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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Does Redknapp want us relegated?

The end of the Premier League season only means one thing; the beginning of the 'silly season'. Every summer, it is reported Tottenham are going to spend over £100m on players that turns out even the current manager hasn't even heard of. We are linked with players such as David Beckham to super stars such as Janick Kamber- ever heard of him? That's what I thought- To be honest, according to the press, we're expecting to buy three new teams' worth of players and it's getting boring.

Right, I know, I won't drag on and state the blatantly obvious, but this blog does have a point to it. At least under Ramos we were getting linked with world beaters and aiming high. Ok, so Redknapp has come out and said to the press that we'll be challenging the top four next season- the fourth manager after Santini, Jol and Ramos to come out and say this. It's the same tune we've all heard before and now just seems like a promotion activity in order to boost the sale of season tickets by filling us fans with false optimism, thanks Daniel.

Redknapp expects a challenge for the top four next season and has said he wants to sign 3 players to do so. Usually,I'd be excited to see what talent we can draw in, but, looking at the players 'Arry has wanted in the past, I am left wondering as to how he expects to do this.

We have been linked with, in the last six months, Stewart Downing of relegated 'Boro, WEST HAM'S former striker Craig Bellamy and Aston Villa's excuse for Jermaine Jenas- Stiliyan Petrov. Now looking at these, 'big' names I wonder why Redknapp is making the almost impossible, impossible by putting out a harder task than already laid out. Would he really play Downing, Petrov and Bellamy (at the time) in place of Modric, Palacios and Defoe/Keane/Pav or Bent. Even Bent has hit double figures this season Craig.

I'm sure I speak for many Spurs fans when I say that this is possibly a worse Midfield than Luton's and would surely be more likely to get us relegated than stick us in the top four. We'll be the Newcastle of the south if this sort of 'talent' is signed. Am I looking forward to the summer signings that will finally propel us into the top four.. No.


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