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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One Problem We Took From Norwich.

What a fantastic victory. We've played more than a fair share of blinders this season but I'll stick to my guns and say that that was our best performance since the defeat of Liverpool a few months back. Triffic. A formation that is looking more finely balanced than Philippe Petit walking the high-wire between the two towers of Notre Dame back in the '70's. We're a joy to the eye.

I'm sure I'm not alone in crying out for weeks for a formation that consisted of a centre midfield of Sandro and Parker with Modric sitting in front. The holding midfield of Sandro and Parker sat comfortably whilst allowing Modric the freedom to strive forward and link up with Bale, Rafa and Ade. The team just oozed class. Even if it was a mid-table side, the performance last night would've given any side a good chase for their cash.

What I also noticed was how well the team worked as a unit in defence. On the rare occasions Norwich enjoyed some possession in our final third there was consistently 10 players behind the ball and this forced Norwich to shoot from 30 odd yards out. We'd press the space well, win the aerial challenges and start playing our football from the back 4. We're much better at keeping the ball this season. Every player wants to get involved and play football the right way, on the deck. What I love about Adebayor is that he's probably the only 'big forward' that prefers to have the ball at his feet than in the air. It suits our style of play down to a tee.

Adebayor. I've noted on here before that he can frustrate the bleeding life out of me. Although, he's probably the only forward that has such a poor shot on him but is still one of the first names on the team sheet. His work rate, his link up play and his movement is phenomenal. He could have a team and a half worth of players surrounding him and he'd manage to keep the ball and make space from it.

But one problem that has probably been pointed out before is that we could be one Adebayor injury away from being starved up front. I'd find it hard to believe I was the only one to have the old heart in the mouth when Ade pulled up clutching the hamstring in Norwich only to look across and see super Pav twiddling his thumbs wondering what to spend his wages on this week. With Defoe currently out and Pav just not fit to lead the line, a forward must be a priority this January.

We're enjoying a good run of form, playing the best we've played for 50 years and picking up points home and away. I might start to enjoy this.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Assault Continues.

On the back of a rather misfortunate and, in my opinion, a rather unexpected defeat at the hands of Foy, err Stoke rather, many would've looked to Sunderland as a mere light obstacle on the path to jumping back into third. This was the sort of game last year that Gallas proclaimed the players "thought they'd won it before even kicking a ball," and as the minutes ticked down it looked increasingly likely to be one of those games.

Thankfully Super Pav found a way to shed a rare glimpse of light on himself and propel us back above Chelsea prior to tomorrow's meet.

Tomorrow's game is massive for Chelsea. Yes, for Chelsea. AVB hasn't, as yet, underlined his sides authority or dominance on the Premier League. The win over Manchester City in their last home game toned down the pressure and gave the Portuguese boss a rare opportunity to claim that his current Chelsea side can win the Premier League. To date, their results against sides competing for the Premier League title and top 4 positions aren't title-worthy:

Man Utd 3-1 Chelsea
3-5 Arsenal
Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool
Chelsea 2-1 Man. City.

So who are the boys that could cause us a bit of bovver tomorrow? For me, one of the key players who'd have to have an eye kept on him is Danny Sturridge. The young English forward has forced his way into the first team, and deservedly so, replacing a player that was once valued at £50 million. 50 million, bloody hell. I bet Roman still has nightmares about last January.

Often operating on the right side of a 4-3-3, Sturridge is almost given a free role in attack whilst given the freedom to come deep to pick up the ball and attack the full back. I expect 'Arry to tell Benny to stay deeper and to limit him going forward as much as he'd like. I'd also expect to see him shut down high up the pitch in the hope of limiting his influence in attack. Sturridge could've walked away with a hat trick and the match ball from Newcastle had his finishing been more clinical; Ryan Taylor guilty of giving him the freedom of the Sports Direct Stadium in which to play in.

Drogba is one other that can also cause problems in attack. On their day, I can't stand that phrase, King and Kaboul can have anyone in their pocket; just ask Suarez. It's fair to say they've had a fair few of those days this season; another one Thursday wouldn't go a miss. Chelsea like to play their football, Mata is fantastic with the ball at his feet and another real danger. Much like Sturridge, he's another that likes to pick up the ball early and attack inside, looking for key passes and getting involved as much as possible- much like Rafa but with pace.

On comparison with two fully fit sides, I'd fancy our chances. Although, football being as it is, this is not a priviledge we currently have at our disposal. With the expected absences of Bale, Lennon and Defoe I'd take a punt on an attacking 4-2-3-1.

An expected back four of: Walker, King, Kaboul, Benny
A Centre Midfield of: Scott and Sandro
A forward three of: Townsend, Modric, Vdv
And Adebayor up front.

Our best chance of winning this game is putting Chelsea on the back foot and playing our own game. By playing high up the pitch and keeping it tight, this restricts the opportunity for the likes of Mata and Sturridge to get on the ball and attack. Townsend would be a gamble, no doubt, but throwing a young English player into the deep end may motivate him to make sure he takes his chance with both hands. He's also a similar sort of player to Bale and looks confident with the ball at his feet, operating off of either flank. A Centre midfield partnership of Parker and Sandro frees up the likes of Luka and Rafa to operate in a free role just behind Adebayor without having to look over their shoulder every two minutes.

It's these sort of games that can really underpin our belief that the sky is the limit. Although I'd snap your hands off for fourth, there's no reason we can't form an assault on third or higher and Chelsea are one club that, at times, look there for the taking.

Considering the key players we could have missing for Thursday, I'd take a point. Had we been at full strength then I'd feel a win would've looked very promising. I'll go 1-1.

Our assault on the top 4 continues.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whip Round Badly Needed!

I would begin by saying that this seems a fairly premature start for the usual 'silly season' but, to be honest, it's like insomnia- it never sleeps. I guess, to a rather short extent, it does bring a quick rush of excitement should the story appear to have some substance and a stable platform to stand on, as rare as it is.

Tevez. Carlos Ididn'trefusetoplayIjustrefusedtowarmup Tevez. It was these sort of rumours, back in the old 'Ibra to Spurs' days when it would bring joy to the eyes. It appeared to bring light to a usually below par season. Yes, it brought hope. Of course, they rarely came off. The only one for me was Rafa coming in last year. So upon reading "Tevez to Tottenham," I couldn't help but brush this aside with the old dustpan and brush. I'll be brave, stick the old neck on the line for not the first- and incredibly unlikely to be the last- time and say that this move is about as likely as Modric leaving in january. It. Ain't. 'Appenin'.

"But why, why couldn't we bring this fella into play for Spurs?"

First and most importantly, for Carlos anyway, I read somewhere that his wages are probably just a few quid over our wage limit. Not many folks are lucky enough to earn around £250k a week. £1m a month. £12m a year. This is of course an estimate, I'm not the blokes bloody accountant but I can't envisage his actual figure being far from this sum. I'm all for a whip round though.

My second issue would be to query why he'd join us. We are possibly looking at our best side since the double winning side of '61. We are having a good season. We are approaching Christmas and only 7 points of the league leaders with a game in hand. But I'd still find it hard to see Tevez itching to join a side that is not in the Champions League and, in all honesty, where he may not be guaranteed a start every week.

£20m? I can't see City letting him go for that sort of price. This guy has a market value of around £35m-£40m, possibly more. City are hardly short of a few quid and so can afford to hang on until they receive the right price for him. It would also raise an Ancelotti-style eyebrow if Citeh would allow Tevez to leave to a PL club, especially at a price under what he is valued at.

I'm sure it made pleasant reading. I'm sure it brightened the day up ever so slightly. It would be a very good signing, no doubt, but in all honesty the chances of this move going through are about as likely Arsenal are to win the treble. Sorry kids.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

"F*** me what have I done there today?"

I found myself sitting here almost writing in mere disbelief. The trip back from Stoke almost flew by like the 95 minutes today. So many incidents that needed little discussion but caused huge debate; Chris Foy finding himself in the centre of, well, everything. Heard Foy's recently gone into hiding?

Let's begin. We seem to have this 20 minute start away from home where we find we just can't get started. We know what Stoke are all about. In the last few years I felt we'd dealt with Stoke's aerial threat. Their fans celebrate being awarded throw ins like we do penalties. The problem in the first half was that Kaboul and Gallas failed to stamp any authority on to Crouch and Walters. They failed to bully them like Premier League centre halves should. Shawcross proved this; if he wanted Kaboul's shirt so desperately I'm sure something could've been sorted after the game.

Crouch did handball in the build up to the first goal. The linesman should've picked up on this but, even so, the defending was shambolic. After Etherington miss-hit his second and we found ourselves 2 down at half time, Redknapp gave the players the biggest wake-up call they'd have had all season. Reverting to 3-5-2 was brave but a smart move and one that needed to be done. Stoke were always likely to sit and try to protect everything they had, parking more than the bus in front of Sorensen.

The second half reminded me of my old Sunday league. If we were ever playing away from home it was always one of the parents of the home side refereeing. This left the chances of decisions going your way about as likely as Arsenal are to win the league. No chance. Foy's performance reminisced this, well, the refereeing wasn't even fit for the amateur Sunday leagues.

We needed to get that goal. We needed it early and keep Stoke on the back foot. I felt Modric was fortunate to get the penalty as, despite it being a clumsy challenge on the Croat, he went down rather late; but still, it was given and back into the game we found ourselves. What proceeded from then on almost pushed me to giving up on the sport completely- well for a few heated seconds anyway.

Issue 1: Kaboul finds himself booked for appealing a decision that even Shawcross was blushing at the decision to not award us a second penalty.

Issue 2: Shawcross elbows Kaboul's goal bound shot off the line but Foy, *insert Specsavers-based insult,* fails to spot this. I've been reassured that he is a professional referee.

Issue 3: Defoe found his shot just outside the 6 yard box blocked with hands. Although this was a much harder incident to pick out, the Stoke player in question proceeded to intentionally use his hands to block Defoe's shot.

Issue 4: Kaboul's sending off. I fail to see the difference between the foul on Modric and Kaboul's challenge on Walters, yet our centre half finds himself picking up a second booking. This is without even mentioning that Walter's was offside in the build up.

Issue 5: From the 1st minute Stoke ensured that time was not of an essence; do their fans enjoy seeing a ball dried over and over again? 60 minutes or so in I noticed that Shotten took, on average, around 18-20 seconds to take a throw in. Yes, I did count. Does that make me sad? Yes, a little.

Issue 6: Adebayor's disallowed goal. It was picked up by a few of us that this particular assistant referee was quick to change his decisions just as fast as he made them. Giving corners then reverting to goal kicks and incorrect decisions in terms of throw ins and fouls. How he's given Adebayor offside for his equaliser is still beyond me. Were the flood lights not bright enough? Was he thinking of what to have dinner that evening? Was he also thinking back to the catalogue of errors from his good mate Chris? I doubt it was the latter. But whatever it was, it's another decision that's cost us; and left a lot of us £36.50 down without the result we deserve.

Issue 7: The 'smaller' decisions- the simpler decisions- the decisions that, even standing a good 100 yards away, looked as routine as they come for a professional referee. But not for Foy, he made the day difficult for himself, he made it difficult for us. It wasn't the odd one or two incorrect decisions, this was 95 minutes of the most diabolical refereeing since United away a few years back. Eat your heart out Webb, Foy's topped you today.

Tottenham turning up proved about as pointless as Stoke's midfield; The drunk fella standing behind me would've done a better job. I was almost getting neck pains from raising my head up so much as the ball was lofted time and time again into the air. The boys gave everything in the second half, we got our tactics right but were robbed of a fair game; Foy leaving any little respect and dignity in Stoke.

Redknapp gave the Mail a much more honest view of Chris:

'We've come away with nothing because there was a blatant handball on the line and Adebayor is two yards onside when the ball is played to him,' said Redknapp

'That's why we've come away with nothing, two decisions have been completely and utterly wrong. I spoke to the referee after the game. I never go and speak to referees after the game, I accept defeat and have never complained about refereeing decisions in 30 years of managing. Never.

'But today he got some badly wrong. When he goes home tonight and sees them he'll know he's made a couple of terrible decisions.

'The linesman, he'll watch it tonight, when his wife's making him a bacon sandwich and he'll think: 'F*** me what have I done there today?'

'I thought Younes' second yellow was harsh and the first one he got was for telling the referee it was handball, for something he has missed,' said Redknapp.

'What's he supposed to do, not say anything when someone gets something wrong? Do you just accept it? I don't think so.'

He added: 'From the start I felt he wasn't going to give us an awful lot here today. That was the feeling I had.

'I just felt he was quite enjoying not giving us anything. It was one of those days.'

Kaboul's face upon seeing the red card emerge summed up the game. Disbelief. Disgusted. Robbed. I'd like my £36.50 refunded from Chris, I doubt I'd get it. I'd never stayed behind with a good few thousand others to give Foy a few thoughts and comments. His quick look up at the Spurs fans proceeded by his head dropping told the whole story. He knows he was abysmal. He knows he'd cost us atleast a point. There's the rant I'm used to.

Eff You Chris, Eff you.


Monday, 5 December 2011

How'd they pick that one out?

2 weeks into the 2011/2012 season and, although the sun was out in its full, it failed to gaze down over N17 as our season kicked off to a rather dim start; dim being the understatement of 2011 so far. I pictured Mancini seated in a large leather chair slowly running his fingers through the fur of a tabby cat, which was perched rather snug on his lap, as he oversaw the investment of millions being splashed out on the world's greatest talents.

As the start of our season was delayed due to kids deciding to wreak havoc on our beloved community; we found ourselves on the end of rather large defeats away at Yanited (atleast it wasn't 8) and at home to Citeh. Any pre-match optimisms were quickly dashed in Spurs-esque typical fashions as we began to think the worst with minimal transfer activity and one player that appeared willing to give his left arm to leave the club.

Come September 1st and even the most optimistic Spurs fans- the few of you that exist- could have hardly envisaged the formidable run that were to occur across the following 11 Premier League games. For sure the arrivals of Parker, now known simply as 'Super Scott,' and Adebayor were always going to fill the gaping holes torn in our side with the seemingly long term injury to Sandro and the finishing from last year that only resembled a forward line of the late Sergei Rebrov and Helder Postiga.

Through my own eyes, all I could see for the next two months was a treacherous road. A road that would feel like driving up the Alps during snow season. With the following game a usually tricky trip away at the Molineux and with fixtures against Liverpool, Arsenal and away at Newcastle to come within the next few weeks I remember telling myself that, come Christmas, if we stood comfortably in sixth then we'd have done well. We're typically a club always in the chase, and rarely find ourselves being the one chased.

Come December 5th and never has one glance at the league table brightened up such a typically cold and wet Monday. We're third. This isn't 4 games gone sitting third with 10th place just 3 points behind. This is third approaching (almost, kind of) the half way point of the season. With Scott Parker giving a new definition to the phrase 'hitting the ground running' and with the same lines of 'How've we gone so many blaady years without the boy?' a question being asked almost weekly, I can't help but think we've got a whole team of players that would be worthy for the player of the month award.

I was sceptical at the initial signing of Friedel. One of my close mates is a Villa fan and I remember him saying that he 'parrys' the ball out far to much for comfort. But what Brad has done is brought with him not only a wealth of experience but also the reliability needed to give the back four confidence. Gomes was no doubt a good shot stopper but his rather rash and unexpected ways always gave the impression that the 4 boys sitting in front of him lacked serious confidence in the man between the sticks. This lead to stupid mistakes and leaving games with a point instead of three.

Kyle Walker has been almost a fresh signing for Spurs. In the modern day game full backs are just as much wingers as they are defenders. They're expected to get forward to support in attacks but also aim to keep the opposition winger quiet. As good as Charlie was at defending, he lacked the pace to fit in with a modern day full back. It'll be a shame, but I expect him to find a decent club in January and probably prove to be a good coup for them. Kaboul was also one that has shown a vast amount of maturity since the summer. With Scotteh and Manu taking many of the plaudits, Kaboul's exploits and the extensive improvement in his defending has largely only gone noticed by us (and Juve); he reminds me of Benny, he'll give you a consistent game 9 times out of 10 but would never pop up on the radar as a stand out candidate to other clubs or the media; this I've no complaints with.

I think Luka was always going to be an interesting one, but in true Croat fashion he's wholeheartedly got on with it and I think that maybe, possibly, he might just be quietly happy again- but it's hardly like I'm best mates with the bloke. Levy's chains have remained untouched since the summer and his firm stance on the club concerning our magician are paying off, on and off the pitch. Bale looks to be reproducing his form of 2010 and even Lennon is looking the player that we all jump on our feet to watch. Defoe's barely had the sniff of first team action he'd expect but is still sticking the chances away and what a player we have to call upon.

Ade, although I still find he can frustrate the living daylights out of me at times with his shooting, he continues to find the net and links play fantastically. He's a rare breed of forward in that he's a lanky forward but his work rate is second to none. He's a different type of forward and one that we've missed; he constantly looks to bring others into play and this can be shown through his movement all over the pitch below.

I think this sums up Ade's work rate for the club. Considering this is the 'big' forward brought to lead our line, he's simply everywhere. This is Ade's attempted passes against Wolves, his first game for the club:

Considering this was his first game, to an extent, you expect a forward of his class to want to show his class and work rate for the team from day one. This was his attempted passes against Bolton, the latest game he played in. Notice how he consistently looks to start off plays even dropping to half way at times:

Ade is one that has been key to our recent success and we can only hope that he can continue this form throughout the whole season.

Rafa needs no mention. I think I've exhausted all the words that can be used to describe this bloke so instead he gets his own paragraph. He's world class. We can't ever moan that he brings problems with where he'd fit in because, if anything, we should adopt our formation to make him fit in. He scores goals, he makes goals and is entertaining on the ball. £8 million? Levy you hero.

We're touching the start of December. In truth, the vast majority of our side could've been awarded player of the month. Scotty is more than a worthy winner. We're playing with confidence and it brings great satisfaction seeing Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool all over our shoulder. For me, January is key. I fully expect serious money to be spent if the scenario hasn't changed in terms of league position. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal do have the resources to spend and the wages to match. I expect little activity from us. Possibly a short-term replacement for Pav and Gomes, but no major activity to take place.

If the King's knees can stay intact. If Adebayor continues to play with his heart on show. If Modric and Parker continue the frightening form they're in. We might just take 3rd.


Thursday, 24 November 2011


We were split concerning the sale of our talisman of last year. It brought with it unnecessary stress and tired eyes for not only the management and the playing staff, but for also us as fans as well. The only way Luka could climb his way out of his self-dug hole was with his feet.

I still remember being called a 'gooner' for insisting that we should keep Modders at all costs; if anything it would send signals to our other players that we wouldn't bend over in a hurry should a club with a support matching the loyalty of a team of John Terry's wave a bigger pay cheque in front of them.

But in truth, if anything, Luka's upped his game. He's settled in well alongside Scott in midfield; with the former hammer proving the perfect compliment for the Croatian.

"We needed some fresh blood in our team." Modric said. "Parker and Manu came in. They are great players. They have improved our squad a lot and you can see that on the pitch. Now we are in third we have hard games coming up so we just have to keep fighting for each other and keep momentum up."

He's still here, we're playing well. Let's enjoy it!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Modders Spurs Hint?

Ahh what a feeling it is to be able to blog to you lovely people once again. A few admin problems have now been rectified and I can finally talk once more about my one true love. Oh how I've missed writing about my beloved Spurs.

Anyway, now the gay bits are out the way. Things have looked pretty good. No frustrating draws, poor performances or talk of how we're destined for mid-table.. yet. Not a lot to moan about; I could get used to this. But I refuse to.

So it's mid November and of course murmurs of players coming and going in two months time is a formality. A rather depressing formality but a formality it is. It's already widely reported that Levy is close to agreeing terms with Modders to stick him on a £100k a week.. should we make top 4; My mate down the local who's Levy's brothers mates cousins friend told me Levy waved the chains in front of him; Luka didn't need a second invitation.

So I'm reading this story. A story that seems to actually have substance behind it, a rarity I know, and between the lines is this saying that should we make top 4 will Luka endure at least one more dreaded season with us? Que songs and dances on the streets of Tottenham; like any match day really. I was leading the bored brigade with this will he won't he story but this does raise a little surprise. Whether we'd make Champions League next season or not I thought he was gone. Running on limited time. Playing for the right to play for someone else.

Maybe he does see our progression and the potential that we've been been ranting on about since the Jol era. Maybe he believes we can challenge for top honours and compete with the best.

Or maybe he'll have another moan next summer.


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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blackburn problems

Saturday's are never the same when Spurs aren't giving us a usual roller coaster of emotions. I find myself attempting to take vague interest in other games, throwing money down the drain in the hope one club I couldn't give two s*its about beats another. It leaves me usually a few quid down adding to more misery; I'm a right cheerful chap.
So after a rather minority of a game takes place at lunch time in Manchester, the real game kicks off at 3pm in Blackburn. Of late, we've done rather well away at their place; we've won our last two meets away up there thanks to old lanky features who now ply's his trade in Stoke. I still see Blackburn as an unpredictable side. Of course, they find themselves neck's stretching above water but even this side could punish if we took our foot of the accelerator.

The Arse were given a shock & a half and gave the rest of us some comedy gold as they lost on a miserable day away there. Hell of a Super Sunday that, but I can't see a repeat against a stronger side in us. The only real issue would be Bassong partnering Kaboul at the back. The pair barely have game time together and Bassong really does get the heart beating furiously at times.

It's a superstition of mine, as strange as it sounds, to check team news prior to kick off so I'm unsure of any injury news. Although, assuming the same team is fit (with the absence of King) all eyes will be on whether Defoe or Rafa start. With Defoe looking sharp it would be right to make the most of this, exploit it while he's in good form. But, saying that, I can't and wouldn't like to see Rafa relegated to the bench.

3-5-2 anyone?

I joke, of course.

The return Sandro and Lennon will make selection one tough nut to crack.

How'd you line up tomorrow?


Friday, 21 October 2011

Do We Really Care?

Rubin Kazan in the Group Stages of what was formally known as the Wafer Cup. Yesterday's attendance matched that of a Spurs XI friendly against an average Sheffield United side which invites the question of; do we really care?

With a rather dreary attendance of just over 24,000, it seemed most of us were happy to watch proceedings involving a vast number of fringe players and a few youth players take place in the comfort of our own homes or down the local on the box. It was almost embarrassing but at the same time I'm not pointing the finger, I wasn't there.

I'm in full support of 'Arry giving a few of the kids ago. Livermore, Carroll and Rose could thrive in this year's competition and really rubber stamp their name as prospect's good enough to make the first 11. Although, these same players will still lack the Premier League experience that may be required to make the step up from a reserve to PL starter.

More positives were that Lennon looks to be fit with 'Arry now having a real bleedin' headache concerning who will start in Blackburn on Sunday. Although a slightly more inferior opposition than what the kid's used to, Sandro looked very sharp. Much of what we're used to. Excellent reading of the play and breaking up opposition moves when required. He's Brazilian, he always puts in a shift and a half.

The thought of Bassong playing in the league frightens me. I'm losing sleep and I'm sure it's not the booze I've had that very night. Can we just invest in a new knee for Ledley and have a calf thrown in free for Gallas as well? Get the boy off to QPR.

So, should we progress to advanced stages in this tournament should we stick with the kids and fringe players that have got us there or turn to more reliable heads? I'm thinking of possibly mixing it up a bit the further we go. We can win this thing.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Daws In Danger!

Call me unpatriotic, but I awoke with Twitter reminding me that England were playing this morning. I would say I'd enjoyed a nice sleep but the builders next door ensured that it was a relatively early start for a Saturday.

Upon my usual morning glance of Newsnow, I came across one update on Michael Dawson. I'd have thought at this stage we'd be clutching at straws hoping, anticipating, crying out for an early return to the heart of our defence so we could push on with a season that has currently left us lounging in mid-table. But no. In truth we haven't missed the bloke. The 'get well soon' card is still sitting on the bed side table- must get that posted today. It hasn't been one of those Bale or Modders type injuries in which we were counting the weeks down until they return.

So what happened?

"I was outside running earlier in the week but the Achilles was still a little sore, so I've had to take a step back and concentrate on working in the gym," Dawson said.

"The physios aren't too worries as I've been in a protective boot for a couple of weeks and I need to strengthen it up"

"I'm obviously a little down, but you never know with injuries and rehab, so we'll wait and see."

"I'll have a weekend's rest now and then it will be back to it next week. It's so disappointing to be injured and I was with Tom Huddlestone in the gym this week, he's also out and it's a hard time for a footballer, it's the side of the game people don't see."

So why, why had he become almost a forgotten man? I hear one or two speak.

Well no prizes or extra Christmas presents- no it's not to early mention Christmas- for guessing why. The return of the King to his rightful throne on the football pitch has in no uncertain terms formed a formidable partnership with Kaboul. The pair have been brilliant together. With Ledley at the back in the last 4 games, opposition sides have only engineered 19 shots on target; this averages to 4.75 shots on target a game, giving Friedel little work to do.

Of course Ledley will forever be carrying a big question mark over his fitness every week. The will he/won't he question will always there. Taking a strong assumption that Ledley could engineer a good run of games and continue this good form alongside Younes, then where does this leave Dawson? No doubt Dawson is a brilliant defender, although sometimes looks a little sloppy at the back, he's still been a key man for us over the past years.

Upon his return to full fitness and assuming Ledley and Younes remain fit and in top form, the issue comes over Dawson's involvement. I can't see why you'd change a winning team and a partnership that has looked outstanding over the last month. So does this leave Daws in a tracksuit watching on the sides every week? 'Arry will have a tougher call than his JD/VDV 'problem'


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Monday, 3 October 2011

Ancelotti hints he'd welcome Spurs job.

What a morning after. I'm sure you'd all join me in agreeing that this was one hangover that was worth every painful minute as we smiled in the sunshine this morning. Kyle Walker ensured that the tide has changed. No longer are we second-best. No longer are we 'closing the gap'. We're better than Arsenal, and I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Patience is a hell of a virtue.

The best thing was, we didn't even play as well as we could've done. So, in an amongst our smug faces whilst reminiscing every endless emotion we felt under the sun when Walker put us ahead with 20 minutes to go, Ancelotti's had a few interesting words to say.

"I want to manage a team that challenges at the top, and I include Tottenham and Liverpool in that category. Wenger has had a shaky spell at Arsenal in the last few months, and for the national team Capello will be replaced by an Englishman, which will free up a place at the club."

It would take a two bob, as Clive would put, to not read between the lines in the last part that here Ancelotti is regarding Redknapp. No other 'team at the top' is managed by an Englishman. I mentioned in the summer I felt Ancelotti would prove a decent acquisition. A man that has experience in the PL and would save Levy a few quid due to there being no compensation package involved in trying to bring him in. This is of course assuming that Redknapp, should he be offered the England job, would take it.

A little forward thinking here with many if's and but's admittedly. At first view, it paints a positive picture. But right now, I'm still enjoying yesterday about as much as I'm enjoying this weather.

It couldn't be warmer here.


Saturday, 1 October 2011


For as long as my memory can recall, I struggle to find a point in time where many experts-yes that word is used hesitantly- many fans and even bookies fancy us to topple the boys from Woolwich. It's evident that there we may be edging the power struggle in North London, but our own example should illustrate why we shouldn't approach this game with to much over-confidence.

Form never counts in these games. They're usually full of a shed load of goals; whether we were lounging around in mid-table or Arsenal were actually looking worthy Premier League winners. Those were the days, eh. Cometh the year 2011 and how things have changed. We recorded our first Premier League win for a few years at White Hart Lane in style as Danneh Rose set us on the way to a deserved 2-1 victory back in 2010. It's a shame Gomes seemed to let that sort of form slip through his fingers; he can't even seem to catch the team bus every week.

No doubt Wenger will rally his troops, he has too. His players know this is one of two games a season their fans live and breath for. This means we must focus. We must approach the game in similar style to Liverpool. Don't let them settle or play their game.

So how to line up? I'd be incredibly surprised if we matched the same formation we laid out in Wigan. I'm still a firm believer that the 4-2-3-1 would prove a worthy winner. With Parker sitting in midfield with Sandro and his dodgy barnet giving Arteta and Ramsey nightmares for weeks to come, this would free up Modric in midfield. Vdv as an advanced right forward with Bale on the left and Ade up top. Boom. With this in mind, we have an excellent option in JD on the bench and I also heard whispers Lennon was in line for a return. Two game changers there.

It's the first fixture we check on the day the fixture list is printed. If we stay focused and play our own game we could prove victorious. Any lapses in concentration will be punished. Are we the better of the two sides now? I never thought I'd ever even consider that question.


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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ahh, that's a dilemma!

So the season finally started. A usually tough old game away in Wolverhampton. With the old enemy and Parker slotting in alongside Modders, the new look gave a real sense of optimism amongst us.

What I first noticed about Adebayor was how involved he wanted to be. He didn't want to do a Crouch and sit on the last man waiting for a ball to be knocked up long to him. He wanted the ball at his feet and encouraged us to pass the ball; a rare feat, but a promising one. For a big bloke, the guy was everywhere. Fantastic work rate. He really was out to prove a point.

Scotty Parker. The summer long flirt that finally committed. He looked as though he'd been in the side for years and gave us what we all expected and had had sorely missed. He showed the rest of the midfield how to stick in a tackle and was composed on the ball. A fantastic assist to set Ade up and running and from then on we never looked back.

For me, Benny and Walker were also outstanding. The return of the King also gave a real boost and we were fantastic second half. For me, Doyle got the better of Kaboul in the first half. He took down everything thumped up to him and was a real handful. Although second half I don't think he got much of a look in. Kaboul was a lot more in the face of him and won the personal battle. 'Arry must've given the team a good kicking at the half when it was needed. The only negative I would say is that we need to compose ourselves more in the final third. On more than one occasion we'd have the ball on the edge of the Wolves box and cross a ball into, well, nobody, instead of possibly just drilling it in. Wolves always look assured in the air. More players busting a gut and a half to get into the box would've given us more of a goal threat.

So, where does this leave Rafa? Admittedly I felt Niko looked off pace and a little flat. I also felt Jermain's movement was good at times but when it mattered and we were breaking he was slow to get going. Although, his goal should've guaranteed him a start next week and when both your forwards have scored why drop one of them? So with Niko the expected culprit and Rafa useless in a 4-4-2 it'll be interesting how he will fit in next week, assuming he is fully fit.

How would you accompany him?


Friday, 9 September 2011

Benny's song.

Well, he deserves one. Admittedly we're probably not the best at inventing player songs that last more than one line. So I thought "hey why don't I have a crack at a Benny song with the spare hour or so I have." So here's an attempt.

(To the tune of that Sol song):

Beeeeennny, B.A.E (Sol, sol...)
He's only here for the money (Not long now...)
But he's a yid and will always be (and we don't give...)
He'll score today just wait and see (Judas...)

I'm sure a few of you have better ideas so feel free to post them or any other songs for players you may have


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10 Years Without A Win

Wolves away. There are easier places to go, that's for sure. It would've been a blessing to host a newly promoted side at the Lane to really kick on with this early start before early whispers of "2 points 8 games" return and Levy's caught in Spain pinching another manager under the nose of 'Arry. But as it is, we've a tough away trip and travel there without any points currently registered on the board. Triffic.

I'm never the optimist and one thing I read this morning raised an eyebrow. It was pointed out by @OptaJoe on twitter that Spurs haven't won an away game in the Premier League in the month of September since 2001, a run of 15 games. It hardly left a feeling of optimism but hey, stats are a thing of the past.

Manu Adebayor. A top, top signing. Although for a side looking to make a quick return to the Champions League, there is such enormous expectation placed on his shoulders. We still lack a real goal scorer in midfield, and more so now with the absence of vdv (although personally he's more of a forward anyway) and this is where the worry lies. I expect nothing different than for 'Arry to go 4-4-2 with Ade and JD up front with Parker and Modders sitting in midfield.

So I'd look at this in two ways. I like to see the partnership of JD and Ade up front. I'm sure you'll all join me in the hope that Daws doesn't just go route one to Adebayor every time as I believe he's better with the ball at his feel. On paper, the partnership looks lethal; Jermain scored two fantastic goals in Wolves last year and more of the same wouldn't go amiss tomorrow. The midfield pairing of Modric and Parker could also prove the perfect compliment and match the similar affect that Sandro had when in the side. There's no doubt the Brazilian has been sorely missed and our two previous games prove this. Should we be a goal up approaching full time, we'd also have Livermore to shore up the midfield in a 4-2-3-1 if we just need to sit and see the game out.

My only issue with this formation is that should we be a goal or two down with full time approaching we don't really have a plan B. Pav is hardly the impact player we could rely on to knock in a goal within being on the pitch for 5 or 10 minutes and we lack any real attacking threat on the bench. Fingers crossed we don't have this issue. As much as we hope (and need) Adebayor and Parker to hit the ground running in a Spurs shirt, the pair have barely had a training session with the first team and so may need a few weeks to fully settle into the side.


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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Time For A Change.

All too typical, isn't it. We're two games into the season and Rafa's apparently got up to 6 weeks keeping Sylvie company every Saturday. A more welcome bit of news is that Sandro is reportedly back into training so, hopefully, shouldn't have too long until he can make his first appearance of the season.

This season's formation. A big talking point. Call me deluded but for me Parker is to good to be on the bench, the boy's a starter. Alongside Sandro, the pair would add the bite and drive we've lacked so far in midfield. Of course, our poverty ridden Croat couldn't be left on the bench. This leads me to believe that in Rafa's absence, 'Arry should look at adopting a 4-2-3-1.

The usual boys at the back. A midfield 2 of Sandro and Parker with Bale, Modders and Lennon in front and big Ade up front alone. With Sandro and Parker protecting Daws and Kaboul at the back, this would free up Luka in the middle without him having to look over his shoulder every two minutes. Upon the return of Rafa, he should challenge Lennon for that attacking wide role. He wouldn't be a right midfielder.

Although, as we are currently missing our Brazilian rock in Sandro, I couldn't see any other way other than 4-4-2 against Wolves on Saturday. JD and Ade up front. Parker and Luka in the Middle. We also have the option of Livermore to shore up the midfield should we need to shut up shop for the last 15 minutes or so in the game.

We did get Champions League playing 4-4-2, two seasons ago. Fact. But Crouchie was in the side every week, Bassong had a brilliant season and Pav had a good run towards the end. These players and a few others aren't what they were. Other teams around us have improved considerably, most notably Citeh and Liverpool. We have to keep with the times and play the formation best suited to the players we have presently at the squad. We wouldn't come 4th this season if we played the same team we had 2 years ago when we got Champions League in a 4-4-2. That side wouldn't beat this present City side 3-0 like it did. Times have changed and I do believe that the 4-2-3-1 should atleast be given half a chance.


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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Big Problems Could Be On The Horizon.

D-day. Another day another dollar, in Levy's eyes. A day where the shareholders of ENIC were probably applauding themselves and patting each others backs over champagne and prawn sandwiches. Ok, it probably wasn't quite like that. We resisted a late 40 million squid approach from the cheats in the west for Luka and got rid of a lot of 'deadwood' that had been sitting around clogging up space on the bench.

So, the priorities for yesterday. Conceding 8 goals in our first week of the Premier League gave Levy half a kick up the arse to go out and try to capture a quality centre half, one with a bit of pace. We wrapped up Parker which in reality should've been sealed atleast a month or so ago. The player was always going to leave, why it took us until deadline day to bring him in only 'Arry and Levy know; maybe it saved a few quid.


Gary Cahill. In my view he would've been the perfect compliment for Dawson. He loves a tackle, has the pace we lack in the middle and very good in the air. Once more though we're left wondering if only. It reportedly came down to a disagreement on a transfer fee. Now with £29m coming into the club this summer plus the estimated £30m coming in from the Champions League last year, it must have been Levy's typical hard stance to budge above a certain amount, considering Cahill had 12 months left on his contract. You could almost picture Levy and Gartside playing a game of bluff with Levy expecting Gartside to crumble or risk losing a £12m-£15m rated player on a free next year. It was also reported the Trotters wanted JD as part of the deal, no way. We couldn't compete this year with only 2 forwards.

Kaboul is not a centre half. He's technically inept and struggles to read the game. Even during pre-season we looked uncertain at the back. We have two very good defenders in Gallas and King but with both nursing seemingly long-term injuries, we're not in a position to have the time to wait for their recovery. If anyone's got a spare knee for Ledley we'd all be very greatful.

Cahill was a must, a minimum, we needed a new CB to partner Daws. It never fills me with confidence seeing him and Kaboul at the back. You pay good money for a Mercedes, you pay substantially less for a Focus. Good players cost money. I'd rather splash £15m on a player that will stop you conceding late goals to the West Brom's, the Sunderland's and help us compete. Maybe it's just me.

Biggest Worries

Depth. It worries me to see that we're one tackle away, one clash away from Adebayor picking up an injury leaving us with Pav and JD left to lead the line. We're also left, once more, without any real competition to challenge Lennon. I felt a more attacking threat should've been brought in to challenge Aaron and to offer a different option; a player that can play out wide and double up as a forward. Bryan Ruiz of Fulham. How I hope we don't regret missing out on him. The boy can play up front and out wide. He know's where the goal is and for a tenner you'd have thought we'd make a move. As much as we want to believe it, we know Gio won't get a look in this year. The boy's career is being wasted on the bench.


A lot is being made of the 'Arry situation. It's almost common knowledge and the closest thing to a fact that 'Arry will leave us for England next year. Last year it was an apparent disaster waiting to happen, now I'm thinking that maybe it won't be such a bad thing. A new face, a fresh change. Someone with a bit of tactical prowess. Yes, I'm referring to Ancelotti. Could it be that Levy's building a war chest for the new man next summer? We'll have to wait and see. The departure of Luka is almost inevitable next summer meaning that next summer will be a big summer at Spurs. If we don't make 4th who else will want to jump ship? What will Bale be thinking?

For the time being, as we always will, we'll be fully behind the boys all season. Although, we're left wondering that, with the apparent demise of Arsenal, we've missed a golden opportunity to sure up the back line and add a bit more fire power up top to make a big push once more for 4th spot. Adebayor, great signing. But we can't rest all hope on this one man. Parker, a good signing. He'll do the job in Sandro's absence. He brings the leadership we've seemed to lack in King's absence.

With a fully fit side we're capable of anything, but it's rare the whole side ever are fully fit. It's football.

Poor old Luka's got to do another year on an abysmal wage. Almost poverty that. Considering holding a fundraiser for him.


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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How The Passion Of One Man May Scupper Deal.

With silly season set to get even sillier for the next day and a half or so; the familiar reporters spending their summer holidays in tent's and sleeping bags outside Spurs Lodge waiting to catch the next big thing emerging from a 4x4 sporting a mild grin and blacked out shades matching the tinted windows in the 4x4; they may even give a little wave to the press. The daunting reality was that at this moment in time it only looked as though Scott Parker would be that big signing we were all desperately clutching at straws we'd make, weren't we?

Even now, the desire of one Jake Livermore may put a halt to any deal to bring Parker to the Lane as it's 'understood', Sky sports does a lot of understanding each summer, that Livermore has rejected the opportunity to drop down to the Championship. To me this reaffirms Jake's desire to really push for a run in the Spurs team, and why not.

Where most may arguably take the opportunity to drop a league in the hope of securing a more first team squad status, we have one boy who fully believes that he can be a valued member of our first team this year. What a fantastic attitude. If only all our players shared half the passion of this boy. He looked confident against Citeh and gave a top performance. Probably should've started.

After being linked with a host of players not even fit enough to make my cuppa every morning, in Jake we have one boy that isn't half bad at the ripe age of 21 and could be a gem in the season's to come. Parker would be a good addition to the squad, as long as it's not the last of the window, but I bare no grudges on Jake for potentially scuppering the deal. He has every right to want to fight for his place.

Top lad.


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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Silence! We've all gone quiet.

Mancini turned up with a squad pinched from Football Manager '11 which oozed quality. The absence of Sandro was almost a gutter blow in itself. With no steel across the middle it was there on paper that our midfield would get overrun. Kranjcar guilty of helping to lay out the red carpet towards Friedel's goal with Dzeko taking full advantage.

Against top sides every chance given is a holy grail. They cannot be wasted. At 1-0 down and with a little belief in the fans shedding onto the pitch Bale volleyed a dream ball to Crouchy who managed stick a free header wide of Hart's net. In truth it brought about as much surprise as Arsenal's defeat up in Manchester today. Get the bloke out. I read somewhere there was one guy offering to run him up to Stoke himself. If you read this please contact the customer service team at White Hart Lane. Prior to that was an excellent passage of play that Bale managed to put over with the goal gaping. Punished. 2-0 at half time and all I was hoping for was that it wouldn't get embarrassing.

They were far better than us and we have to accept that. We couldn't cope with the quick give and go's City played on the edge of our 18 yard box. They moved the ball well and found pockets of space that we proved inferior to. We needed a Sandro/Diarra/Parker type player in there. An intelligent forward with good feet which we now have in Adebayor would've been invaluable today.

We have to look at the facts on paper that we cannot compete with City; they're challenging titles, we're challenging (hopefully) 4th place. We've played two sides which have an excellent chance to finish 1st and 2nd in the league this year. It was hard to imagine us getting anything from these 2 games, realistically anyway. Had we kicked off our first three against Sunderland, Arsenal and Bolton then I'd be confident to say we'd probably be sitting in the top 6 saying how good this season could be. There'd be the belief there to kick on, but instead we're clutching at straws and hoping that a few more players sign. It's tough not to make excuses, but Liverpool wouldn't have enjoyed their week had they had our fixtures to kick off with.

I've now jumped on the get luka outta here bandwagon that seems to be growing in the numbers by the day. That is IF. A big IF. We have realistic replacements, yes plural, to come in. There does seem to be a lack of passion for the shirt, a bit of a negative atmosphere around The Lane. It was all a bit quiet after conceding the first, just like up at United- it deflated us. Coming back from the internationals to find 3 or 4 new faces may give the place a lift. If I had a magic wand at Spurs I'd bring in a quick Centre Half - we've missed the pace of Ledley complementing Daws, two Centre midfielders notably in Diarra and possibly a more creative player and a wing attack- a Silva, Nasri or Mata type player.

But of course, I have no magic wand and whatever team we're left with Thursday we'll give 100%. We've arguably the toughest few months of any side and a slow start, to me, looked almost inevitable when the fixture list was printed.

Kaboul top scorer, two of the hardest teams out the way. Don't panic.

Onwards and Upwards.


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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Defeat May Help Our Progression

So during my temporary suspension from the golden cup of Spurs news that is Newsnow, we've drafted in a couple of temporary players. Not quite by the skin of the teeth but almost. Queue any temporary panic that may have been starting to kick in to ease off a little as we now have another forward in Manu Adebayor. Good. The boy knows the Premier League and has shown he can score at The Lane more than we would have previously liked.

The other boy is one Yago Falque on loan from the Old Lady for a season. I'll be frank and state that my encyclopedia, ahem, of players doesn't stretch as far as this boy but hopefully he'll give Lennon some competition on the flank. Yes, hopefully.

But recently we found that our Carling Cup fate is a tricky tie up in Stoke. This competition has brought the highs (winners 08), the lows (defeat at the first hurdle last season) and the laughs (Arsenal falling in the final at the hands of Brum after a comical error). Although, it's one cup that we find we're pretty split on. In modern football for us there is this perception that finishing 4th would come priority over winning the FA Cup, the Carling Cup or the Europa League. Some of you may argue against this but I do find, as disappointing as it may sound, that this is the general consensus. Such is it where the financial rewards of a place in the Champions League vast exceed winning any three of these competitions should mean that our progression as a club would be boosted should we make 4th. Again.

It still brings a frown and a sigh of disappointment when I see the Scots given a chance to secure a sacred place in Europe's most prestigious competition and then come September seeing that side fallen out of European competition altogether. Yeah I know, FIFA's brilliant idea of spreading the brand of football to all countries and that. I'll still reserve my own opinion about it all though.

With the Carling Cup now seen as more of an irritant more than anything, and with the Europa league having the effect of playing two seasons in one, it could prove a blessing in disguise should we fall short at Stoke. Give our younger players another competition in which to prove their worth, throw them into the rough for a taste of a typical English Premier League game and see how they cope; we may even see one bright light emerge.

I'd never not support Spurs wherever and whoever they play, but giving the youngsters and fringe players a run in the Carling Cup as we should in the Europa League may reveal a star in the making and help the first 11 focus on the fight to regain 4th once more. With Arsenal looking incredibly vulnerable this season, this could well be our last hope to climb into the promised land of the Champions League before another monopoly is reborn.


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Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Not Gonna 'Appen

(Yesterday's post that failed to publish due to a temporary suspension of my account, apologies for the information being a day old, although still valid I believe!)

Morning all. A familiarly quiet Sunday at Spurs Lodge, the usual no in's or out's and therefore proving another unsurprising transfer window day. Although, we do look set to tie up a couple of Ex-Goons before deadline day but then again we've 'looked set' to sign them for a week or so now. Just keep those fingers crossed boys.

Another report that was doing the rounds and also by one @Agent_ITK via twitter was that Spurs were meeting Bayern officials today to discuss the possibility of bringing one Arjen Robben to the Lane. Yes, the same Robben who's dad denied his son any possibility of joining us in Norf London because well, he felt his son could do better; In truth, I guess Munich aren't half bad. Parents eh, they just don't know when to let go.

Despite all this and before a monumental amount of false hope is built up, this is one deal that I can almost categorically reject will happen. It's no surprise. Robben still finds himself a crucial member of the Munich first 11, is on a more than decent wage packet and looks likely to play Champions League football this season. Levy's a shrewd businessman, but this is one deal that I doubt would even touch the surface of the water before being blown out of it.

There was also a small mention that Citeh would let Adebayor sign for us on a free. A player valued at £25m nigh on 2 season ago and suddenly even if he paid his own match fees wouldn't get a look in. Again, this looks unlikely. Unless if Ade agreed to a more modest wage packet of the £60k-£70k bracket, yes I know 'modest' eh, then he'll find himself slouching around taking a cool £170k a week watching Citeh's new heroes on Sky every week or so. If I'm honest, I'd take £170k a week to do nothing. It would certainly pay off the mortgage and then I'd possibly consider taking the missus out for that meal I promised her a few years back.

Oh I am the optimist aren't I.


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Friday, 19 August 2011

Where The Niblets Did That Come From?

Well well well. What a way to kick start this season eh? A temporary break given from the groans aimed toward the lack of transfer activity as we travelled to Arts for the ITV Cup qualifying round first leg.

The performance was one that we hadn't seen for a long long time. Massively overdue imo. After a good search we finally overturned a stone and found our form. It was a delight to be playing football that was an ease on the pupils. The accuracy and the speed of which we passed the ball was more than impressive. The game was read better than a novel and the awareness of others from each individual was evident, summed up through Bale's goal for 4 as Tommy chipped a delightful ball over the back line for the Welshman. Gaww and doesn't that Jake Livermore look a natural. Raw talent and a real passion to play for the lilywhite. Love 'im!

Despite not being the strongest opposition we will face this season, nothing can be taken away from the quality of the performance. None of the 5 goals were belted in from 30 odd yards but were well worked. We showed why we achieved a spot in the Champions League quarters last year and were very good value.

We played as a team and we gave the Scot's more than a good kicking. Their attempts were in vain as we ran riot. More of the same please boys.

'Arry must've given them an 'ell of a team talk prior to kick off. Enjoy below


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Where The Eff Did That Come From?

Well well well. What a way to kick start this season eh? A temporary break given from the groans aimed toward the lack of transfer activity as we travelled to Arts for the ITV Cup qualifying round first leg.

The performance was one that we hadn't seen for a long long time. Massively overdue imo. After a good search we finally overturned a stone and found our form. It was a delight to be playing football that was an ease on the pupils. The accuracy and the speed of which we passed the ball was more than impressive. The game was read better than a novel and the awareness of others from each individual was evident, summed up through Bale's goal for 4 as Tommy chipped a delightful ball over the back line for the Welshman. Gaww and doesn't that Jake Livermore look a natural. Raw talent and a real passion to play for the lilywhite. Love 'im!

Despite not being the strongest opposition we will face this season, nothing can be taken away from the quality of the performance. None of the 5 goals were belted in from 30 odd yards but were well worked. We showed why we achieved a spot in the Champions League quarters last year and were very good value.

We played as a team and we gave the Scot's more than a good kicking. Their attempts were in vain as we ran riot. More of the same please boys.

'Arry must've given them an 'ell of a team talk prior to kick off. Enjoy below


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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reality is a b*tch.

I awoke this morning to the unsightly words from a certain Mr. Aljai that Niko was in fact knocking on the door of Sunderland bright and early with the player close to agreeing a move to the Stadium of Light.

"Why are we selling Niko when we've still got bloody Jenas in our squad" A statement that I read rather frequently from some of you on Twitter this morning; one that makes sense. The reality is that, how do I put this, Kranjcar is class. He's divisions above JJ in ability. Despite spending the majority of the last season watching us fail to overcome the heavyweights of Blackpool, West Ham, Wigan and so on, he still turned up and saved us on a number of occasions, sticking in performances worthy of a start.

Here, we have a player with raw talent, a real eye for a pass and a hell of a strike on him but yet fails to make the side on a regular basis therefore queuing a vast interest in the Croatian where most, if not all, clubs can guarantee him a place in their first 11 i.e. Sunderland.

Then there's Jenas. Oh Jermaine, where did it all fall flat? His Spurs career is reminiscent of a certain Leeds United F.C, so much promise but it's ended in tears. I still remember believing that we'd made a real coup when we brought him down south from St. James'. A player that in his debut season for the club looked a magnificent signing. Since then, well, it hasn't quite worked out. A few goals against the scum have kept us persisting but, in the end, his position in the first team is met with more groans than cheers.

This sums up a classic Spurs situation. It's an easy feat to simply state 'sell the deadwood and get a few top top players in' but the reality is that no one wants our 'deadwood'. No one wants players that haven't performed to well for however long. We were lucky O'Hara really showed what he could do given half a chance otherwise he'd still be on the books. Jenas' inconsistency and demise down the pecking order at Spurs isn't without reason and everyone can see it. Seeing him captain us in Madrid still gives me nightmares.

The point is, as much as I don't want Niko to leave if it means we get a half decent fee and actually start pushing ahead in bringing in a forward and progressing then it's a deal that must be done. The boy himself doesn't deserve to finish another Premier League season with only 2 starts under his belt. No one wants a player that hasn't performed for a season or two and with Levy appearing to ask the Earth for some of them we're left in an impossible situation.

Onward and upward.


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Saturday, 13 August 2011

He'll sign. 100%.

So, I predict, 7 days previous to this one you pictured yourself cheering on the mighty Spurs. Whether in the comfort of your own home, down the local, or standing proud at the Lane. My prediction would be that we'd come out of the game with a frustrating 1-1 and once more reveal the anarchy of failing to secure a quality centre forward as of yet. Maybe one more rant-free week or so will do us all good. Early season optimism eh..

Whilst the teams above and around us battle to gain an early advantage and find their stride for the forthcoming season in the Premier League, reports have suggested we're on the brink of brining our old enemy Emmanuel Adebayor to the Lane for a season. We've been linked with arguably 12 teams worth of players this summer, inevitably, although the Adebayor deal is one that I am confident will go through.

Adeabayor's situation is a difficult one. The poor old sod finds himself surplus to requirements at Eastlands after a few season's in Manchester.

Let's take a minute to sympathise.

The Togolese boy enjoyed a 6 month holiday in Madrid. Knocking in 5 goals in the process in a campaign that lasted 14 games for him. There's no prizes for guessing why he wanted a permanent move to Spain. It hardly raised an eyebrow when both Tevez and Balotelli admitted their disgust of Manchester, for obvious reasons. But poor old Ade; Mourinho looks to have ruled out any possible move for the Togolese forward. If they wanted him, they'd have signed him by now. With no other firm interest bar our own Levy's needs to adopt the classic grabbing-of-the-ankles-and-pleading tactic and send a kindly written letter to Mancini to take care of atleast half of Adebayor's wages. I'd make sure it was sent first class as well.

With Adebayor set to miss out on Citeh's 25 man Champions League and Premier League squad and with no other club bar our own even showing a sniff of interest, this is a deal I'd expect to go ahead within the next week or so.

But then again, how many times have we thought that eh?

I hope your Saturday is bringing more joy than mine is.


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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Modric Drops Spurs Hint?

Maybe just maybe I'm reading a little to into this statement, apologies if you believe so. But one of our all time favourite boys Luka Modric released this statement regarding Robbie Keane.

“Robbie is a great player, he showed last night how important he is for the Irish team,” said Modric. “He's a great lad. I would like him to stay but he wants to play.

“That's not possible at Tottenham, so he will probably try to find other options. “But I'd like him to stay and play for us.”

The furthest Robbie's made it away from Spurs this summer was Dublin last night and I'm sure he'd have relished playing for a side that actually value him. Despite this, at first glance it would appear that Luka's very forward looking about staying at Spurs. This has come after Rafa declared that even the Spurs boys had been trying to convince our good friend to stay in North London, for another year atleast.

A rare glimmer of optimism on my half is telling me that i do thoroughly believe Luka will stay one more year at Spurs. On the other hand, If Robbie's still here come September the 1st then my hope in this sport will have taken a rather large dent.


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