on players that turns out even the current manager hasn't even heard of. We are linked with players such as David Beckham to super stars such as Janick Kamber- ever heard of him? That's what I thought- To be honest, according to the press, we're expecting to buy three new teams' worth of players and it's getting boring.

Right, I know, I won't drag on and state the blatantly obvious, but this blog does have a point to it. At least under Ramos we were getting linked with world beaters and aiming high. Ok, so Redknapp has come out and said to the press that we'll be challenging the top four next season- the fourth manager after Santini, Jol and Ramos to come out and say this. It's the same tune we've all heard before and now just seems like a promotion activity in order to boost the sale of season tickets by filling us fans with false optimism, thanks Daniel.

Redknapp expects a challenge for the top four next season and has said he wants to sign 3 players to do so. Usually,I'd be excited to see what talent we can draw in, but, looking at the players 'Arry has wanted in the past, I am left wondering as to how he expects to do this.

We have been linked with, in the last six months, Stewart Downing of relegated 'Boro, WEST HAM'S former striker Craig Bellamy and Aston Villa's excuse for Jermaine Jenas- Stiliyan Petrov. Now looking at these, 'big' names I wonder why Redknapp is making the almost impossible, impossible by putting out a harder task than already laid out. Would he really play Downing, Petrov and Bellamy (at the time) in place of Modric, Palacios and Defoe/Keane/Pav or Bent. Even Bent has hit double figures this season Craig.

I'm sure I speak for many Spurs fans when I say that this is possibly a worse Midfield than Luton's and would surely be more likely to get us relegated than stick us in the top four. We'll be the Newcastle of the south if this sort of 'talent' is signed. Am I looking forward to the summer signings that will finally propel us into the top four.. No.


Keane hates Tottenham

Ok, I do have an explanation to such an absurd title; Robbie Keane came out today and explained why he didn't celebrate his goal against Liverpool on Sunday.

"Over the years you would have seen that I never celebrate against my former clubs when I score against them, so this was no different," he said. "But as a striker its always nice to score, regardless of who it's against and despite the amount of hype around my return before the game."

Yeah, ok, that's 'fair enough' Robbie(the eyeballs roll) but how about a little thought for the 3000 Spurs fans that travelled up to a near enough meaningless game at the other end of the country?(lets be honest, we weren't going to win)

Ok yeah, right, you were there for 6 months, and to be honest, barely got through a whole game. We splash out the best part of £15m to bring you here and, despite some very mediocre performances, we stood by you and made you our leader. We accepted the fact that you left for a 'bigger club' and welcomed you back to your comfort zone when you career looked at an end.

Then we see a rare goal from you and you can't even pay the respect to the die hard Spurs fans that have splashed out their money to watch you play and who pay your wages then you cant even celebrate with them when you score our last goal of the season.
So yeah, thanks Robbie, keep your the respect for you previous employer but remember where your home is now. Show some respect.
P.S We still love you.
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Manager of the season: The REAL contenders

Once again we come to May with the end of the season very much amongst us. Yet still, surprisingly, the bottom three and Premier League winner are still to be decided, and now Tottenham have safely survived the threat of being in the fizzy pop, I think it's fair to say it'll be an exciting end to it all. so we come to the end of the season and the awards that come with it; we've already seen glimpses that the FA have already engraved 'Sir Alex Ferguson' into one award, but, in the unlikely event that the manager of the season isn't fixed for this season and staying in Manchester, let's have a look at some real contenders for it.

To start, despite their poor run of late, Aston Villa's Martin O'Neill is in top contention; as, for much of the season, gluing themselves to that 4th spot ahead of familiar faces at Arsenal. O'Neill's worked wonders with a small, young and talented bunch of players and early results illustrated the fantastic man-management that he is renowned for. O'Neill's built a Villa team that are punching way above their weight- on a limited transfer budget- by making small improvements and small change every summer to the squad.

The benefits were clear in early season results, beating teams such as Arsenal at the Emirates was once personal highlight for me. O'Neill has developed and worked with young English players such as Ashley Young, who was signed for £8m a few seasons back, and mentioned that he was going to be one of England's greatest players. Ashley has quite obviously proved that this season after already picking up the PFA Young Player Of The Year award and deservedly so.
I truly believe that the lack of depth in the Villa team was the reason behind their recent slump. A young team cannot expect to defy the odds and keep hold of 4th sport for such a long period of time and I now believe that they are severely suffering a hangover much worse than a lot of us have had over the past year or so. I am sure, though, that the stamina will, in a few seasons, be present in this current Villa squad and one day will break into the top four of the Premier League. and that is why Martin O'Neill is a candidate for this award.

We move to East London for our next contender; West Ham's Gianfranco Zola. It is safe to say that when Zola took over from the manager less club, to my delight, West Ham really were in free-fall. Results went against them every week and, despite not even half the season had passed, West Ham were favourites for the drop. Zola, similarly to O'Neill came in, and, due to the financial crisis that was clear at West Ham, had no money to spend and so was left with the same squad to work with for the whole season. Zola has done a magnificent job despite injuries to key players such as top scorer Carlton Cole, Mark Noble and Dean Ashton and has managed to drag the Hammers not just from safety but within 3 points of a European place in the league.

Zola has only been at the club for 7-8 months or so but in that short period of time has clawed credibility back to East London and now their fans can start to believe in their team again. A key asset Zola has brought in was, notably, Steve Clark of Chelsea who's winning mentality and brilliant coaching skills have worked wonders with West Ham.
With injuries hitting the club, no transfer budget and the club in financial melt down, Zola has managed to turn West Ham into a force worth reckoning and look a real contender for that 7th spot and that is why West Ham's Gianfranco Zola is a contender for the award.

Our next contender may come as a shock to some, and not one that would immediately be thought of as a candidate for the award is Fulham's Roy Hodgson. Before Roy took over, Fulham's Premier League survival for the last 4 years looked uncertain and, at times, they looked down and out but jumped back at the death and grabbed survival from the claws of relegation. Roy's exceptional management of Fulham was present at the end of last season where Fulham managed to clinch 5 wins from their last 9 games to survive including one game where they came from 2-0 down to beat Man. City 3-2 at Eastlands to help them clinch survival. Roy has turned Fulham from a team that were just there to make up the numbers in the league to one that visiting teams fear.

Fulham are now in a position where one win could clinch them European football and achieve their highest ever finish in the Premier League and this is all fallen down to the man management of Roy Hodgson, he has invested a small sum over the previous transfer markets with the biggest being £10m spent on former Everton striker Andy Johnson. Hodgson has ensured that every week his players are fighting for their places and has made the club one in which players want to play for; one notable player is Brede Hangeland that looks a much more of an assured defender than he did last year and has been vital for Fulham's remarkable season.
With Fulham sitting 7th and looking hot favourites for a place in next season's Europa league, Roy has turned Fulham from relegation battlers to a safe and established Premier League side and that is why he is a contender for the award.

Our penultimate contender is in the shape of Everton's David Moyes. Now, there's a lot to say why Moyes should be in contention for this award a lot more than he is. After coming to Everton a fair few seasons back he has spent little and has only had a small squad to work with, but, each season Everton are challenging for the top 7 and more often than not achieve European football. Moyes continues to invest very little in the squad but keeps faith in the young English academy players that continue to impress in the first team. Players such as Dan Gosling have come on leaps and bounds and looking more and more comfortable playing against some of the best players in the world, the risk and faith Moyes has kept in this young English talent has clearly paid off and helping the national team out is always nice as well.

Everton are guaranteed a European spot this season, as they have been for the last few seasons, they knocked out Manchester United to reach the final of the FA Cup and Moyes has done this with a squad of tender age and with little depth in it as well. Moyes has spent little cash at every opportunity handed to him and continues to make small changes as he focuses on the building of the young team he has at his disposal. His faith in young English players is also very encouraging that we might actually have some decent players in the years to come for the national team and Everton are helping this cause. Because of this, Moyes is an obvious candidate for the award.

Our final contender comes to Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Redknapp. For much of this season, Tottenham had been fighting what looked liked a lost battle to stay in the league. The Ramos 'revolution' wasn't really meeting minimum expectations, by a long way and so Harry was drafted in to keep us in the league. Ever since, Harry has worked wonders with the club; his man management and the confidence he unleashed on the players was a breath of fresh air and ever since we have looked like a top side. Under Redknapp, Spurs have only conceded 9 goals at home all season, a current record, have only lost once at home since November and have only lost once to a side in the 'top four', a controversial loss at that as well. Spurs have also defeated the likes of Liverpool and Chealsea at the Lane and have held Arsenal on two accounts. Players such as Heurelho Gomes has come on massively after a horrid start to the season and is now one of the top keepers in the league. Players such as Modric and Ekotto are playing above expectation and looking different players to what they were at the start of the season.

When Redknapp took over, Spurs looked dead after taking just 2 points from the opening 8 games of the season. Since then, Redknapp's work with the defence have resulted in less goals being conceded and a real push for 7th spot is currently at hand. spurs are once again a real force in the league and wins against teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool at home and Man. City and Villa away mean that they can upset anyone. After saving Tottenham's season around, Harry is a contender for Manager of the season.

So there you have, it's been a long read but those are the managers that I believe should be in contention for manager of the season. I have no doubts though that the award will go to Sir Alex despite them almost bottling the league and guiding the current best team in Europe to, almost, another Premier League trophy.

Regards, Ben

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Jermaine Jenas, Heurelho Gomes and another 1-0 win

THE BAGGIES at home. Ok, they picked up one point for each goal they scored against Sunderland last week but sill i'd thought we'd do them 3-0; as did many other fans that were congrugated outside WHL eager to not miss kick off. I could see Robbie Keane, Luka Modric and Ledley King goals but after all that, it was Tottenham's scapegoat for the season Jermaine Jenas who popped up with a smart finish into Paxton Road on the stroke of half time. Since Redknapp took over, Iv noticed a change in JJ, he battles more and earns his 30 grand each week- well, to an extent. Still though, I pictured a fairly routine home win and not in the slightest could I see us losing our second home game under the Redkanpp era.

I respected West Brom, they played five in midfield and, at times, looked to play football. Their major flaw, though, was trying to play through our midfield. At a time when Palacios is looking better and better each week, not even the mighty Borja valero, Robert Greening or Chris Brunt could play through our Honduran tank. Still though, for 93 minutes, they tried and tried- I would say I felt sorry for them, but I didn't.
A fourth consecutive 1-0 win at home and I'm not complaining, yeah West Brom are bottom of the league, but, to be honest- they're no Derby County. They forced some wonderful saves by the in-form Heurelho Gomes, take a look on MOTD- they were stunning. Spurs are looking more and more confident at knocking the ball around and are beginning to be a joy to watch it week, the depression has passed and now as we get to the business end of the season it's exciting being the favourites for games once again.

The win today was Spurs' 6th consecutive clean sheet at home. Considering at the start of the season we couldn't buy three points; it brings such delight to now mention that we haven't lost at home since November and have won our last five home games, and this is on the basis of many players that have come on since Redknapp took over. The one to have come on the most has got to be the goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes; the Brazilian has gone from the World's worst to one of the Premier League's top 4 or 5 pulling off potential saves of the season and he continued that with another two today. Another player is former Geordie midfielder Jermaine Jenas. I'm fast becoming more of a fan of Jenas, as recent performances have proved, he's been sticking the ball into the back of the net more often and getting his foot stuck in for once- plus he's still got the excuse of being a younger member of the team; so that'l be another player that will leave us and end up at a bigger club, I hear Jose's back in for him?

Still though another 1-0 win against the worst team in the league, statistically, and I'm satisfied. We kept our cool, a clean sheet and we looked confident at the back; even though our 'keeper got us out of trouble on a couple of occasions. Woodgate and King looking strong at the back and as long as we score more than the opposition i couldn't care less how many we concede. And now as the cricket season is upon us *sighs* and the football season draws to a close *sighs more* it should prove to be a decent end to it all.

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Regards, Ben