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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Keane hates Tottenham

Ok, I do have an explanation to such an absurd title; Robbie Keane came out today and explained why he didn't celebrate his goal against Liverpool on Sunday.

"Over the years you would have seen that I never celebrate against my former clubs when I score against them, so this was no different," he said. "But as a striker its always nice to score, regardless of who it's against and despite the amount of hype around my return before the game."

Yeah, ok, that's 'fair enough' Robbie(the eyeballs roll) but how about a little thought for the 3000 Spurs fans that travelled up to a near enough meaningless game at the other end of the country?(lets be honest, we weren't going to win)

Ok yeah, right, you were there for 6 months, and to be honest, barely got through a whole game. We splash out the best part of £15m to bring you here and, despite some very mediocre performances, we stood by you and made you our leader. We accepted the fact that you left for a 'bigger club' and welcomed you back to your comfort zone when you career looked at an end.

Then we see a rare goal from you and you can't even pay the respect to the die hard Spurs fans that have splashed out their money to watch you play and who pay your wages then you cant even celebrate with them when you score our last goal of the season.
So yeah, thanks Robbie, keep your the respect for you previous employer but remember where your home is now. Show some respect.
P.S We still love you.
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