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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lets all thank Downing..

Why? Is the first question that comes to my head when Spurs are linked with Downing. This is a player that has hardly set the Premier League alight and claiming to be 'Boro's best player isn't exactly an eye-opener. Yet, he is still included in the England squad and played Premiership football week in, week out- are England really getting desperate to 'show off' their talent in our very own league? This is a player that in 37 starts this season, failed to score a single goal in the league and notched up only a few assists, yet, he would be better than Modric on the left- apparently. Do Tottenham really like frustrating their own supporters? I wonder this season after season and this summer is no different.

Therefore my head is constantly left spinning when Downing is regarded as a quality left winger, and, according to Steve Gibson ('Boro Chairman) is a top four player. Sorry, am i missing something here? You'd think Downing was in the running for PFA player of the year (I'm sure if he played for United he'd be up there anyhow) Do you see Man United and Chelsea linked with Downing every season, no.. any guesses as to why?

Now, after stating the rather blatantly obvious that Downing is not right for Spurs or for the Premiership in that sense, I find a rumour that there was a gentleman's agreement in place with Spurs and Downing for a £15m transfer this summer. I was left shocked when reading this and the thought of it still sends shivers down my spine, yes, shivers.

Although, God sent down a miracle to Spurs fans when it was reported that Downing needed surgery and could be out for up to 6 months, and is sure to miss all of the summer. I smiled. Surely, now, Spurs would not shed out £15m for a player that is likely to not play until January- but then again this is Tottenham we're talking about. So thank you Downing for getting injured and attempting to prevent a move to Tottenham, you could've not made me more happy at the moment.


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