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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swap deal involving Bentley and Barry

Reports this morning are suggesting that there could be a swap deal involving Gareth Barry and our Rolls Royce, David Bentley. Ok, I think it's fairly conclusive that this sort of deal would favour the 1-goal-wonder David Bentley as he'd be sure to get more playing time under Martin at Villa, and, for Spurs, due to a lack of a better word, this 'deadwood' could be shifted and contribute to lightening up our hefty wage bill each week.

Although, if I were a Villa fan reading this I'd be devastated at the chance of swapping our influential captain for a Tottenham bench man and this is why I really can't see O'Neill conducting this sort of move. But, as a Tottenham fan, I'd feel we'd have a complete team for the upcoming season (again). I'd relish the thought of having Gareth Barry lining up with Luka Modric, Wilson Palacios and Aaron Lennon.. oh and yes Jenas who seems to have a clause in his contract preventing him from being benched, *sigh*. Maybe we could actually challenge for the top ten? (Gasps).

It be a dream if this move were to concur, but seriously, I can't see Barry leaving a side that are in next season's Europa League after giving the Arse a good run for their money for that 4th spot to join a side that, until February, looked to be stuck in a relegation battle. But as a Spurs fan, my shed of hope and optimism will still be inside me, as always-
But let's be honest, this move ain't gonna happen.


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